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  1. If it is a 3 part campaign that might explain why we have not had the small box or any DLC this year. I imagine it would take time to make the changes needed to the app to support this. I am looking forward to hearing more about this.
  2. i am clinging to their choice of the word "preview" and not "promo" for Daniela. I hope we see her in a future release for the game...a guy can hope
  3. When you see the action symbol on a button you can click on screen it means you will need to use one of your actions to perform it If you want to search every search token and speak to every NPC and ask them all of the questions you can you will lose the game. The investigators are on a clock and will just not have the time to search everything and talk to everyone. You also might not have the time to defeat all monsters that spawn too. You will begin to learn you are taking too long once the mythos phase stops pulling punches and will just start to hammer you with lots of sanity loss etc, sometimes you will not even be able to prevent it. Sometimes the mythos will be nice and tell you in a message that you running out of time and need to hurry up.
  4. Preston Fairmont is in the omens of the pharaoh expansion. We are only missing Daniela Reyes. I really hope we get her soon. Daniela was given away at arkham nights and she was a "preview" not a promo so i hold out hope. I would even bee cool with a final expansion like miskatonic horror did for AH2 or masks of nyarlathotep for EH. Give us our last investigator and some other cool content i am sure FFG can cook up. Maybe they would give us personal stories for the gators, maybe some sort of campaign play system.
  5. Makes sense to me, I was just looking at numbers and not card backs etc. If we have 12 cards that is like rolling 2 d6. Using mini cards to create multipurpose dice in a way. Now I am picturing something like AH LCG mythos tokens meets your player deck. in gloomhaven you have deck for checking skills as well and it is not very big 20ish cards and you can remove negative ones as you progress and upgrade existing ones etc. You still end up with a smallish deck for checks. I think i like that style better than dice...but i am a sucker for custom dice like the ones in MoM2E You see the leaf of lorien marker on these cards. I am guessing you can spend them as a resource to add the card into play in front of you. so if you know you are going to need a certain result you can plan ahead and have one in the bank so to speak i am excited to see where they take this
  6. i would not worry about “what if the app stops being supported” computers are not a fad, this will continue to work in the future even FFG abandons all of the games they make that use apps. The internet is great for that. We can still play old dos games and they are not designed to run on windows 10 for example. I am always more concerned of how annoying it would be if I lost a game component after it is out of print.
  7. This should be able to make 5 decks without too much trouble. I would imagine each player will have a deck comprised of the different cards. Not saying how this will be done but just trying to show looks like enough cards for 5 players. 83 items / 5 = 16.6 30 basic skills /5 = 6 30 hero skills /5 = 6 72 role skills /5 = 14.4 20 weakness /5 = 4 if you used your 1/5th of each that would be a 47 card deck. Add in the 15/5=3 boons and you are at 50 cards. the 15 boon will likely be rewards and not an option for starting deck. Chances are it will not be a 50 card deck I am guessing it will be more like a 30 card deck like AH LCG 6 basic skills, 6 hero skills, 8 role skills, 1 weakness, 9 items = 30 card deck with these numbers that could mean 9 role types available to us and lots of room to customize our items or get upgraded versions. Chances are not 9 classes maybe less with some upgraded skills you can get. These are just guesses on how it could be done, it could be done in many different and better ways. I just wanted to demonstrate that it does not look like it has to be limited. Also comparing the this strictly to a LCG might not be the best comparison. I don’t think it will feel overly limiting to choices for players.
  8. You did make the core easier for yourself by playing 35 card decks for sure. Probability on single cards is one thing but including suboptimal 15 additional cards will start to cause you game loses for sure but that was obvious to you it seems. Playing with these suboptimal cards will give you an appreciation for their use in the future though. i used to play mtg a bunch too and in booster drafts you often are stuck with suboptimal cards and you just deal with it to get a legal deck. Sometimes those suboptimal cards allow for amazing synergy with others and combos are born. Getting experience with the whole card pool is fun...but so is winning.
  9. I think something akin to the “return to” boxes like in Arkham Horror would be cool. It was mentioned in the other thread and I thought it was a great idea. You could introduce boons and burdens and new cards or decks to help tell the story or a reimaging of the story from the cycle. I even like the idea of the box to hold the cycle that they did for AH it might be a good idea to not even follow the story of the cycle. FFG would have an entire cycle of encounter cards at thier disposal plus they can add more to fill in the gaps as needed. You would not even need to make it 9 scenarios long, I would be fine if we ended up with a highly tuned and replay-able 6 scenario campaign.
  10. Awesome, I was a little surprised she was not in the last xpac to be honest. Maybe we will get her and a few more in the future. For now I will just be jelly I can’t attend arkham nights. If anyone is going and does not play elder sign I would be happy to take that card off their hands
  11. So preview card and token for elder sign you say. I wonder if it will be a promo of one we have already with alt art or ability, or the last investigator we need the mechanic lady, or a brand new investigator. It brand new I wonder if it is a preview from a future up coming expansion.
  12. If you have to take a 3 sanity hit with no way to prevent it...you took too long and the game is just putting you out of your misery. I have never had something like that early or even mid part of the game. It is an Arkham game but one without a “doom track” you can see..but you know the app is keeping track. I have lost some games with “the investigation has gone on too long” and it is a loss with no insanity traitor happening. It is frustrating sometimes when you are so close but i still find it a blast to play even if that happens. Playing it safe and killing all the monsters and taking turns to heal and searcb everything available is cool and you can be doing well that way too...till the Mythos event domes you for your last sanity. You can’t force the app to play in the fashion you want you have to play the way it wants. You can’t beat the Mythos and you need to take some risks in the game albeit calculated risks.
  13. The two setup cards I saw didn’t make it look random how the town was created. It was a 3 panel and a 5 panel For the 3 panel it looked like a to b a to c for the 5 panel it looked like a to a2 a to a3 a2 to b a3 to c Basically just adding a step in between the two prior locations. So same basic map just one with more detail. I can live with that. I was fine with random setup though too.
  14. Going insane happens and it can be a drag or entertaining, I have enjoyed games where we were on the verge of winning until someone sparks one more fire and grins..it is Lovecraft world people go insane all the time Obvious line no one is forced to play with the traitor cards. Ways to maybe avoid them; save clues for those checks that can cause sanity loss, play with investigators who have a high sanity stat to begin with. I have played the game many times and you rarely go insane by luck (bad dice rolls) it is usually because you are taking too long and the game stops being nice and moves in for the kill. A retrospective on why I have lost in the past is often... i should not have talked to ALL of those people or picked up ALL of those items. Going insane while holding arms full of items might be the cause.
  15. That is a dangerous request and I am not sure you thought out what it also implies. If you could shoot or restraint an insane investigator that means their investigator could do the same. Having an insane investigator who can cast Wrack/ fire a shotgun at me, or who could deal out conditions like restrain on me would be bad news too. I don't mind winning or losing to an insanity card though, I feel it fine in a Cthulhu game.
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