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  1. Poe Dameron; Draw Their Fire, R5-P9, Autothrusters. Kyle Katarn; Draw Their Fire, TLT, Jan Ors, Moldy Crow. Biggs Darklighter; R7 Astromech, Stealth Device. The whole point of this build is to keep Biggs alive for most of the game. Poe and Kyle can take any crits. Poe can regenerate those crits. Kyle will always give Biggs an evade dice, guaranteeing Biggs to have both a target lock and an evade dice and maybe even a focus. Who would you guys fly this? Is this list competitive? Against what builds would this list struggle against? What would you do different? In this situation is R4-D6 better than R7 astromech?
  2. I agree Poe Dameron is very good. Sometimes I get sad that I can't boost anyways if I always have to focus. Makes Poe not very maneuverable.
  3. My build is Ten Numb with Advanced Sensors, Mangler Cannon, VI. Wedge with R2-D2, Draw Their Fire, Integrated. Biggs with R4-D6 and Integrated at 99 points. I have had a lot off success flying the list with in range one of each other with Ten Numb barrel rolling to arc dodge and still be with in range one of Biggs. Wedge takes any cries Biggs gets and regenerates. Biggs stays a live for a long time. What builds would this list struggle against? What would you do different?
  4. Poe with Predator and Wedge with Draw Their Fire
  5. Another possible build to consider is Poe; R5-P9, Weapons Guidance, VI, AT. Wedge; Draw Their Fire, R2-D2, Integrated. Biggs, R4-D6, Integrated Astromech. Or maybe both Wedge and Poe with Draw Their Fire...
  6. The idea is to fly Biggs and Wedge together with Poe flanking. A couple list ideas are 1. Poe; Vi,R5-P9,AT. Wedge; Predator, R2-D2, Integrated. Biggs; R4-D7, Integrated. Or: 2. Poe; Vi,R5-P9, Integrated. Wedge; R2-D2, Draw Their Fire, Engine Upgrade. Biggs; R4-D7, Integrated. There are other ways to build list list too. Which way would be most competitive?
  7. This is probably less of a consideration since the latest FAQ confirmed that R4-D6 works against combined hits and crits. Could you explain that a little more? Sure, sorry for being so brief.R4-D6 is a popular choice for Biggs bcause it allows you to convert hits above 2 into Stress tokens. This effectively means that an attack against Biggs cannot cause more than 2 damage. Previously there was ambiguity as some players interpreted the text to only affect regular hits and could not cancel crits. The latest FAQ has clarified that the Droid applies to total hits. What this means is that Biggs will normally only be suffering 2 damage max anyway. If Biggs suffers 2 hits and a crit and a nearby ship with DTF sucks off the crit, Biggs will still suffer 2 damage. This means you have 2 upgrades that rather conflict with each other. I suppose you could argue that it will save Biggs Stress and also potentially suck off crits that might impair him against a regenerator's shields. But overall I think there are better uses for the EPT slot if Biggs already has R4-D6 as any hits that are removed from Biggs simply reduces the value of the astromech. Really? The R4-D6 card even shows a hit symbol and not a crit symbol...
  8. Zeodra

    Poe, Wedge, Biggs

    Fly Wedge and Biggs together and flank with Poe. Poe Dameron;R5-P9,VI,IA. Biggs;R7 Astromech, Integrated. Wedge; R2-D2, Draw Their Fire, Engine Upgrade. I could also put R4-D6 onto Biggs instead of R7 Astrmech and have 99 points for initiative. Which would be a better build? How would you fly this list? Which builds would be the hardest for this list to face? How would you make this list different?
  9. Poe also doesnt have a lot of green to get rid of stress though...
  10. I agree. I dont understand the need for Poe to have a high PSI if he can't boost to reposition. The major issue with regeneration droids is that it limits the maneuverability of the ship a lot
  11. This is probably less of a consideration since the latest FAQ confirmed that R4-D6 works against combined hits and crits. Could you explain that a little more?
  12. I suppose the list with Biggs is the best because of ordnance
  13. Well the first list didn't post. Here is the rest of it: I am considered two builds. 1st. Poe Dameron; R5-P9,VI,At. Ello Asty; R2-D2, VI, At. Biggs Darklighter; R4-D6, Integrated.
  14. 2nd. Poe Dameron; R5-P9,VI,At. Red Ace; R2-D2,Comm Relay, AT. Tarn Mison; R7 Astromech, Integrated. Both are farely similar. I love T-70 X Wings. In the first build I like Biggs to prevent focus firing and to soak up UBoat attacks. I also enjoy Ello Asty at PSI 9 with talon rolls and boosts. However in the other build, all three ships are hard to kill. What does everyone think? Which build is more competitive? How would you play these builds? What would you do different in the list? What list would be the hardest for this build to face?
  15. Even better: Poe, VI, AT, R5-P9. Ello Asty, VI, AT, R2-D2. Biggs, R4-D6, Integrated
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