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  1. Watched the final episodes (finally) last night with my boy. He loved it and was upset when i said it was the mid season finale. Now I want to give him some more rebel toys to play with and one thing he wants is Ryders U wing and Hera's X wing. does anyone have any screen grabs of them i can use for reference? I'm happy to start cutting up the u wing for it but need a reference point. and need a reference for Hera.
  2. nice suprise this morning to log in and see 80 Kylo shards waiting for me only 60 more to 7* him ready for the aat (him and Savage with a Zaul lead could be fun!!)
  3. Glad you had fun with it! Makes me want to break out my A wings again and run a mini swarm (without harpoons/cruise) + Ace.
  4. Could the Droid in the Sheathipede be the x wing fix?? now that Biggs has been nerfed it could be. I cant wait for it, my boy will definitely be getting one lol
  5. I need 85 to 7* her but havent seen her in 4 days!
  6. I'm gonna try some crazy lists involving a u-wing and some x wings soon so would love a boost to them!! Also after watching rebels i may have to buy a U wing to mod like riders so will need more of them!!
  7. I'm currently farming Old Ben, ST Han and any first order toons i can get my hands on!! (i need BB8 next time he comes up) i cant be farming a 2nd Han or starting on Chewie!! I'm 10 hours away from my third Han solo though!! now is it just me or has Fulcrum pretty much disappeared from the guild event and fleet stores?
  8. rarely gets shot, stacks up foci to use after k turns and keeps up with a shenanigans A wing or E wing to get them out of arc. works suprisingly well. End game it sucks though
  9. I enjoy running variations on this list its rather unforgiving but good fun to play around with. lots of actions doing lots of things!!! Eat Me 98 points Ahsoka Tano Veteran Instincts (1) Sabine's Masterpiece (1) Captured TIE (1) Rey (2) Corran Horn R2-D2 (4) Fire-Control System (2) Adaptability (0) Engine Upgrade (4) Tycho Celchu A-Wing Test Pilot (0) Chardaan Refit (-2) Rage (1) Experimental Interface (3) Push the Limit (3)
  10. I forgot about the bonus tier and did the first one twice! Take out old daka then stick it on auto and keep hitting daka when she revives. nice and simple lol.
  11. the positioning thing is due to things like Dead Man's Switch and Sabine. When the token is removed the ship that hit the token could be outside of the range 1 bubble for Sabine thereby mitigating that damage. very slight, situational nerf for Sabine's effectiveness i think
  12. I Think TLT just needs to give the range 3 extra die to be ok. tokened up aces (like Mr Fell etc) should be able to weather the storm well enough and it hurts the big ships more as they have less greens. It wouldnt be too much to just put a line akin to "turret weapons grant range bonuses to defenders" only TLT gets hit and doesn't muck up the design space too much and no need for errata'd cards to be made/reprinted for TLT.
  13. I'm going to run Corran again! E wings FTW!!
  14. Finally downloaded episodes 1-4 of the new series so shall be watching them later! I'm half tempted to binge from the beginning again, by the time i get to the current episodes I can binge all of season 4 lol
  15. I know about the one drop rule, just meant i can still drop bombs when stressed (and slam if needed) with a minor inconvenience of losing a hit point