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  1. I’m thinking of writing a campaign in the style of World War Two it would borrow elements from the clone wars but it would take place in a “modern” settting. Any critiques and tips would be helpful and welcome.
  2. This is just something I thought of. What would happen if say a star destroyer was pulling in an xwing with the tractor beam. But what if home one was there and was pulling it also what would happen
  3. If your in my gaming group this has spoilers for your upcoming adventures. Ok so I thought I would be fun for me and my group to add in real life elements in to my story like things from pop culture. I’ve been doing pretty good until I thought about the weapon of the green arrow. A bow and arrow. They do exist in the Star Wars universe but not really how I want it. I don’t have a clue on how to stat them out in a way that would do justice to the character I’m trying to bring to life in my adventure. Any help will be great thanks in advance.
  4. OggDudes Character Generator Is broken what do I do. I need a way to make the characters and keep them organized
  5. Tramp what's the armor creation and armorer.
  6. What things come from this book. Anything good?
  7. the 2-m hover tank whats a good what to stat it out. the mtv-7 light vehicle what a good way to stat it out
  8. How do others deal with dark side PCs writing for them dealing with them and do you advise this or would you suggest just a light side
  9. Are there stats any where for the types of battle droids or any reasonable ways to stay them out.
  10. CornyTDog2000


    Does anyone know of a good place to get maps of ships, towns, bases and stuff like that would be a huge help.
  11. In AOR you are given the option to choose a base instead of a ship. How would you make a space station base ideas thoughts on this.
  12. How do you peoples feel about this and do you have any good ideas about it.
  13. My friend and I have be discussing wether he is alive I don't think so he says otherwise what are your inputs.
  14. CornyTDog2000


    Does anyone have stats for a Lylek or just some rough stats or an estimate for it
  15. How would you go about imprisoning your pcs during a fight or just them walking down a road I thought about overwhelming them but they could run or possibly kill all the people I've sent forth.
  16. How would you play it out so your pcs would track a person on foot without it getting boring.
  17. I will reply to this thread in a bit with more info of my players in hopes that it might be of more help
  18. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the thread my Gm and I came to the idea where we will trade off once in a while.
  19. So I'm gonna be a new Gm and am not new to the game. I would like some adventure ideas to kick off a really exciting interesting great campaign
  20. My question is exactly what the topic suggests as a Gm is it possible to play along side the PCs in a game and enjoy at the same time
  21. I personally have never had this problem but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. It sounds like an easy enough thing to fix. If you and the pc want to Change the knowledge it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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