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  1. viktr

    So we need errata already

    The good version is the one they showed in that TC video... It is the same shown here...
  2. viktr

    So we need errata already

    What if I’m a new player who doesn’t need any conversion kit?
  3. The box was displayed at worlds.
  4. They aren’t, sorry.
  5. Lothcats aren’t mobile.
  6. viktr

    Store Championship List and Prizes Dropped

    Heroic Effort isn’t an attachment.... good job FFG.
  7. viktr

    Some Core Set cards spoiled!

    No S-Foils for the X Wing??
  8. It depends. At premier events I highly doubt they would allow you to play with a completly different model. Judge has last word, though. Maybe you can try here: https://parts.asmodeena.com/ Otherwise I’d try to clone it or buy the single model at ebay, etc.
  9. Obi Wan 2.0...
  10. viktr

    Nerf Daniel Taylor

    I think it was: IG Weequay elite x1 Greedo Hera Jawa elite x1 Gideon R2 C3PO Devious Scheme Temporary Alliance
  11. This guy is a robot. Congratz DT! 3 in a row is such an incredible feat
  12. Tough Luck on enemy's attack pool...nice.
  13. For me, he's just a worse and and more expensive version of Onar.
  14. viktr

    Map Analysis: Coruscant Back Alleys (Maul)

    I really don't like that random effect in Mission A.