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    Oak tree reacted to AwesomeTree_in_the_Dark in Missing 12 heroes from Conversion Kit   
    Drakon First and Second editions used cardboard tokens instead of minis.
    Drakon Third edition used Descent First edition Well of Darkness minis and new Drakon mini.
    Drakon Fourth edition uses new miniatures (+ same Drakon mini as in Third edition).
    Knight and Ranger miniatures seems to be heroes from Descent box art, check this topic.
    I am slowly working on including all the minis from Drakon to the Descent, starting with the knight and also creating new heroes graphics (more Descent like) with additional heroes to Drakon.
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    Oak tree reacted to Watercolour Dragon in Any news about new addons?   
    I never got Unbreakable Bonds. Can see that being pricey if I can get it anywhere....
    With Battlelore being retired, Runewars Miniatures and Descent 2e getting no new product (the latter due to the unknown Descent related project FFG are working on) and other games in Terrinoth slowing down it's possible that big Terrinoth project COULD (I stress only could as this pure guesswork) be some sort of combination of game types and options. Which done well could be truly awesome.
    I'm excited for it whatever it is
    Andrew also mentioned how the games market has grown and got much much more crowded/competitive, in the last ten years especially so, so there's a much greater need for games to stand out.
    I'd conclude this also means sales are going to be more critical than ever, unfortunately if something doesn't sell it is less likely to last although hopefully the growing market won't kill off too many games- it could of course work the other way and mean good games get MORE sales as gaming is continuing to take off as a growing hobby.
    I guess if we like new games we've really got to plug them and play them with our peers!
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    Oak tree reacted to any2cards in FFG's AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Andrew's answers:
    Will FFG ever produce the missing 12 Heroes from D1e for D2e?   No
    Will there be any further development for D2e (*** NOT *** for the app, but physical content)?   No
    Will there be a D3e?   He was very excited about Descent/Terrinoth related project that is in development, and stated that it is the most ambitious project they have ever taken on.
    Why is the D2e Quest Vault and its various issues, bugs, etc. completely ignored?  It started as BETA about 5+ years ago, and continues in that state today.  There would be far more community development for the game if the software simply worked.  There is already an extensive bug report thread for the vault, so all it takes is someone at FFG to pay attention.  If you don't want to maintain it anymore, would you be willing to provide access to the code, so that the community could host it and maintain it?   This question was not addressed.
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    Oak tree reacted to Watercolour Dragon in FFG's AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    So some thoughts: not 'completing' 2e with the missing heroes might seem a bad call likewise no new physical content (especially with the Lost Legends cover choice showing a new(ish) character- although maybe that's a 'what's coming next' rather than a D2e easter egg which I was wondering if it was, or it was an image chosen linked to something that got cancelled but they stuck with the image- it's an update with new artwork of some unused artwork we saw in the app ages ago for a then new but never-since-used character Shadar Runearmor) but it actually makes sense when something new Descent/Terrinoth related is in the pipeline. Or those mysterious unknown places underneath Nerekhall.
    Why would you put new stuff out when you're already working on the next evolution of that line? So it does make sense to put the full stop on second edition, but I don't think it's killing off 2e from what he said (I'll come back to that).
    His words on the third edition question (I can't check yet as it's not been uploaded yet post-live broadcast, it will be at some point) were along the lines of "not neccesarily [suggesting no, or at least that it's not simply a Descent third edition but something related to both Descent and Terrinoth], we are working on something Descent related [which on further questioning he clarified as also more generally Terrinoth related again suggesting it's not quite D3e per se] that I'm incredibly excited about, easily one of the [or the- need to clarify once recorded vid's up] most ambitious things we've done."
    On the question 'are you straying away from the world' : "no not at all"
    He also commented on how 'Realms of Terrinoth' for Genesys RPG was the start of fleshing stuff out in ways they'd not done before and that they will be going even deeper.... which definitely sounds like good news for fans, maybe they are looking to use their own IP with Terrinoth/Mennara as much as they use other entities' IPs after all.
    I think these answers generally are great news for fans, I'd have liked the missing heroes and a couple of wrap up things for 2e but like I say the lack of these does make sense with what's obviously on the horizon- I think it just became too late in D2e's lifecycle to implement these, we're seven years into 2e now and it's possible they'd not be a huge commercial success so late in the day, I think us fans will be able to wrap up D2e and fill these gaps anyway should we wish to do so. They have of course completed the class gaps with Lost Legends  so there's less void for fans to fill in to 'complete' 2e.
    I think we have to accept that at best the Quest Vault question is answered by the other answers and thus it will stay as is and won't get the missing tiles added or any updates, what happens next will depend on the new game and there may of course be nothing like this planned for the new game. Maybe we could ask FFG about (long shot) at least a basic fix and the missing tiles now D2e's wrapped up, but it might be wishful thinking. Would be nice if we could sort some kind of solution to this with FFG as it would be nice to keep it around as a part of the D2e legacy for those of us still active in creating 2e adventures. But I feel realistically this is probably unlikely now the focus is on the new game project.
