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  1. I believe you have r5p9 confused. It has not been mentioned to say you cant gain an extra shield. It got the mention to confirm you cant spend the focus token when you have full shields. Eg: Garven has full shields but at the end of the round used to be able to spend a focus token with r5p9, inturn give the focus token to kyle katarn in his moldy crow. Under the new faq this can now only happen if garven is actually down a shield.
  2. Makes me feel bad that I have attended 1 and won 1. I'm sure it's atleast 50 percent luck though, good match ups and some good dice at the right time. Can anyone explain to me why the regionals are after nationals? Hoping to attend my first regional :-)
  3. Yes they were. One was the most recent ffg store tournament ruler which is known to be slightly shorter.
  4. I noticed a player has 2 different range 3 range rulers. I don't blame him as it's something I have considered after realising the most recent ffg acrylics are slightly shorter. It may not be much of an advantage but it is still something. How long do we think untill tournament rules state 1 set of range rulers per player? Edit: don't know who it was
  5. TgLoki

    Wave 12 Announced!

    Just imagine if the title allows the ghost to also make use of the astromech whilst the phantom is docked! BB8 would be really fun!
  6. TgLoki

    Wave 12 Announced!

    Can anyone make out the new phantom and ghost titles (if different)
  7. I've been flying this Nym alongside Miranda and it is really fun. His greens are good enough that you can almost constantly double action before moving, keeping yourself stress free and very unpredictable.
  8. Engine upgrade allows you to get out of range 1. However the main reason is to drop it and hold it for the next round, it's a great way to deter jousters from K Turning on you when they can already see the bomb, if the decide to brave it and k turn anyway, nym can drop a second one in the same place before moving. Or if you have adv sensors you can simply drop the second bomb a barrel roll away and then do your move, this covers a big area!
  9. Personally if I was going to run Nym alongside the classic Corran id go for something equally manoeuvrable. Nym: Adv sens, genius, bomblets, tlt, ptl, engine upgrade. 49 points and leaves a 3 point init bid overall.
  10. Could I possibly get the photoshop pilot templates you mentioned? Or if anyone else has them that would be great. Going to start making some custom pilot cards.
  11. The only remote success I have with the U wing was running the following: Cassian, Expert Handling, Advanced sensors, Kyle Katarn and Chopper. Being able to barrel roll before move actually made it less predictable and easier to move slow to get more rounds of shooting. The ship has decent greens for expert handling to work everyround and Kyle Katarn just means he has a mod every turn.
  12. The problem with this is that he doesnt have boost or br so you will have to give up integrated for vector thrusters. With my init list he still gets to spend at the end of the round aswell as his attack. turning 2 focus tokens into 4
  13. I think Poe with r2d2 will work better. Means he can reset more often. I still prefer the action economy of snap though. He gets to regen, free evade and take a focus every turn. Then with this list if he has a token spare he can turn the card. If he doesnt garven can give him one.
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