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  1. Shot in the Dark

    Would an extra digit help with balancing?

    Still comes down to playtesting
  2. No...."just right" is a fleeting concept. They will release more unplaytested crap and we will be back to the same point.
  3. Shot in the Dark

    New FAQ. It's crazy

    "Improved" is an interesting take on it. I say it was published in a broken state. These are not minor tweaks, these are major re-writes. This a do over to make up for lack of proper play testing.
  4. Shot in the Dark

    New FAQ. It's crazy

    As a new player who has been playing the game only a little more than a year, this FAQ and the previous one really make me question getting into the game and continueing with it. I thought the game was stable. But these are huge changes. I want stable rules and minimal errata. This seems like I/we are playtesting the game.
  5. Shot in the Dark

    Fav Playmat

    Gripmat for me. Anything other than a basic star field is too busy, too distracting for me.
  6. Shot in the Dark

    Favorite table-top strategy / board game that's NOT X-Wing?

    Advanced Squad Leader, hands down.
  7. Shot in the Dark

    Dutchess as a Jouster

    I think engine upgrade is a too expensive on Duchess. Need to keep her cheap. At PS10 and her ability you should be able to dodge arcs without EU. TLTs are gonna get her either way.
  8. Shot in the Dark

    Ranking System

    As someone only playing X wing about a year, I was shocked there was no ranking system in existence. I come from the wargaming side, specifically ASL. They have had a unofficial system for years. Most ASL tourneys are single elimination, but those that are not use some form of the rankings for pairings. Seems obvious to use a similar system in x wing for early swiss rounds to balance SoS or MoV. Not sure of the details, but it can be worked out. If nothing else, the rankings are interesting to look at. After a few years and many games, the cream rises to the top and you will be amazed at the stability of the top 50 players in ASL.
  9. Shot in the Dark

    New Asmodee Forums

    I want the old one back.
  10. Shot in the Dark

    Bodyguard ?

    So what do you think YV-666: · Bossk (35) Adaptability (Increase) (0) Homing Missiles (5) Tactical Jammer (1) K4 Security Droid (3) · Zuckuss (1) · 4-LOM (1) Inertial Dampeners (1) JumpMaster 5000: · Tel Trevura (30) · Bodyguard (2) Hull Upgrade (3) Recon Specialist (3) · Punishing One (12) · R5-P8 (3) -- TOTAL ------- 100p. -- Maybe Dengar instead of K4 would be better. Anybody got a better idea for bodyguard? Or should I forget I own the card and move on?
  11. Shot in the Dark

    Anyone tried BroBots w/ Expertise?

    Must have Autothrusters
  12. Shot in the Dark

    Any Title Tourney

    RAC with X7.
  13. Shot in the Dark

    Scum Aces

    Try mindlink on all three, then you can add hull or shield to Serissu. I use VT as well on TC. Instead of TC, Zuckess with mindlink and FCS is worth a try as well, can fill with title or crew of your choice.
  14. Shot in the Dark

    Could the Meta use a "Most Wanted" list?

    You can ban whatever cards you want, or raise the cost of certain cards, or, or...whatever you want to a limited population. After the fix, Eventually the meta will involve and a new set of over powered/under costed cards will emerge. The baseline will change but something will float to the top. It's a moving target. We need x wing 2.0 and comprehensive relook at, recosting of everything.
  15. Shot in the Dark

    Bolt Action or Flames of War

    This! ASL is THE game. Best ever, period. It is not for everyone, but if it is your cup of tea, everything else will pale in comparison, including X WING. The fact the game is 30 years old and still has an active world wide tourney scene is all you need to know.