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  1. Han + Rey with ambush upgrades is really strong. Finn + Poe with 2 AT-STs in the deck is also really good
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't send you dice or cards missing. Nothing stops me from just saying "My Jabba came with a Han Solo die, could I get the Jabba die" just so I get an eJabba without looking for a second one in a booster
  3. I'm already picturing an eJango and eJabba with Thermal detonators, cunning and all the good bounty hunter stuff.
  4. So I was looking through the yellow cards, which are the ones I'm most excited about (give us Jabba preview finally!), and came across Cunning. Now am I right or the ability of that card can be pretty broken? From what I understand from the card, you could bomb the enemy with an Infantry grenade or get a card on the board with a Sith holocron that you don't have. I'm calling dibs and shenanigans!
  5. I was thinking. Since the JM5k combo is dead, wouldn't R5-D8 be a better choice on Biggs then R5-K6. It seems to me that more than 2 hits per attack are gonna be much less present now since the nerf. Thoughts?
  6. Sometimes, when I have points lying around I might throw Shield or Hull upgrade on Omega Leader. Also with the new "Heavy Scyk" one of those two upgrades make the ship actually beefy. Not competitive, but fun
  7. With Scum you run into the "no epic ship" problem. I played a 300 points game with 4 brobots and 7 Z-95s with Feedback Array (Bugzapper swarm). So 11 ships in total. Was pretty fun actually. 4 brobots are rather broken
  8. Schyzo Kitty

    The Shuttle

    I don't know... I've read through the article and was like... meh? Hux seems good with a mini swarm
  9. Why not Antilles, Luke and Biggs. Porkins is honestly meh
  10. I can see it being useful on a VI Ahsoka. Mabye with some crew that will give some extra support. Most of the enemy ships won't be able to attack you so you can use her ability freely. Feedback array doesn't count as an attack as as far as I know. So that could be good for it as well
  11. Please no... I don't have the money for all of it! Clementia!
  12. The moment you roll 12 green blanks in a row (4 rolls of 3 dice on two fangs), that's when you feel frustrated
  13. I love Serissu, only problem is she becomes the magnet to every enemy ship in the game. Also not sure if all those tractor beams are necessary Other than that, seems solid on paper. Definetely gonna be fun to fly
  14. I'm gonna try her in two lists: YT2600 YT-1300: · Rey (45) Adaptability (Increase) (0) · Finn (5) · Millennium Falcon (Evade) (1) YT-1300: · Han Solo (Heroes of the Resistance) (46) Adaptability (Increase) (0) · C-3PO (3) · "Chopper" (0) -- TOTAL ------- 100/100p. -- As well as a Rey/Chopper list VCX-100: · "Chopper" (37) Autoblaster Turret (2) Fire Control System (2) · "Zeb" Orrelios (1) YT-1300: · Rey (45) Adaptability (Increase) (0) Engine Upgrade (4) · Finn (5) · C-3PO (3) · Millennium Falcon (Segnor's Loop) (1) The second one probably still need some working on some upgrades. I like Finn more for some reason, you basically get a 5 dice attack ay range 1. Will defo try Kanan as well though
  15. VCX + Falcon or Dash is still a decent list
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