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  1. my questions is ? are darth vader/anakin skywalker also the sith'ari ?they said that the sith'ari should destroy the sith to make it stronger and i am talking about both legend and canon?
  2. i dont know if i was druk when i wrote this . the headline is also ******-up and i wrote could instead of should and faRther instead of father .... sorry sorry
  3. hehe did not see that when i wrote it. he is maybe in a galaxy far far away.
  4. the idea is that the separatist have kidnapped a hutt and a scientist. The hutt has not really been kidnapped. the hutt motive to been "kidnapped" is that she wants to get rid of her farther) becaurse the farther`s cartel is on an important strategy planet (the planet is between the expansion region and mid rim). The separatist wants the scientist to create a virus to "kill" 2 planets, the players have to collect some flowers or plants to make a antivirus (any suggestion what that plant/flower could be? or "should i make my own flowers/plants"? the plot is that the players have to choose between one of the two planets because there is not enough antivirus to save them both. on one of the planets there is a jedi master and a group of clone troopers and on the orther planet there is a hutt(the farther to the hutt who has being "kidnapped") and some civilians. The planet the players does not choose. The separatist gives an antivirus to "save" the planets and to get the planet on their side of the war my questions is any suggestion to what planets i should choose(the expansion region/mid rim)? and what plant/flower should i choose or "should i just make my own" thanks in advance
  5. i want the group of players to a meet 1 of my characters from the mmo game star wars the old republic. She (the character from star wars the old republic) has beening frozen down in carbonite. she woke up under the clone wars era. when she wakes up. she is a bit confused and have lost her minded.so my question is ? do you age when you are in carbonite freeze? so is it possible to woke up decades after you beening frozen down without your body has taking physical damages ?
  6. Thanks for your help. it´s appreciated
  7. i am stuck with my scenario. here is what i come up with so far, It takes place under the clone wars. A senator has been kidnapped by a falleen crime lord ( and he wants to sell the senator to the separatist). So the group of players has to work undercover for the crime lord to get information of the senator whereabouts . (Any good suggestions to what that job could be?) because the crime lord does not trust the group of players The crime lords gets a mandalorian to observe the group. Here is the plot twist . The mandalorian is actually a force sensitive character who had lost her force abilities, (like mara jade has in heir to the empire) and her boyfriend (who is 1 of the players twin brother who they killed in the last scenario) and now the mandalorian wants revenge and her boyfriend back from the dead. so somehow they found the twin brothers lightsaber and his spirit is detached to it (is that even possible?) I also wants the nightsisters to take part of the story but i dont know how? any suggestions is welcome sorry about my grammar. hope you could understand it
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