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  1. I work for an insurance company that deals with farmers. i sell it, advise on it and sort out claims.
  2. not a lot but its a "just in case" for if he's stressed and jumps over a debris cloud. my boy isn't fully up with forward planning or visualising where he is likely to end up. I was thinking of putting Rage on Chewie which works well with Inspiring recruit but PTL gives him a focus/evade or boost/focus. I could also remove both crew and stick Kanan with Chewie to remove stress on almost any move which would work better i think. hhhmmmm
  3. So I've been toying around with an idea for a list that will allow my eldest (7 years old) to play and do reasonably well at tournaments but be fairly easy to fly. I've come up with this list with 2 of his favourite ships in, the Falcon and the Ghost. I'm hoping that he can get a few games in and learn to fly 2 large based ships. I'll also be giving him Debris so he doesn't mess himself up on rocks lol. CHEW CHOO 99 points 52 points • Chewbacca Push the Limit Inspiring Recruit Nien Nunb Millennium Falcon (Evade Version) Engine Upgrade 47 points • “Chopper” Fire-Control System Twin Laser Turret Hera Syndulla "Zeb" Orrelios basically chopper can fly where he wants and gets modded attack dice from FCS. Bit weak on defence then but it has 0 green die Chewie ignores crits and can PTL to reposition and can shed stress with Nien numb/inspiring recruit combo
  4. Maybe title, add a free ion cannon (nothing else needs a turret) and do a tie d type double tap (ps7 and under though) could be free/cheap cheap Time to homebrew something
  5. im going for Palp i think as my next (once he's updated properly) However, new update coming soon. the QoL update provides more simming opportunities and the rise of the Sith (hopefully it'll counter all the CLS reign in Arena)
  6. Watched the video this morning, Landing both the booster stages in sync was a thing of beauty!
  7. havent seen the vids but i'm getting close to another Zeta. was thinking of Unmasked Kylo but i'll have to see what new funness they bring
  8. Sweet! Im not sure where i stand with toons but i have 3 7* capital ships and only need slave one and the falcon to complete my ship collection lol. I'm also still stuck on one goldie and my arena team have been neglected somewhat recently
  9. Me! Lol Whos farming unmasked kylo then? I an just for silencer and a counter to CLS
  10. This looks great, cant wait to test it properly. I did notice one thing in my 'lets have a look' game, is there any way of locking the table in (as in not allowing it to rotate) i found it spinning around a bit and just leaving a corner of the board (on android)
  11. I developed a slight tactic with my K wings where i would set them up at 45 degree angles facing each other about 3/4 bases apart with another ship in the middle facing straight, the K's would 1 bank to set up to fly through an asteroid field i had set up close to my corner then force my opponent to chase them whilst chucking bombs in their face! worked well a few times with that though i didnt have to worry too much about arcs as had TLT on one and normal turret on the other (with Ahsoka to help one of the others out)
  12. Unfortunately i dont have the sheathepiede or gunboat (i know, HERETIC) but that does look like good fun to fly, might have to prpxy the cards and see if its worth getting.
  13. so far I've come up with this JACOB 1 100 points PILOTS Chewbacca [Push the Limit, "Zeb" Orrelios, Nien Nunb, Millennium Falcon (Evade Version), Engine Upgrade] (52) Lothal Rebel [Fire-Control System, Dorsal Turret, Plasma Torpedoes, Hera Syndulla, Engine Upgrade] (48) Quite heavy on the upgrades but large ships, turrets and shenanigans.
  14. no sheathipede yet i really want one though! I have a tasty list that can get someone multiple actions in a turn using it, bit much for my boy though lol.
  15. My 7 year old son would like to come to a tournament with me soon. He's been to a Kessel run type event (good fun) and has played 100/6 with me at home. He's ok with the basics but doesnt understand the nuances etc. With that in mind i'm trying to think up a upgrade-light fun to fly list, all i can come up with is a Chewbacca falcon (no face up damage for me) and possibly Leebo (pick and choose) these kind of cancel out any Kylo based lists but still be fun to fly. So, Help me xwing community! i do have most ships up to the recent waves (i have some Wookies) and can generally probably borrow most upgrades needed (he's a fan of the Rebels TV show if that helps so likes Ghost, X Wings, Tie Defenders etc)
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