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    This is a bit late in coming, but I thought I'd start a dedicated thread for my EotE Dice Roller app on Google Hangouts. Currently, discussion has been on the same thread as the Hangout EotE Tools thread (https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/80113-playing-remotely-try-hangout-eote-tools/page-5) but I wanted to start a fresh one for the EotE Dice Roller to hopefully make information a little easier to find.
    The roller can be launched in Hangouts from: https://cjhooker.github.io/eote-dice-roller-release/hangout-button.html
    There is also a Beta version of the roller, which can be launched from: https://cjhooker.github.io/eote-dice-roller-qa/hangout-button.html
    Features currently in Beta:
    Add fixed symbols (e.g. an Advantage or Success) to your dice pool Add a caption to your roll explaining what it's for So use the Beta if you want the latest and greatest, and use the release version if you have any issues with the Beta.
    If you have questions, requests, or feedback, there are a few ways to contact me:
    This thread Email me at eote-roller@bncnetworks.net The issues list on GitHub: https://github.com/cjhooker/eote-dice-roller/issues If you're interested in contributing to the app, definitely check out the GitHub repository: https://github.com/cjhooker/eote-dice-roller
    Hope you enjoy it!
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