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  1. Blackmoon Squadron Pilot Flight-Assist Astromech Advanced Proton Torpedoes Fire-Control System Engine Upgrade 42 points of shenanigans
  2. Happy Friday and Merry Christmas! My favourite X wing related present so far is the core set 2 years ago now. I did get Imperial Aces last year but not flown much with them
  3. Anyone got Jedi Rey yet? i wasn't able to get BB8 so have no chance but now know what i need to have for when BB8 pops up so i can get rey! on a plus note, i have a golden 7* Fulcrum and she is Bad ***!
  4. Munitions, lots and lots of munitions, avoid the space around the ship and just focus it down first! What load out is he planning on running on it?
  5. Love snow, keep winding my friends up as they hate it!!
  6. Yep, uses a chance but not the characters. Can't see why i didnt see it before!!
  7. Munchkin is a good game. you can get expansions/add ons and a load of different variations on the same core.
  8. This thread has just got epic!! well done guys!
  9. nicely done guys! I'm currently gearing up my phoenix squad for TW as the regen from them are great and my current guild are struggling! on a positive note, AAT advice. Use a strong arena team in it when you get to the tank, just as its about to hit the Enraged bit, stun it and retreat your characters. I've got 6 million score on mine today. I run Wedge lead (7* Gear 11) Biggs (7* Gear 11) Fulcrum (nearly 7* and almost gear 12) Zassian (7* Gear 10) and Zeta K2S0 (7* gear 10) lost K2 first time then swapped him with Leia her double crit chance is AWESOME! none the second and Wedge and Cassian 3rd. its been a good day!!!
  10. Im gonna zeta savage and get him to gear 11 ready for aat soon, i have zetad fulcrum, vader, dooku, cassian and k2. God ive spent too much time on this game!!
  11. Watched the final episodes (finally) last night with my boy. He loved it and was upset when i said it was the mid season finale. Now I want to give him some more rebel toys to play with and one thing he wants is Ryders U wing and Hera's X wing. does anyone have any screen grabs of them i can use for reference? I'm happy to start cutting up the u wing for it but need a reference point. and need a reference for Hera.
  12. nice suprise this morning to log in and see 80 Kylo shards waiting for me only 60 more to 7* him ready for the aat (him and Savage with a Zaul lead could be fun!!)
  13. Glad you had fun with it! Makes me want to break out my A wings again and run a mini swarm (without harpoons/cruise) + Ace.
  14. Could the Droid in the Sheathipede be the x wing fix?? now that Biggs has been nerfed it could be. I cant wait for it, my boy will definitely be getting one lol
  15. I need 85 to 7* her but havent seen her in 4 days!