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  1. Not origins fault. Not even Cascade's fault, who wanted to run an SOS at Origins again.
  2. Yup there is no way for two large based, lower initiative ships to be competitive and make top 16 cuts. Ever.
  3. A 2x Infiltrator made top 16 in Denver and in fact was 5th after 6 rounds of swiss.
  4. Please include that foolio over at District Foundry at www.districtfoundryllc.com.
  5. kkentium

    Card sorting

    Ken from District Foundry here. So I designed them with the horizontal tabs because there are so many card storage options out there and several of them have only enough space for the cards themselves, especially the nicer card boxes since they're really meant for MtG cards. The tab is horizontal to accommodate those boxes where vertical tabs wouldn't work. And yes, if you have cards that are next to to dividers, you have to push back the stack to get those out. Personally, I use a 1800 double sided vertical cardboard card box. Left side are all upgrades, right side are all factions and pilots. There's plenty of space for expansion and in fact, I have to keep some sort of space filler in each for now. Once the two new factions come out, that'll eat up most of the space.
  6. Good luck railroading with these templates.
  7. What about if you use your primary to attack out front and your arcs are set to L/R, using Paige to rotate F/B and then double tapping same target with VTG?
  8. I guess I'm well suited to travel around the country (US) from Denver. My tickets to NOVA US Nationals was $225. I flew to PAX Unplugged for $180. And I bought those tickets two weeks prior. My flight to the Phoenix SOS was also $180. I'll use miles to go to Adepticon Chicago SOS but again, those flights are like $200. Probably the most expensive tickets would be to Gencon because Indy is a crappy airport and is always expensive to fly into.
  9. Like Duhtch said, this forum is not the best. Facebook is where it's at. I moved here from DC 3 months ago and easily found several X-Wing communities. There were 14 store championships in the area this year so I would say there are a fair amount of X-Wing players in the Denver area. That said, there is a weekly X-Wing night almost every night of the week. Atomic Games West in Golden has a Tues night. Wizard's Chest on S. Broadway has Weds nights. Enchanted Grounds Littleton has Thurs nights. Black Gold in Littleton has Sun mornings. There are plenty more elsewhere. Good luck.
  10. Thanks for the shout out! My wife has taken over the SEO for my Etsy shop (which I never even looked at lol) and was like "2nd most group of users who have visited your site are from a place called community.fantasyflightgames.com...." and I was like huh I never really go over there and thus found this thread lol. Been playing since 2013 and have gone thru a myriad of storage/carrying options. For tournaments, I strictly roll with a lunchbox and my template trays and a box that holds my ship line up. Dice go into a Band-aid Star Wars edition tin that they put out when TFA was released. Tokens go into a small segmented compartment. Damage deck is in a holder I also sell. And the cards, dials, and rocks I keep loose inside. I also have a pen for scoring. And it all fits into the lunchbox. I used to roll with a Flight deck, a cogotwo template tray, and a larger small parts container for ships, token, deck etc. It was kinda cumbersome. A buddy in my club was using a lunchbox and asked if I could design a template tray for him that would fit in the lunchbox. Since then, i've gone to the lunchbox set up as well coz it keeps everything but your range 3 rules in a nice compact parcel that can easily be put into my backpack. I only roll with an Empire Strikes Back lunchbox to keep it old school. Storage of Second Edition for casual night is a problem. I don't have a solution for it yet. Someone on reddit posted their Plano tool box that has four small parts compartments that I might try. My only issue is that that player didn't have every ship out there so I'm not sure it can hold everything, especially the large ships. It would be nice to have everything all in one carryable container without it being something that needs to be wheeled in. But the nice thing about owning a 3D printer shop is I can possibly come up with solutions. For those of you interested in the lunchbox tray, I may be releasing a couple add on trays: one to hold tokens flat against the surface, and a top tray that can hold your ships in their bases. Something to consider and if any one has ideas, feel free to toss them at me!
  11. I'd like to add my Etsy shop to the list of links as well, we sell several 2.0 accessories including upgrade divider cards to help keep your upgrades organized, damage deck holder for the larger promo deck, and several other items. Thanks! https://www.etsy.com/shop/DistrictFoundry
  12. kkentium

    Worlds 1A

    I'm in for 1A... I'll most likely be staying with an old high school buddy and his family in Eagen. If some of my other buddies make it out to worlds, I may hotel it up closer to FFG.
  13. Pro-tip: If you're going to register online for an event that is going to get crushed, make sure to have autofill options on for your browser which includes your credit card payment info.
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