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  1. Found it. It's under the "Flying" rule entry in the rules reference guide. The value is rounded up. Thank you!
  2. Hello all, I have what I think is a simple question that I can't seem to find a definitive answer on. Do we round damage up or down when halving it? Example: I attack an Attack Valkryie with a Carnivore pack for 3 damage. The player elects to not block any damage and so 3 damage is dealt. The flying rule reduces the damage by half, but since we have an odd number is one damage dealt or is two? Thank you for the clarification, if it's in the rule book or faq somewhere I'd love to be pointed to it to show those I play with as well. -DFens
  3. Thank you for all of these clarifications! I'm going to peruse the forums for deckbuilding advice as well, at this point I'm debating on where to start with warlord packs as it's getting time to expand.
  4. This has been very enlightening for me! I appreciate the great answers to my questions! I did misinterpret the rules as always having to remove the units from planets other than planet #1. So to clarify, a battle ALWAYS occurs at planet #1, BUT you can force another battle at a different planet if your Warlord goes there instead. What if there are units from both forces at a secondary planet but no warlord? They both abstain from fighting and muster their forces until the Warlord arrives or it becomes the first planet? Again thanks for the help!
  5. Alright, thank you! We were fairly certain of this as it wasn't detailed very well either. I have a few other questions and I'm unsure if I should ask them here or if I should start a new topic. Oh well, if anyone reads this maybe I'll get lucky! Essentially I wanted to know why you'd commit your warlord anywhere but the first planet? This is because as I understand it, you can't claim other planets (other than the first) and units you put on the 2/3/4/etc planets will go to hq, which means the bulk of your army becomes the HQ force pretty much always. So since your aiming to win only 3 planets, and 2/3 times it can be done with the first three in a row, why would you bother sending the bulk of your army anywhere else? I love this game, but I'm trying to sort out the tactica and intended interpretation of the rules to ensure I'm playing this right. Thank you again!
  6. Hello - I've played a few games with a friend of mine and we haven't found any clarification regarding attacks made against the warlord. Is the warlord really just another unit you can attack like any other? We ask because this seems to leave the Warlord open to being killed easily in the late game, and makes routing him a standard practice of play. So I want to know if there is a special order to attacking the warlord we may have overlooked in the rules/errata or if we really just have to focus on using the warlord in a more hit/run fashion. Thank you!
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