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  1. This is so true. Saying it didn't mean anything is akin to saying the Empire didn't either. Also, I didn't get the impression Luke and Leia were feeling miserable at all at the end of TLJ.
  2. It is for the K-Wing though. Personally, I believe the card's original purpose should be preserved, just make it more challenging for the players. One possible and not too drastic change of wording might be: "After performing a SLAM action, if your ship and maneuver template did not overlap an obstacle or another ship, you may perform a free action". The card remains useful (and also generic K-Wings, btw), it just demands a more mindful game, as you can no longer fly over a ship then bomb it.
  3. NOTES: Tech: This is pretty straight-forward, same wording as Comm Relay. Guessing same cost. Elite: Not entirely happy with the spacing in the last line, but I can't see that many other options that make sense for now. The point cost is also uncertain. Title: I believe this is the trickiest one. The spacing in the last line suggests "results" in plural. I can only assume that it's focus results, as evades would be a bit too powerful in my book. No idea about the cost, it looks like it's meant to be taken in multiples. Let the wild guessing begin!
  4. That seems to be correct. Header would read "Attack: Attack 1 ship" as in Flechette Cannon. No clue about range and red dice though.
  5. Thinking this might be close. I believe the spacing suggests the words "up to" to be there, so leaning towards more than 1 die reroll.
  6. My reasoning for it being a stress token is that it belongs in the first part of the text, next to the other drawback (discarding the card). If it were advantageous, such as being assigned a focus token, I believe the wording would be "When you become the active ship during the Activation phase, you may discard this card. If you do..." and then proceed to list the benefits of doing so. But I might be wrong and this could very well not be the case.
  7. No, I actually don't like errata, it's a mess if a card doesn't function the way its printed text should. I think it has to be kept down to the absolute minimum. But we have reached a point in the game that it's much easier to nerf a few OP cards (namely JumpMasters, Attani Mindlink or Biggs) than to bring the vast majority of the ships up to that level. There are other few ships (Punisher or imperial Firespray as you pointed out) that could use some help the traditional way (that is, releasing specific upgrades). I'm with you, that is rather unimaginative (I applaud the StarViper fix for its unique play style). All those ships have seen some play, and I'm sure they will see more once some OP stuff is nerfed. You should check the recent Store Championship results, Imperials have been doing pretty well, though I agree it's not enough yet. I too would like to see faction balance restored (believe it or not, I fly Imperials half the time).
  8. I personally think JumpMasters had the edge, but they both were many levels above most ships, imperial or not. Imperial Firesprays and Punishers do need a little help. Interceptors and Bombers will be balanced in my book (or near balanced) when Unguided Rockets and the JumpMaster and Mindlink nerfs drop, as well as the other ELEVEN ships you didn't mention (TIE Fighter, TIE/fo, TIE/sf, TIE Striker, Lambda, Upsilon, TIE Advanced, TIE Adv. Prototype, TIE Agressor, TIE Phantom, Decimator).
  9. If most ships are at a similar level, and two (say x7 and JumpMaster) are at a much higher level, both are OP even if one of these two prevents the other from being "almost unbeatable". What you call "obsolete ships" are actually balanced ships. Perhaps what you mean is that imperials should be allowed 500 point squads.
  10. Curious that you only mention lists that contain exclusively JumpMasters. Not saying that Rau and Assaj can't be really good without mindlink, but they've never clearly dominated the meta without it.
  11. When are we going to learn the difference between a faction and a ship? The 'great nerf' didn't affect imperials, it affected x7s, which were overpowered. These buffs don't affect scum, they affect StarVipers and Kihraxzes, which were underpowered. Now x7s, StarVipers and Kihraxzes will be pretty even. Yes, JumpMasters still need a nerf to be in line with these ships, but be patient, it's coming.
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