    Back to the positives though - What I also think will be good is the hint that it's Descent related but not (perhaps) 'third edition Descent'- I think it will be something new in some way where we can maybe treat D2e and the new 'thing' as different games in the same realm thus carry on enjoying 2e rather than the hassle and issues of moving over to a new edition of Descent as it is- between us we can wrap up and iron out 2e to something that's a finished and complete line (but with some new fanmade adventures and maps and so on) and not have to ditch it for the new thing as I very much think the hints point at the new thing taking the game in an at least slightly new direction, I don't think it will be a port to a new edition like with first edition to second edition. But then I was convinced LL hinted at new stuff for 2e so I could be so very wrong.... If I'm right though it's actually awesome as it won't actually render second edition a dead game (eventually of course it may have had its time and stop selling or FFG will possibly eventually just make the new game but initially I think they'll co exist for a bit even if 2e gets gradually harder to find). Rather it will give us another Terrinoth game to enjoy that is the next evolution of the line without pushing D2e off the gaming table, at least for us fans.
    The biggest question is how to quash the overwhelming anticipation that's going to keep building until THAT announcement finally drops! With all the fan projects and the new RPG shared content initiative (Genesys Foundry) it could be a good few years for the game world and our enjoyment of it growing though so there will be anything but a Mennara/Terrinoth drought. Even my own fan stuff I'm working on is probably the most ambitious work I've undertaken- it's taking time because its a lot from new world maps to new tiles to things using some of the range of minis from the various games (including RWM as long as I can still get the parts I'm after for my own game sessions!) So for the completionists who wanted more terrain (including desert and ice tiles) for D2e, these and other fan projects are on my own radar, and other content creators are doing similarly awesome things. Although the jobs at the flat are still slowing things down for me while I have to focus on these first I'll pick up again once things are sorted on that front. Then there's other peoples adventures I want to play with my game circles (both in Genesys RPG and Descent) so for people saying Terrinoth is history it's actually the opposite, it's never had more to offer and lots is landing now or on the way. Fans are really jumping into creating for it (ironically fueled in part by some of the less great news such as RWM being closed off as 'complete' and Battlelore being dropped) and FFG are creating new lines for it, so it's evolving and growing much more than it's dying out or being killed off. As many have said a game you own can still be played regardless of whether it's still selling millions of units or has been rather or completely retired.
    Overall I think this is positive news (so not something for fans to see as a negative or be annoyed about) and that we won't be disappointed when the new game is revealed (older question and answers suggest it's been worked on for some time already, possibly a reason some of the Terrinoth lines went quiet of late- it could still have some kind of overlap with gameplay styles - it wouldn't be impossible for them to have designed a game that plays as different types of game in the same kind of way we got some variants with D2e (solo app/ co op/ competitive) and how Journeys in Middle Earth is slightly evolved gameplay wise (maps that function in different ways for example), there could be some sort of innovation(s) of this type in the game. I'm excited for it already (the hype train's smashed through the buffers mostly on the strength of my hope for what the news means!)
    Maybe I can even forgive FFG's SW obsession as Andrew seems to be a big fan and as a gamer I like Andrew's mindset on the games a lot so I have to try to remember not to knock FFG so much for all the SW stuff Not easy but I'll try!
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    Oak tree reacted to Discipulos in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hi Andrew, a couple of questions.
    - Will there be more games of the Marvel Universe? If so, What kind of games are you working on?
    - Which is the future of Terrinoth? Do you have new games in mind with this particular setting?
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    Oak tree reacted to oxbaker in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I'd also love to see an expansion for Heroes of Terrinoth. I and others I know would buy anything you release for that. Any chance we will see more content for it?
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    Oak tree reacted to Helvwin in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I'd like to jump on the Descent and Terrinoth bandwagon and ask you what's in the pipeline for it?
    You went through a rebranding from Runebound to Terrinoth a year and a half ago now but since then it's all been a bit quiet. We've had Heroes of Terrinoth (which I love but which doesn't appear to be being supported beyond the base game), a Terrinoth setting for Genesys (which I'm not too fussed about to be honest), a small physical update for Descent 2nd Edition (which appears to be a final, low-cost add on to please the completionists) and a campaign for Road to Legend (which is greatly appreciated). It's certainly not nothing but it's a far cry from the kind of content an awful lot of Descent/Terrinoth fans are calling for - as evidenced by the number of posts on the subject in this forum.
    I appreciate Terrinoth may not be in the same cash cow category as Star Wars or Marvel but it still appears to have sold pretty well. Please either tell us you have exciting plans for the future or put us out of our misery once and for all and tell us you've finally ditched Terrinoth for Star Wars, Marvel et al because it's just not putting the food on the table!
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    Oak tree reacted to Asterisco in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hello Andrew, please tell us there's a Runebound expansion coming. I love third edition, especially the combat and skill systems!
