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  1. One side could be a good version of the character, the other side an evil counterpart (Jekyll/Hyde). Each type could have specific strengths and weaknesses so when your alignment changes these attributes could change too
  2. Sounds like it could be the start of a good/evil mechanic and have player actions limited or enhanced by the air alignment...maybe?
  3. Going to start buying these again, looks good
  4. So it's a reprint, not all bad. Hopefully that could mean new future expansions. Selfishly I'm glad as it gives me chance to get the dragon at a reasonable price, then my set is complete. I'm sure there will be a fifth edition in the future, the game has a long history and is regularly rediscovered by new generations.
  5. Jon, ask them really nicely to professionally print the lost realms. it was predominantly your baby and would be great if it was officially recognised, though I consider it an official expansion.
  6. Leavon, how about 1 large piece that combines the 2 desert spaces and the oasis, so it's seemless. Massive sweeping dunes and a cooling pool in the middle.
  7. Any idea yet on if the pricing will be the same, hope this isn't an excuse for it to get jacked up
  8. Not bought the last few models , will remedy that very shortly. Bought a VW T5 and that's taking most of my free cash at the moment. New pieces do look awesome though.
  9. Thought it might be too good to be a scoop!
  10. Now I know Wikipedia is not a definitive source of info, but if you look at the games workshop page in the out of print, republished section, it mentions Talisman Warrior Knights. So is this a version I've not heard of or possibly the title of the next release. as I said, it is Wikipedia so it could all be a load of tosh
  11. Gives me more time to save up for all these new treats, forum had gone a little quiet these past few weeks, looks like you've perked it up again
  12. Yes, this is what the game characters have been missing. I know it's more D&D than talisman, but it could really add a dimension to game play. How would you level up? Either trophy points, or sacrificing gained strength and craft points. Will be interested to see some variations on some other characters. great idea as usual from you
  13. Totally blown away by how amazing these look. You've done an amazing job on them.
  14. How about groups of small island on a corner board, there's always been talk in the forums of various island formats. Populate with cannibals, witch doctors, missionaries, thinking pirates of the Caribbean, but some kind of different mechanic for travelling between the islands. Each island would only need to be 3 or 4 spaces... what are your thoughts
  15. Just saw that the dragon is the next release. This is the only physical expansion I don't own so looking forward to seeing how it plays out
  16. Will there be an Xbox one release, my boys want to play it on their machines
  17. Can we pay in instalments then and still have the high quality version
  18. Order placed, so what's next on the talisman mystery tour?
  19. I like the idea, but think there should be a limit (like the DE) otherwise characters can become unbalanced and too powerful early on. When I want to play a faster game with my children, we draw 3 rune cards from the stack (printed from Jons expansion) but they apply to every character equally.
  20. Let's do a letter writing campaign, if they don't allow it, we will boycott the fifth edition - though we all know in reality we won't be able to resist.
  21. Looks great, hoping to get it printed out properly later this week, just done it on paper for now for a play through with my son. So can you persuade nomad games to include this in the digital edition in the future, probably not but it would be a nice idea
  22. Talistone and chapel arrived today, brilliant as always. Now I find I want another Talisman as it would look awesome on my keys. How about knocking out a key ring version Leavon?
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