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  1. Which version of the Chopper card do you use with this setup??
  2. Gentleman, I am just getting back into the game after taking a few months off...can someone give me an example of the Ghost/Fenn build that I am hearing so much about, and an example of how it is supposed to work? Thanks in advance!
  3. Ok, is there some trick to flying the "Timewalk" Asajj that I am just not seeing, or do you just pop the glitterstim on 2 concurrent terms?
  4. Can someone please tell me what Timewarp Asajj is??
  5. Yeah, I realized that was a bad example, but the point still remains that it won't work! Thanks for the reply!
  6. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but if you are running an IG-2000 with, let's say, IG-88B as the pilot, and have IG-88D on another ship as a crew upgrade, for instance, the Shadow Caster with Ketsu as the pilot, does the IG-2000 pilot get Ketsu's pilot ability? I know that Ketsu would get the IG-88B's ability, but would it work the other way around? I don't think it would, but I just want to clarify. Thanks in advance.
  7. I seem to forget this one all the time....has cost me more than one match!
  8. Can someone kind of give me an outline or a brief explanation of how this list should play, please?
  9. You'll have to forgive me, but I am new to tractor beams! While playing a game with my local group last Friday, I tractor beamed Poe, and chose to barrel roll him onto an asteroid. With neither myself or the fellow I was playing being very familiar with tractor beams, and trying to prepare for a tournament, a question came up that I couldn't find in the FAQ. (Granted, it may be there, and I couldn't find it in the middle of trying to keep a timed game moving at a good pace.) When the first tractor beam token is assigned to an opponent's small ship, and you choose whether to boost it or barrel roll it, does that take place immediately? And, if one does what I did, and throws him onto an asteroid before he has a chance to make his attack that combat round, does he then lose said attack because of being parked on the asteroid? We assumed that the effect did take place immediately, the attack was lost, and moved on with the game. Can someone please clarify for me? As always, thank you in advance!
  10. According to the builder I am using, if you use the Acc corrector it puts you at 101 points...what do you sacrifice to get back to 100 pts.? That is if you use the above build and just drop the FCS and sub in the Acc corrector! Thanks!
  11. I have a question, and I am sorry if it has been answered before. "The Setup" I was playing a K-Wing equipped with a TLT and Advanced Slam. (Don't lecture me about underarmed K-Wings, I was just tinkering with a fun list! =)) I slammed to bring myself back into the battle area (we all know the K-Wing is a pig to fly) dropped a Weapons Disabled token, then used my free action to gain a target lock on a nearby enemy ship. My opponent tried to argue with me about the target lock saying, "Free actions are actions that are specifically granted by a card, such as the die rolls on Lando, and the actions on the action bar do not count" I protested his reading of the rule saying that free actions are ones that are granted that do not cost the ship its "take action" step. I know the wording is vague, but that is the best I can explain it. Can I get someone to explain this a little so that I have a better understanding? The rule book is maddeningly vaguely worded to me! Thanks!
  12. I have a couple of questions about Fenn, if someone could help me out.... 1. His ability gives him an extra die at range one when attacking or defending. So, when attacking at Range 1, he is rolling 5 die? (3 for normal, 1 for range bonus, plus 1 for ability?) 2. His title card gives him an extra evade if he is at range one of the attacker, and he is in their firing arc and the attacker is in his....I haven't had a chance to play Fenn yet, but with 4 hull and no shields, wouldn't you want to keep him out of the attackers firing arc?? Or just rely on the three evade dice, the extra dice from his ability, and the evade that the title gives him?? Thanks so much!
  13. I have a question...I have a guy I play against who likes to use Luke Skywalker as a crew on the Falcon. How does he work with target lock? If the shot misses, then that activates Luke's ability. But what if after the shot misses, without using Luke, he uses the target lock to reroll, then still misses. Does he get to reroll with Luke again? Or, can he shoot, miss, use Luke and reroll, then use target lock to modify the second attack? I need some guidance here! Thanks everyone!
  14. Trandoshan Slaver - Zuckuss - Dengar - Inertial Dampeners Trandoshan Slaver - Bossk - Gunner - Inertial Dampeners Binyare Pirate (x2) - Feedback Array Ok, dumb question time......why would you put Inertial Dampeners on a ship that already has a "0" movement spot on the dial? Granted, it is a white maneuver, but you still have to take a stress. I love the YV-666, it's the first scum ship I bought, so I am always looking for new things to do with it! Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the replies! Definitely giving me some ideas I haven't thought of before, as well as a tournament format that sounds like a lot of fun!
  16. "Fly miranda in a circle around the battle and have Nora do her 5 attack dice shenanigans." Not having flown the ARC-170 yet, how does she get 5 attack dice? I can see 4 (Range 1 and Alliance Overhaul) but I can't puzzle out the 5th! Thanks!
  17. Maybe this is obvious, but I'm not familiar with the railgun that you are talking about putting on the Y-Wing? Can you elaborate, please?
  18. I have a question about gunner, and if it has been answered before, I apologize. I was using gunner on the Hound's Tooth, and the way I read the card, gunner can be used even if the first attack is made with the primary weapon, since gunner doesn't say that it triggers if a secondary attack misses. Then, if the first primary weapon attack misses, you get another entirely separate attack with the primary weapon. Can someone please clarify this for me?
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