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  1. Tank takedown normally takes my guild about 4-5 days (we burn through stages 2 and 4 within about 5 hours)
  2. TLT, Accuracy Corrector and Autoblaster Turret would tend to disagree
  3. i had a node 9 comamnder luke, Wiggs, R2 and K2 today! took all my backup teams out and killed my K2 before wiggs, ackbar and zassian finished them off
  4. I've run it with Zader, RG, Palp, Tarkin and snow trooper. Turn meter reduction is great as is stunning the fecking little healer fuzzies!! Ability lock and TM reduction is awesome against them.
  5. Well done on the win! This quoted bit is what i use often when chatting to people. unless you're playing turrets, then you adjust according to what turret your opponent has! What list did you run and what matchups did you have?
  6. FTFY
  7. I wont tell you how many Zeta's i have then!! lol. If you can get Zader and empire/sith toons with counter attack (or multiple hits) he really helps out! my current second rate team is Zader, Dooku, maul, palp and RG(or snowtrooper). I've put potency up on most of them in 2 slots and crit chance on 2 with others on them at dealers choice (speed up plus potency up is good) With Dooku health stealing, double striking and countering you can knock loads of turn meter off! I'm deciding on who to Zeta next, i'm thinking K2S0 as he's in my arena team (already have Zader, Zulcrum and Zassian)
  8. i have 1 more Zeta mat to get then i can zeta someone. My choices are Fulcrum, Dooku and K2. K2 is current Arena team Fulcrum may replace Akbar in my current arena team once i've farmed her enough (wont take me long) Dooku is on my Zader Rancor team so Flawless Riposte Zeta'd may work with turn meter removal.
  9. Saying that, i use mines a lot and do relatively well but my Meta is generally a lot different to most (rarely see Jumps, sometimes Fen, sometimes Assaj) Snapshot A wings are also a fun thing if you can guess the approach correctly.
  10. out PS them and Arc dodge Tank the shots There's not a great deal more that can be done in my mind. and with arc dodging you now have to be mindful of Bombs/Mines. If you can mitigate some of the damage (such as Kanan pilot in reducing dice, R4D6 reducing hits etc) then that also helps (as does forcing a bump to remove the action of the bumper) Unfortunately this does limit your options somewhat and it becomes a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors/Lizard/Spock
  11. one of my friends is just starting out and i told him he needs a scoundrel team (and Dooku) then this popped up and he now has a full scoundrel team just in time for the credit heist!! they do look interesting though, I'm keen to see how they fair but again I'm upset they aren't resistance, especially as they were instrumental in destroying Star Killer Base.
  12. my current guild has it but its not actively used really. would be good to arrange the raids etc but generally we just lark around and chuck memes about
  13. We've had something similar in my guild. just started Hrancor and after the first attempt we lost the 3 biggest hitters on it its not so much the rancor scores we miss, its the 1800 raid tokens a day they added to the pot. didn't help that 2 of them were officers either!!
  14. Mining guild tie
  15. My current guild kind of use discord. We're all on there and normally just is officers doing stuff on it lol