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  1. You get a jamming beam! And you get a jamming beam! All T-70s get jamming beams!
  2. You should get those dice checked! Going to try out a Poe Snap Jess list later. Let’s see how they fair in V2.
  3. The real question is - When will the point costs be revealed?
  4. Everything currently released is legal for standard. Once the next set drops, the “black box sets” will rotate out.
  5. Would this work with the new TIE fighter and T-65 X-wing cards? Allowing 5 of each?
  6. Jedi1993

    New article: TIE/FO

    Translated last paragraph: ”Star Wars additional kit: X-Wing - TIE / fo fighter is part of the second wave of accessories, the premiere of which is scheduled for December 2018. At the same time, the Top Order converter will also be available. Advance sale in our online store has already started, welcome!” Bother, I really want Resistance stuff soon!
  7. Would Ion control be useful? I've not gone against the Nym/Miranda list myself but Ion: Turret & Cannon Has a good chance to hit their 1 Agility Prevents reveal bombs, presumably including traj sim ones (Genius gets around it but would be limited in the direction) Reduces Miranda's Slam capabilities Helps maintain decent range to keep up an attack Pretty easy to fit into most lists.
  8. Ah, I see. I was so confused! Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. I don’t have the title for the Sheathipede in the list.
  10. I hadn't considered Kyle as Fenn's crew! Will have to test that out. I'm not sure how many games (if any) I'll get in before the new year but I'll update this thread with any findings.
  11. 2 Reasons: 1 - Most local Alpha Strikes are sitting at PS10 themselves and avoiding the initial target lock will really be nice. 2 - The name just wouldn't work
  12. With Rebel Fenn Rau proving very useful I've been looking at an all PS11 list with him: Spinal Tap (98) Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) — Sheathipede-class Shuttle20 Veteran Instincts1 Tactician2 R2 Astromech1 Vectored Thrusters2 Ship Total: 26 Poe Dameron (PS9) — T-70 X-Wing33 Veteran Instincts1 BB-82 Advanced Optics2 Autothrusters2 Black One1 Ship Total: 41 Wedge Antilles — X-Wing29 Veteran Instincts1 Flight-Assist Astromech1 Integrated Astromech0 Ship Total: 31 Tactician and Vector Thrusters are up for debate on Fenn. Repositioning could be useful as I found it difficult to trigger FA Astro because of the rear arc. Tactician I'm more inclined to keep because Fenn rarely does damage himself and stress can help keep Expertise users under control. Dancing Poe with the title benefits more by the higher PS and not using R5-P9 means I'm free to use Adv Optics. I could use R2-D2 but I've found he limits my use of the title. If some points are spared elsewhere, I've thought about giving Wedge some munitions but I think I'd rather go with a bid due to VI races.
  13. Hi all, I'm still fairly new to DMing and need some advice. I'm currently looking at running a Supers game with a few friends. One player wants to be effectively the Hulk. At the moment I'm thinking failing certain checks will trigger the green guy appearing with a follow-up check to regain player control. My question for the forum is how to stat out the transformation, without giving the player easy access to both an intelligent scientist and raging brawler and, therefore, an advantage over other players. Other players are looking like a sort-of proto-ironman and a magic user Knight, lost in time.
  14. Poe Dameron (PS9) (33) Intensity (2) BB-8 (2) Primed Thrusters (1) Autothrusters (2) Black One (1) Total: 41 I want to run this build in a few games but I'm not sure what else to put in the list. I'm struggling to fit 2 other decent small ships so potentially something like a Falcon? Han Solo (46) Predator (3) C-3PO (3) Gunner (5) Millennium Falcon (1) Total: 58 I'm aware that R2D2 regen would be more competitive but I'd like to keep this thread focused on variations of the BB8 build.
  15. 360? So... back where we started? I'd like to see a change in the dice. More weapons like TLT. Roll lots of dice to hit, then a separate way to work out damage (Or fixed damage). Opposite end of this would be less accurate attacks that do significantly more damage if it hits.
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