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  1. Cpt Barbarossa

    Xwing Lando falcon title

    Great, thanks guys
  2. Cpt Barbarossa

    Xwing Lando falcon title

    Hi all, Quick question regarding the falcon title, to which I can't seem to find the answer. Apologies in advance if this has already been asked... If i equip the title, are all the conditions stated on the card available ONLY if you equip a shuttle? "1 escape shuttle may dock with you. While you have an escape shuttle docked, you may spend its shields as if they were on your ship card.While you perform a primary attack against a stressed ship, roll 1 additional attack die." Obviously lines 1 and 2 are linked to having a shuttle docked, but what about line 3? It doesn't state "while you have a shuttle docked" so i would assume that i can equip the title and attack stressed ships without docking a shuttle (or even having one in my list), but i've assumed things in xwing in the past and been surprised! thanks for your help
  3. Cpt Barbarossa


    Shared new article but didn't see it was already up.
  4. Cpt Barbarossa

    X-Wing 2nd edition announced

    For those who haven't seen this: https://imgur.com/a/BcrVtYI
  5. Cpt Barbarossa

    Need a list featuring Kanan Jarrus

  6. Cpt Barbarossa

    Are Bombs considered Obstructions?

    Ahaha just understood the double entendre trap i fell into...sorry, delirious from cold medicine XD oh well, my DG scum nym list will have to go back to the workshop...
  7. Cpt Barbarossa

    Are Bombs considered Obstructions?

    Seeing as no one had raised the issue concerning D.G., i just wanted to check...apologies for my stupid question. Ooh intriguing... To quote Grease "tell me more tell me more!"
  8. Cpt Barbarossa

    Are Bombs considered Obstructions?

    So if i'm not mistaken, debris gambit would NOT consider a bomb as an obstacle...?
  9. Cpt Barbarossa

    Worlds Prizing

    I think the article leaked imperial assault releases that hadn't yet been announced...!
  10. Cpt Barbarossa

    Looking for a fun U-wing list,

    Here's a fun and "out-there" list I've played since the u-wing came out: Braylen (ARC 170) : R3A2, Gunner, Title Warden (Kwing) : Ion Turret, Bomblet generator, Bombardier Blue Squad pilot (Uwing) : Flechette torps, Accuracy Corrector, Munition failsafe, Gunner, Captain Rex, title 100 points Braylen is the standard Arc stressbot, the warden is a bombing menace that can reliably ionise a ship since it will usually fire last, and the uwing is just a big ol' stress factory. You TL a ship and fire the flechettes. You cancel the hits with Acc Corrector, thus missing the attack but still stressing your opponent. Rex kicks in, giving you a focus, and gunner allows you to attack. Rinse and repeat, since you get to keep your flechettes thanks to munitions failsafe. It won't win worlds, but it certainly won my heart...
  11. Cpt Barbarossa

    New Crew Magva Yarro- Evade token?

    Closed s-foils? More manoeuverable, so free evade token?
  12. Totally understandable i'm just curious, do you use only brushes or have you delved into the world of airbrushing too? The even spread of your colours makes me very envious...
  13. Cpt Barbarossa

    Showcase: Scurrg H-6 Bomber

    There are my current Scurrg projects:
  14. I think yours would be one of the few tutorial videos that i would PAY to see! I'm always amazed by the perfect coverage of your colours and the detail...i thought I had made a fair amount of progress in my painting, but this is lightyears ahead! If ever you make tutorial videos, you'll already have one subscriber...
  15. Cpt Barbarossa

    Resistance Bomber

    I agree, AC leads toone specific type of build, but i'm tempted to know just how effective a build it can be...on paper in any case, i like it!