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  1. Oh, how this forum is full of such friendly and helpful people. Check out: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/products/huge-ship-conversion-kit/ No-where did it say anything about 2 bases. Nor did it say that all your old bases wouldn't work anymore. So, yeah, I pre-ordered one when they were announced. But, thanks for taking the time to put off a fellow player from ever bothering with the official forum.
  2. The new card bases, do not fit the old bases. I've tried. You could cut sections of the card off to get them to fit, but then you're cutting off sections of firing arc lines. The new movement ruler doesn't work with the old bases either due to it needing an angled section to hook around. It may be my kit only, but my CR90 fits snuggly on the vertical posts it came with. The new vertical posts seem to have a looser connection at the top and the model doesn't stick to the uprights. As soon as it's touched, it falls off. I didn't want to have to glue them, as I only have 2 new bases and all 5 epic ships.
  3. So, I've been slammed for not knowing what was in the box... According to the product page (fully copied into the quote below) I see no indication anywhere that base sizes were changing. I fully expected to be able to continue to use my epic ships as they were. Had I known before hand that the new card base slots wouldn't fit the old bases, and that only 2 new bases would be provided, I would have known I'd need more than one. The product page description read to me like it would upgrade all 5 epic ships. Guess I'll go back to the background and let the white knights be correct.
  4. My hyper specific use case... Yeah... they've produced 5 ships in total. Then changed the base size and only provided 2 bases as replacement. There's no other way to get those bases without buying an entire box of stuff that isn't all needed. That doesn't seem very customer friendly. Where I live, X-wing has dropped off to no-one since 2.0. Hence the family gaming now. I can still play with the family, it's a good game, we enjoy it - just only two people at a time if we use epic ships. Loss of future sales for FFG. Money saved for me, but hey... it's obviously just me complaining.
  5. Well, I'd pre-ordered my upgrade set months ago. It came (in the UK) yesterday. What a truly awful product. We buy our X-wing products as a family and game as a family (3 of us). We've multiple copies of most smaller ships from v1. My lad plays Imperials, I play Rebels and my wife is the Scum and Villainy. We only own 1 of each epic/huge ship (there are 5 in total). We've been waiting quite a while to have games with these ships using v2 rules. We play 3 way games as a family when we have a game night. Now with the conversion kit, we're short of bases. Buying more conversion kits is ridiculous when all you want are 2 components of it; the bases and the resource tracker - neither of which are available seperately. I'm certainly not spending another $60 just to upgrade the 3 other ships I've alrerady purchased. With this latest FFG cash grab, my wife's drawn the line on the finances. No more X-wing purchases. We can make do with what we have from now on. The biggest shame is that the rules seem much simpler and improved over the awkward mess of epic v1
  6. I'd love it if they produced those 3 pdf's without the massive black border as well. The points pdf's were well designed and print friendly - the quickbuild pdf's are definately not print friendly. ☹️
  7. Thanks for that. I thought this was the case but I was unsure as I thought I'd seen a card for a small ship with a double arc. (I hadn't ofc - probably a ship that used to be small and now medium)
  8. I haven't played in well over a year, although I did buy (and not use) all the ships that came out for 1.0 I just received my conversion kits (Rebel, Scum and Imperial) There are 3 types of turret arcs: Single small Single Medium/Large Double Medium/Large I'm a little lost on which of the Medium/Large ships have the single and which have the double arcs?
  9. Thanks for the answers. That's helped loads. I've read through the rules, watched the FFG how to play video and had a try at a solo play through. I think I've got enough knowledge now for a first smooth playthrough with the wife - That is after she's given me harsh words for buying this game, as well as having collected Netrunner and recently started Legend of the Five Rings.
  10. New Player Questions - from a single Core Set only - Hopefully the game's age means nothing below is a spoiler to anyone. 1. If an Act card has 2 (per player) on it to advance it, can it be advanced by the two players if one has 3 clues and the other has 1 clue? Or, is it needing exactly 2 clues per player. 2. Similar type of question to above. The Ghoul Priest's health is 5 (per player). Does that mean 10 damage in total will kill it, or does it require 5 damage from each person. 3. The Ghoul Priest spawns in the Hallway. If there is a character there already, is it automatically engaged? 4. Depends on the answer to Q3. If the strongest player is in the attic and the weaker player in the Hallway. Will the Ghoul Priest get the weaker person in the same location, or move to get the stronger opponent? 5. Are tokens replaced back in the Chaos Bag once drawn? Or do they stay out till the bag is empty? Thanks.
  11. Thanks all again for letting me know that it would work out ok for one collection and 2 players. My wife and I had our first game from the tutorial core set tonight. Although the game took quite a while as we were (a) Learning the rules and (b) Reading lots of cards before playing them - it went down pretty well. At first my wife said that it looked way more complicated compared to Netrunner (which I thought was quite complex), she said by the 3rd time we got to a conflict round, it was pretty easy to play and she started pulling off the odd combo against me (and beat me in the end). We now have 3 core sets, and 1 each of the other 7 packs. ? I think we'll probably play a few more games trying out the different clans just using the core set to start with, then bring in all the expansions when we feel an urge to play a particular clan. The Crane vs Lion tutorial decks felt very much like they were chosen as mirrors to each other re: military/political. From a glance at the others, they don't seem quite so samey. We hardly came across any problems infact only 3 rule questions, and 2 of those were answered in the larger pdf I downloaded afterwards. The only rule we have left unknown was if a reaction ability can be played if a character becomes bowed. I had a Deathseeker which after attacking, became bowed (from one of my wifes card effects), It was on the losing side in the conflict, but we still aren't sure if it could use it's reaction as it was bowed. As a new player, I just wished they'd shown the "card play windows" in the L2P rulebook. My wife had a card that said couldn't be played in conflict, and we didn't know from the starter rules that there were other times cards could be played - as the dynasty phase specifically said, no card playing except the ones from provinces. Thanks again folks!
  12. A big thank you folks. You've answered my question(s) really clearly. I've splashed the cash and put in orders for 2 of the Core game, 1 of the clan pack and the one each of the 6 Imperial cycles. With Netrunner ended, I'll be needing a regular fix of new cards to open and play with, but I can't stand random boosters anymore. Hopefully, there aren't any obviously OP neutral cards that are must haves in decks. If there are, I guess we'll split them. ? Thanks again!
  13. As someone who just started buying into A:NR the month before they cancelled it, I thought I'd look around for a game that might last a little longer. My problem is this... my only opponent is my wife. I buy the cards. We play against each other. Netrunner was perfect with its Corp vs Runner design. I buy a full set of cards and we choose a side each to play. Neither of us need to use any cards the other person needs. Even the neutral cards were dedicated to runner or corp. Now... if I get into L5R and get a full set of cards, will my wife and I be in a position where there are cards that we both want in the same deck or if we choose different clans, will our card pools not crossover? Thanks for any answers.
  14. It would be nice to know if WotC wouldn't renew the license at all, vs FFG not paying the asking price for it. Obviously if the game isn't going to be making a clear profit after a deal to re-buy a license is taken into account, then fair enough. You can't blame FFG. However, as I'm a new player and bought into Netrunner for the very first time last month with a couple of revised Core sets, followed by all 4 deluxe boxes, Terminal Directive, Kitara, Red Sand, Flashpoint and Mumbad - I'm a tad miffed the game won't have anything else new. I will however, continue to enjoy all the stuff I've bought, as a month in, we've (my wife and I) barely touched on all the deck types possible. Anyone know how long left FFG has on other licenses? eg X-Wing?
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