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  1. I print to paper then spray glue them to card and cut out. (only because i print at work as I'm a cheapskate) i use 75Gsm paper but want to print on 220gsm cardstock when i get the change to update my ships (printing in colour would help me lots!)
  2. You've obviously not flown against me then!! lol. You as the ship owner get to choose when the mine is overlapping 2 ships. if a ship moves through all 3 of them, it removes all three even if the first one killed it. Also running into your own mine to kill an opponents ship when Sabine is around is also a tactic i have employed!! (not often but enough to warant a mention) Just don't start everyone on the Sabine wording/timing issue!
  3. the worst i have had happen is mistakenly doing a 5 straight in place of a 5K. ship went off the board the following turn (it was a full health loaded tycho!!)
  4. I use chopper in place of Sabine. i struggle against full Sith teams with nihlus lead (mostly cause i auto it) but my boys can do the whole GW and end on full health with the same setup (i only dont use sabine as she's too hard to farm presently)
  5. I went through a phase of trying to unlock every character i came across! what i realised was 1) you NEED scoundrels, work on them first for Credit Heists and Training droid smuggling 2) you need a decent lightside team and darkside team. Currently for lightside starting out i'd go with phoenix squad for missions and GW, they are great for GW as use Chopper and Zeb with Hera lead they gain health and protection each turn. I'm not sure on darkside but Snowtrooper ability locks, royal guard stuns, tarkin for debuffs and AOE damage and then Boba to rocket the Debuffed enemies and delete one a turn, Mob Enforcer inflicts defence down as well on her normal attacks so is quite handy. 3) You need gear. Get a good synergised team and gear them to the max Level 9+ for most of your usefull toons! 4) Mods - these are great. do the mod challenges and get them to the 5* mods.
  6. Daka is good her Healing and Revival stuff works wonders, Talia is a poor mans healer but also works as well.
  7. i was looking at testors clear coat the other day and havent used varnish or anything on my models before. may try that and see what happens.
  8. i know we needed farm boy luke to get Jawas lol. i'd have thought Yoda would be needed to get Jedi Luke??
  9. I've switched to Magnets recently to get over the broken peg issue. Most ships i've magnetized have just used rare earth magnets (1.5mm deep, 3 mm width) and sunk the magnet into the ship and glued it to the top of the peg. Regarding Glue/Epoxy - i prefer using a Gel based superglue. much much nicer and easier to work with than watery glue. i think gorilla glue do a decent one.
  10. Cool thanks for the info guys. I may get some bulb oil then detail and highlight after. I currently Base my rebels white, then wash with a watered down foundation black wash, the dry brush some white over the panels. Might have a look at changing this up a little though
  11. I have a question for the hive mind. What is best/ easiest in respect of Panel lining? I've tried an Ink wash and it hasn't worked well (used to work marvelously on my 40K stuff) I've heard good things about the Citadel Nuln Oil (don't own any yet but am not averse to buying some) but was wondering if fineline Copic markers (or similar) would work and what size tip is best? Do you guys wash then detail then drybrush or another way?
  12. I like my snow trooper I actually buffed him up before most others!! I've got through the first tier, second is a little more interesting
  13. I have 2 small kids so on game night i have my phone on but on silent, i keep it in my pocket and if it vibrates i look at it to see if its the babysitter or my wife, i'll then ask if its ok and then call them back.
  14. Lots of generics and lots of munitions. Epic ships cant evade!! lol although they can reinforce which is better against most things The meta is dominated by generics mainly as there are too many arcs to dodge for the likes of Dash/Soontir etc Scaling up from 100 points doesn't work either. a ship that can buff your Generics could do well (as long as it can buff more than one ship at a time) Regarding the raider, i have no clue. i only have the Rebel Transport so my experience of epic play is limited to say the least.
  15. I remember those days!! lol. Keep farming Dooku as he is a beast for both Dark side battles and Arena team. If you can get some form of health steal on him he is a beast with his retaliation and double attacks!