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  1. Sorry, a little late to this one, but you can still sign up! Check out the announcement on xwvassal.info
  2. Hello Pilots, we are already at 250 registered participants for season 6 of the Vassal League, with a full week before registration closes! You can find all of the information you need about the Vassal League at xwvassal.info, especially in the user guide. We had 380 players register last season, let's see if we can top that for season 6! Spread the word!
  3. Another season of the vassal league is making me feel a little better about not getting World's tickets. We have space for everyone on Vassal!
  4. Yup, new players will start in the Unknown Reaches (tier 5). But don't discount the competition at that level, there are tons of really good players lurking down their.
  5. Approximately 8 games in 12 weeks. Check out the User Guide for all the info a new player might need.
  6. That's a big goal for this season. Last season, we added A TON to the league. We learned a lot of lessons, and are better equipped for this run.
  7. Hello Pilots, it’s been too long! With great enthusiasm, we are ready to start Season 6 of the X Wing Vassal League! Head on over to xwvassal.info to see our latest newsletter. Sign ups for Season 6 will begin on March 2nd. We had over 380 players register last season, let’s make this season even bigger!
  8. 3 more days! As always, be sure to keep an eye on our new league hub. Everything you need to know about the league can always be found at http://xwvassal.info/ Sign Ups are closing on Wednesday, September 20th. Play will begin approximately a week after sign ups close. If you've already signed up, make sure to spread the word! I will be hosting a "How to Vassal" session after sign ups close, but before play begins. More info to come after Wednesday on the exact date and time, but it will be a chance for new players to see the basics of Vassal controls as well as basic vassal etiquette. The session will be recorded as well, in case you aren't able to hop on live. We are working on a list of unanswered questions from the most recent releases and previews. Any interactions that haven't been FAQ'd will have a ruling that will be in place for the league by the time play starts (i.e. Trajectory Simulator). What other rules are out there that you want to see addressed?
  9. We're up to 240 players now, with another week of signups yet. Looking forward to starting the next season!
  10. We're up to 150 players after just the first day! Registration is open until the 20th, so still plenty of time to jump on board.
  11. Hope I can make it! I played at their X Wing store championship last time around, and they ran a great event. I'm sure this will be a lot of fun.
  12. I picked my mat up last week, I think these were distributed before the core sets
  13. I think the punch board that the terrain and templates come in probably dictated the size of the box
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