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  1. I really like this, the pdf you have is not available though, any chance of a reupload?
  2. I think I heard some rumbling that only with crafting, do threat and advantage not cancel each other out. Which might give reason for players wanting to use their advantage to remove difficulty dice from their rolls.
  3. I can't recall the ability off the top of my head, it wasn't an ability that just adds dice, those I will let fail. It was more specific of the ability only activating if the player passes the skill roll. One I can think of is the signature ability that wipes out all the Minions in an encounter. Would you still let the player try again next turn if he fails his first try. Or maybe limit it to one try per encounter untill he succeeds, then it's off until next session.
  4. Hi everyone, I got a question for you other overlords. When a player uses a signature ability or an ability that is a one time use per session, and one that uses a skill roll to activate. Do you count the failure as part of the overall use, so if you fail, you are out the rest of the session with it. Or do you have the use only be for when the ability succeeds.
  5. One that I used when I played in my first RPG years ago with West Ends version. I still love this thing and will throw it at my players once the Jedi stuff starts happening. I had a lightsaber that was double bladed, but the blades length was only several inches, I used the force to spin it like a helicopter blade and control it. Kinda like what Rebels did with their sith ones, but you don't hold it. I made it a controlled boomerang. Used it in conjunction with my main Saber.
  6. When I ran starter game the first time. The players were able to access the kitchen. Then proceeded to drug the Hutts food with a large amount of spice stored there... Made Teemo overdose without them fighting him personally, although they had to fight their way out. You could always let the players use an indirect method.
  7. My group of misfits chose to heavily mod a HWK-290, threw countermeasures, better engines, faster hyperdrive to be able to outrun pretty much everything out there.
  8. There is nothing stopping a GM from adding in setback or difficulty dice. If my players accidently barge into an enemy camp inside a clunker speedertruck that constantly backfires it's repulser engines, I'm giving them setback on that initiative.
  9. Plus there are thousands of general weapons manufacturing companies around the galaxy, you could just make up a name, coming from a small backwater world.
  10. I know in the Fantasy Grounds rule set, it acts like what the other poster said, success are whole numbers and advantages are decimals. I figured that's how most would treat it in table play.
  11. Hmm, never though of it that way. Thanks pirate.
  12. Hey everyone, in my game one of my players has a recon remote from Dangerous Covenants. He's wanting to find an animal related to the current story in a swamp/jungle environment and has it go out the 20km to search for said beasty. How would you handle this? So far I just had him use his perception score, throw in a black or two if he's not directly controlling it. But now that I actually think on it,I'm definitely sure I am using it wrong. Do recon remotes stream a holovid stream of what it sees and records, or is it more of list of sensor readings? Which should then maybe be a computers check. As for the actual attributes used, perhaps use a mix of the templates in Special Modification of made droids. 1) should this be based off the players stats or the remotes stats? 2) Should computers be used if directly being controlled by the player, if it streams data and not a video? What do you all think?
  13. Honestly, to be frank (not dean), if you and your group likes it, then to **** with what anyone here says. It's working for your group and that is all that matters. I am sure a lot of us GMs use different little aspects, for myself I use a force die whenever there is a random chance of something. White is good, black is bad, two pips is more good or bad.
  14. Hurske

    New GM

    I liked my approach, here is your ship, you are in space after just repairing the hyperdrive from a faulty conduit when you acquired the ship, what do you do? Let them build the game, you build the events that are caused by their actions. They decide to attack some freighter for cargo, you make that freighters company go after them They deliver supplies to a colony on some backwater planet, the local pirates and perhaps Hutt wants word with them. You let the world and story react and build from what they do.
  15. Well good grief, if the Empire was smart, and wanted a cheaper alternative. Why don't they just hyperdrive a Star Destroyer into any planet they wanted, I am sure that is cheaper than building a Death Star, and you won't have any weaknesses the rebellion can exploit to blow up your moon space station laser beam ball.
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