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  1. Along with looking into Bad Motivator, Contraption is an ability i have trouble with and can never seem to find a use for. Either through it never coming up or me being pretty timid to try (that changes this week!) What are some examples y'all have done? crazy or otherwise...
  2. game wise... things that would aid in knowledge or such. where would i go to research, what items would be the equivilant of a book or instruction manual... this is a "i have no idea how the lore works" question.
  3. Schematics: ship, droid, weapons to name a few. Maps, information on sectors/worlds. Where would one look for these??
  4. What kind of knowledge based items can players look for? what would these include in the starwars lore? Holocrons are the only thing i know, but those are specific to jedi/sith. I'm not all familiar with this, and was recently thinking whether my character might seek these kind of items out for inspiration in his work.
  5. when i was describing the scenario it was mainly for the purpose of how would a "non combative" droid take on the issue "hey, i aint paying your droid". And maybe how others have dealt with similar situations. Not the fact im not being paid. yes that is an issue, but i've been dealing with it through the game. heck the droid fixed himself from near death... Think i have the idea of how G2 is gonna do, and wanna thank those that pointed out the roleplaying possibilities and gave examples, those were helpful.
  6. Strylith: No, the GM made it a way to get me or the group to role play: The NPC Isn't willing to pay the droid, but the droid should have spoken up or the crew should have done so. I'll be finding a way to get my cut... but with how the jobs have been going, it might be a little more up hill than it would have been. Gm has been helping me out a lot through this and made that clear start of these missions, to clarify. And thank you for the explanations. Other than that: yes he is owned, not by the crew though. Debt is his obligation. Owned by a Hutt the crew works/worked for... missed a session and have no idea what happened on Narsshida (memory wipe... lovely mechanic when you missed a session or two.) But other then that he considers the hutt vile and wants to stay away so he may actually work. This crew being his 8th attempt at this. (no worries: 5 out of those 8 are still alive... as far as G2 remembers) Desslok: I have been reading those, boy they are helping. This has come up on multiple occasions in brainstorming... yes, this droid suddenly has motivation and is willing to "extort" if necessary. In a way.
  7. New to the game, 5 sessions in with current character. G2-2T, the "Goose" droid re purposed for ship aid and maintenance. Is a mechanic, with minor skills in piloting and astrogation. should not be near combat unless safely with in the hull of a moving monstrosity. -I get that the droids are seen as property by most, but pointers in working through/around that would be great. Player at 0 credit 3 sessions straight is a little frustrating. -Any resources on playing a droid? or acting out a droid PC? i know not all droids are submissive servants but i cant seem to shake that while role playing. G2 is not very combative in nature... but i doubt he'd be taking garbage from someone "unwilling" to pay the crew's droid. And his primary concern is keeping the crew alive cause they are the only chance he has at freedom, i can see him thinking rushing in helping would be his only "real" chance at surviving. -Any interesting ways mechanics (or Technician, which ever is the specialization) could affect the field or the opponents in non vehicle combat? from a distance? Bad motivator i keep thinking could help, but never a good opportunity to use it. Can i break stuff with normal mechanic checks?? Imagine that little goose droid just getting up in your face and breaking tools, weapons, etc. Possible? - our GM has been trying to get us to be involved in the narrative. This game feels more 50/50 (GM/PC) when describing the world and interacting with it. Far more involving than any game i have played thus far. Our group is pretty bad at using the Destiny points for narrative purposes... any pointers (or threads) that could help get a grasp on what to look for or when to use em? GM said y'all and others he has read about can get pretty crazy with the points, and i just can't get past the "this is too crazy" and "what can i do" thoughts.
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