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  1. IMO the 'do you even play X-Wing' comment should've been your first two strikes for the day. Clearly the TO and owner gave you more leniency than I would of. First off, get the story straight. I never asked that question. Swiss was done and me and a friend were trying out IA when the TO came over and started talking with us. Real nice conversation. I asked her, "So do you play X-Wing too?" where she want on to explain how she got involved with her husband playing and it was all pleasantries. So do not keep trying to make it seem like I questioned her capability in some way or derogatory. Ok, I will set the record straight here since all these comments involve me. XE - I will admit that after your pre-tournament comments on facebook, my guard was raised. I was curious how things would play out in person. I am all-to-aware that forums and texts are a limited form of communication - devoid of body language and tone. The comment in question was made at the beginning of the day, outside the store before it opened. Your group was standing around and I came up to introduce myself. It was at that point you asked if "we had ever played the game?" or "do we play the game also?" I cannot remember the exact language because I brushed it off at the time. I am not unaware of the rarity of girls in this game, or the unusual circumstance to have two running a tournament. It made me bristle, but I took it in the best way possible - a competitor who wants to make sure his judges are knowledgeable and fair. You are correct in your statement above. We had a wonderful conversation regarding Imperial Assault, my inability to casually play Monopoly without consulting a divorce lawyer, and other anecdotes. I felt, at the time, like I was really connecting with non-local players who I hoped to fold into friends. This conversation was not the first fun, light-hearted interaction we had and I was happy to let go of some of the preconceived notions I had developed. So, imagine my surprise when the vitriol started to fly after your friend's top 4 game. I understand your disagreement and support your right to report us to FFG (although I do take exception to the claim that the entire tournament was poorly run). According to FFG rules, as a TO, I do not have to defend or explain my rulings to a player. However, I was sincerely and earnestly trying to work toward a solution and reconcilliation. I was still trying to salvage a possible friendship in light of a bad situation. I was upset at the way you left and continue to wonder if I could have explained myself better so you would understand. I was even more surprised when I got home and started hearing about your comments online. I am so very disappointed that the event has divolved into this. I stated in my original response that I do not possess the ability for time travel. I cannot change what happened. I can only give my FLGS and x-wing players my best going foward, with the full knowledge that I have taken every bit of advice into consideration for future events. I am not sure what more you want of me.
  2. Clarification: Had the issue been brought to our attention during the match, we would have suggested sharing dice. Unfortunately, the issue was brought to my attention after the match had concluded. Our concerns then became thus: equitably address the issue because a specific complaint had been made, protect the accused from unverifiable accusations and rumor mill (because of all the reasons already given for FFG dice not being scientifically machined, etc...), maintain player integrity by preventing influence of future opponents, follow FFG protocols to the best of our ability, and finally handle everything objectively and discretely so as not to cause undue emotional stress. We obviously fell short on this last objective. This has most assuredly been a learning experience for me on several fronts. Among all the accusations and comments there is some truly beneficial advice and it is appreciated. I am only human after all, I cannot travel back in time. I can only offer my utmost moving forward.
  3. Could be because you are calling them "chicks" I mean...come on I hear ya, I don't really refer to females as chicks. I just hear the term "gaming chicks" a lot. I'm actually quite polite to women, which is why I've managed to own one for 13 years now. THAT WAS ANOTHER JOKE. Calm down. :-) I really am polite to ladies, and I greatly appreciate their influence and ability to help normalize men. Which is why I think it's a very good thing when we have women playing games like X-Wing. You're delusional... everyone knows it's the women who own the men.
  4. I play most of the same games my husband does so we end up spending the time together. Solves the problem.
  5. Then I was approached by the TOs stating there had been multiple complaints about my dice. I was shocked, but the TOs were not accusatory. Curious, how would you have handled it? Don't they have a responsibility to all players?
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