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  1. If they're releasing atmospheric ships they should just release the Snowspeeder already. Cowards.
  2. A descriptor of yourself may help as well
  3. You guys are missing the real reason why a 0 point upgrade can't be added. FFG decided to make a broad floor rules for all its games, and while adding S-Foils into a list in X-Wing makes perfect sense when it's an auto take upgrade... that doesn't work in many (any?) FFG card games. Right or wrong, could the judge have intervened, should FFG customize floor rules to individual games... more cans of worms.
  4. I have 33 Misthunters, so I need 17 conversion kits to convert each of them so that I can use every single one at once! What, you don't believe me that I'll ever use them all at once? Uuuuuuuuuuuh, shut up, that's why. What, you don't think I need the entire conversion kit and can trade stuff I don't need for Misthunter stuff? Uuuuuuuh, shut up, that's why. Just feel bad for me, OK?!?
  5. Nah, it doesn't stroke his ego enough, he can't say he's a "paid consultant" at FFG if he does a Patreon
  6. He could do that with much less of the saviour complex however.
  7. Through the saviour complex, I think I see what you're trying to get at. You're trying to say FFG follows the inverse square law.
  8. Ah, my favourite pilot, Deathfiire
  9. Will you get upset if the judge says it's too late to go back? I think you may be missing the point.
  10. Do you mean you did not try to convince them of a point, or you did not get heated in doing so?
  11. Eh, I still think answering calls while being (particularly on stream) is not a good idea for the game if we're pretending it's a competitive game. Anyone else calling anyone else and there'd be a fury about it.
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