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  1. I highly suspect that some of this is an unused art for HoT expansion/Descent 3rd Edition. Uthuk, eh?) I'm still glad that FFG shared it with us, and yet I understand that this is another sign of the line's end. Hope some creative people will use it for their home-brew expansions. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/284421/Genesys-Foundry-Terrinoth-Art-Pack?cPath=33276
  2. Nothing have been mentioned for the Terrinoth in latest Gen Con's In Flight Report. Except for the confirmation of the closure for RuneWars Miniature Game. So... its officialy dead, huh? I've wanted to tell not to support Asmodee's FFG, but... its kinda useless. With Disney licenses they will always have profit, until the day it will be taken away from them, due to declining sales. But I don't want to be bitter. Welp, too bitter. Instead I want to say thank you to the people who worked on Terrinoth and made such marvelous games. I'm sure not much of you is still in this company and there is not much chances that you'll read this. But still I will say Thank You. From the bottom of my heart. P.S.: I still hope that Corey, who recently left FFG for his new company under Asmodee will do something with Terrinoth, due to experimental nature of his new company. One can dream.
  3. After all these years I'm still looking forward for the last heroes (old and new ones) + the road to legend campaign for the remaining expansions (there are 4 of them left, if I'm not mistaking). Even after Gloomhaven, Conan, Imperial Assault and Massive Darkness - Descent is still my favourite dungeon crawler (and by that I mean both editions). Its not perfect, sure, and I hope we will see the 3rd edition. Not in Keyforge or L5R setting or even 2ed of SW IA. I fall in love with Terrinoth setting and I wish to see more of it in the future. Frankly, I would even loved to see the Runebound 4th edition
  4. I think it's more like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective.
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