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  1. I retired off of all the internet points I made from this thread. I'm not Dras-rich yet though.
  2. Or in general, just how these cards interact. I'm new to the game and was playing at the Summons with a Crab opponent. He has reprieve on a bowed Vanguard Warrior, he sacrificed the Vanguard warrior, reprieved it back, and when it was reprieved he unbowed it. Is this correct? Is the vanguard considered to have left play and re-entered it from the sacrifice/reprieve mechanic? As well, is sacrificing the Vanguard warrior considered to be the cost for placing a fate on a character? Meaning if I reprieved it, I would or wouldn't still get to place a fate on a character.
  3. Revenge of the Sith novelization is seriously one of the best Star Wars books written. I was blown away how much better it was.
  4. A lot of the early upgrades feel this way.
  5. It's hard being mere mortals around these demigods of the forums.
  6. Or that somebody just changed their mind based on the arguments and criticism, like they've done several times before. Snipe was ruled one way by Michael Gernes himself then ruled oppositely the next time the FAQ came out.
  7. You had time to call it a dumb question but you didn't have time to answer the question? Edit: Either edited with answer or I didn't see the answer quoted. Either way, I apologize, Dras. Emotions are high.
  8. I audibly groaned at the state of Armada when you said this.
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