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  1. Hi, 1- All gangsters deal damage at the same time or is it resolved one by one? 2- What happens if one figure is the closest non-gangster figure for more than one gangster? Does it suffer 2 damage or 2 damage for each gangster? Thanks!
  2. My doubt is if "after deployment" refers "after deployment phase" or if it also includes "after deploying a group" but it seems to refer, like @Golan Trevize said, only to the deployment phase.
  3. Can I distribute block power tokens when deploying with Lie in Ambush?
  4. I guess you can On the Lam but after that you would get stunned no matter what (since the condition is applied even if the attack misses).
  5. I asked FFG two days ago about this in order to get a definitive answer and Todd answered today, backing a1bert's reasoning.
  6. Just want to add that, even in the hypothesis that both have the same trigger ("when you've suffered damage equal to your health") you'd have the option to resolve either effect first, but the outcome would be the same. This is what happens with Miracle Worker (MHD Command Card). Todd said about that interaction: Parting Shot always triggers if Greedo's suffered damage equal to his health, and he dies because of that.
  7. The moment Luke has suffered damage equal to his health you can play Dying Lunge, that's the trigger, and after that you decide the order of resolution of Second Chance and Dying Lunge, but both get resolved.
  8. That's exactly what I said: I asked Todd long ago about Miracle Worker and Greedo and it works the way I said before. You can use Dying Lunge, decide the order of resolution, and the outcome is the same: you die anyway because of the "Then, you are defeated".
  9. Dying Lunge trigger is "When you have suffered damage equal to your Health". "Before you are defeated" is a timing clarification, not a trigger condition.
  10. Because Dying Lunge causes Luke to be defeated no matter the amount of health he has left.
  11. The moment Luke has damage equal to his health you have the chance to play Dying Lunge and resolve either effect first, as they both trigger at the same time. This creates two options with the same outcome: 1- If you resolve Second Chance first, Luke survives the damage and is alive, but then Dying Lunge causes him to be defeated, regardless of his health (due to "Then, you are defeated"). 2- If you resolve Dying Lunge first, Luke is defeated after the attack before having the opportunity to benefit from Second Chance.
  12. 1 - Greedo attacks Vader and kills him. 2- Vader plays Dying Lunge, moves 2 between Greedo and the eJet, and kills Greedo. 3- Parting shot triggers and Greedo wants to attack the eJet. Is Vader removed before Parting shot triggers? I guess it doesn't, since Parting Shot is interrupting and the second part of Dying Lunge ("Then, you are defeated") is resolved after the attack? Thanks
  13. What would happen if he suffers 3 strain and has no cards to discard? He suffers 1 damage, 2 strain are lost and then recover 2 damage? And what if he had cards to discard?
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