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    Oak tree reacted to Corin79 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hello Andrew,
    what are the plans for the future of Runebound? Is there a chance  for further expansions or is it a dead horse, as some people already say? With the unbreakable bonds coop expansion it's an incredible  outstanding adventure game!!!
    Best regards!
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    Oak tree reacted to tibia in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hi Andrew,
    what about Heroes of Terrinoth? It is a great game, but we need more content (campaign, monsters, locations, ...)!!! When is an expansion planned?
    Thank you 🙂
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    Oak tree reacted to Otakuon in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I also "N"th all the "what's up with Terrinoth/Descent" questions.  Same with Imperial Assault.
    My questions are:
    Are there plans for releasing new, stand alone campaigns (either as digital PDFs or as physical books) for Descent and IA's traditional one vs many mode? What are the plans for releasing additional co-op campaigns for the Descent and IA apps? Are there any plans to release an official scenario/campaign editor for the games that use apps (Descent, IA, MoM 2e, Journeys in Middle Earth, etc) in order to allow fans to create their own content?  Such an editor would go a long way toward extending the life span of these games and drive product purchases (and in fact there is already a fairly decent home-brew community editor which I am sure you are aware of). Are there any plans to expand your printing operations in the US and/or manufacture more products in the US as opposed to China given the current trade climate and the recent issues FFG has had with respect to its overseas printers and shipping partners (like, what happened with that GoT Board Game playmat)? Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!
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    Oak tree reacted to Hector131 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    What is the future for Runewars the board game? One last expansion with Orcs and Dwarves like we had for Rune Age? Runewars 2nd Edition? I love TI4, own Android, Netrunner, X-wing, Descent, LOTR LCG, Runebound and other smaller FFG games, but I am really hoping to see Runewars come back triumphantly with a revised edition like we saw with TI4 and the full 6 factions. Its such a good game that we still play regularly.
    Thanks so much for everything you and many others at FFG have done for us gamers!
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    Oak tree reacted to Duciris in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Given how quickly reprints keep selling out, are there plans to produce new Arkham Files Novellas? Are there plans to create more content with the Oracle system (Legacy of Dragonholt), either inside or outside the Terrinoth setting? I realize both require greater story writing and story management than almost any other board game (with the exception of L5R).
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    Oak tree reacted to tomkat364 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hear Hear! I would like to know the same information.
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    Oak tree reacted to GroggyGolem in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I'll take your word on that FFGEvan, because I know typically questions about the future are difficult for FFG to see. Something about the future always being in motion. 😄
    1. Will we see a Superhero themed sourcebook for the Genesys Role-Playing System?
    2. What's your favorite Twilight Imperium 4E faction?
    3. In the process of working with Lucasfilm, are there specific requirements for lore, tech, or characters that are requested or expected to be included?
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    Oak tree reacted to Carbini in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I also would like to know the future for the Terrinoth series of games. I'm a massive Descent fan and hope for a 3rd edition at some point. Runewars: Mini may have passed (I really liked it too:() but are you straying away from the world? I thought a lot of good stuff was in the story books for Runewars: Minis and hope there's still a good future for those games.
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    Oak tree reacted to Straangeer in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I hope we will get the answers!
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    Oak tree reacted to Foxtrot Four in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Is there any intention on expanding Twilight Imperium 4th Edition with new expansions? Is this something you could consider?
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    Oak tree reacted to kbalazsa in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Yes, some news regarding Terrinoth would be nice to have, or Descent, Heroes of Terrinoth at least
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    Oak tree reacted to rugal in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I second this.
    And what about runebound's universe ?
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    Oak tree reacted to Sarcsmorator in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I'll add to those asking about Descent. I'd love to see the last of the 1E heroes released with new models for 2E; the originals looks so tiny and low on detail in comparison, especially to the last few 2E expansions when the minis got scaled up!
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    Oak tree reacted to MercuryMike in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I second those questions as well 🙂
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    Oak tree reacted to edgeseeker in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    What's next for Terrinoth? When can we see an update for Descent: Journeys in the Dark? 
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    Oak tree reacted to any2cards in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    What is the future of Descent ...
    Will FFG ever produce the missing 12 Heroes from D1e for D2e?
    Will there be any further development for D2e (*** NOT *** for the app, but physical content)?
    Will there be a D3e?
    EDIT: Why is the D2e Quest Vault and its various issues, bugs, etc. completely ignored?  It started as BETA about 5+ years ago, and continues in that state today.  There would be far more community development for the game if the software simply worked.  There is already an extensive bug report thread for the vault, so all it takes is someone at FFG to pay attention.  If you don't want to maintain it anymore, would you be willing to provide access to the code, so that the community could host it and maintain it?
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    Oak tree reacted to Bucho in There's hope   
    You know the only thing surprising about oops the orc is that nobody else has a single scar... I would think that venturing into small spaces to fight large dragons would be dangerous business. Tahlia is a good point though....why is she wearing pants AND a skirt? Especially when the other characters make it clear that pants haven't been invented yet?.....? Wait a second...the giants have pants too....is it JUST circus pants that exist in terrinoth....
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