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  1. If you're just looking for an offline option go to the repository https://github.com/raithos/raithos.github.io and download as a zip (green button for clone/download). opening index.html once exported to a directory will load YASB and you can run it off your desktop like its a website. Make a shortcut for that and you can use it offline. NOTE: you wont be able to log in using this method, logins are tied to the domain.
  2. Both yasb and launch bay next both support epic play. I'm not sure what you're getting at.
  3. raithos


    This is fixed
  4. YASB has been updated with the new info. Not going to update stuff until I can discern text for the most part. Not terribly important since we dont have the points, but thought i'd leave that here.
  5. raithos

    Huge Ships in App?

    Oh you think that will be enough to stop my tyranny?
  6. It would have been a few hours but no one told me that the points were updated until like 3 hours ago! I have been low key setting up code for epic for the past few weeks as we've been getting announcements. I had to quickly implement a few last things when the rules and points were announced. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v8ZeZ500Z373X261W270WWWWWWWY369XWWW270W273WWWWW298Y173XW240WWW257Y221XWY219XWWY222XWWY218X116WWY217X116WW&sn=Epic is a thing now&obs=
  7. raithos

    For YASB users

    I'm very not interested in this, sorry.
  8. raithos

    For YASB users

    I'll look into this EDIT: its fixed, it shouldnt switch off when u save a list as hyperspace anymore
  9. raithos

    For YASB users

    This isn't a color distinction, but FYI, all red actions are on their own line in the action bar (so it appears as all white actions line 1, then all red actions line 2). All linked actions except for the SF are red as well, but that's something you probably already gathered. The Tie-SF is also afaik the only ship that has two lines of white actions, and all of their actions are white.
  10. raithos

    For YASB users

    I guess that will get updated with the next time i push a change
  11. raithos

    For YASB users

    Most of you already know that the points are updated. If you are going to an event that does not use the new points, there is a link to a version of YASB with the old points active. You can see it in the image below: Alternatively you can go to https://raithos.github.io/old to look at the old points. I'll try to follow this scheme going forward. When printing lists, there should be a note that specifies which version of the points its using. Please be aware going to events with these lists. Ciao
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