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  1. So the highlighted item is something that can be debated and addressed. Thank you for helping give clarity on your reasoning for the changes proposed. I will disagree with you quite wholeheartedly that they need help. Some specific ships might need help, but the arch type of 5+ ships does not. Usually those ships use body count to counter play jousting and or arc dodging aces. Are some better than others? Absolutely! Does that mean reducing upgrades is going to help the ones that are not as good at it? I would say no. Those list make cuts and often against your described decked out aces so they are not lacking in their effectiveness. As others have stated in other threads many times fatigue can play a factor. By the time you get to a cut with a large count squad you can be mentally worn out if you’re not playing 4-5 games at a time when practicing. This is another factor in more upgrades and fewer ships is preferred. Less overall brain power is needed with 3 Aces vs 6 Ties and a Sloane carrier.
  2. From a hypothetical POV? I guess I would ask isn’t the point of upgrades to bring better efficiency to a ship by giving them more tools? Doesn’t this idea empower swarms or at least more swarm like play? Especially in a competitive setting because you start looking for efficiency and a need for fewer upgrades to be really effective? Sadly any Meta is Risk vs reward. It wants to mitigate it’s overall Risk while getting Maximum rewards. How it does that within it’s overall framework doesn’t matter, but can narrow the gap. Again perhaps the best way to deal with such a thing is to make the gap a wide as possible. So as I suggested earlier remove/restrict the bidding. Simply mandate that all list be as close to 200 as possible while being no less than a set value such as 198.
  3. Seems limiting not to mention none of the offers look at things like EPT’s which are also upgrades. if someone is going to spend the kind of points from a list for a VXC they are going to want to make it as survivable as possible. Otherwise it’s an easy target that basically burns away. I’m assuming you’re looking at all of this in a competitive setting. But if that’s the case how does this widen the pool rather than shrink is ultimately? Honestly I see this as a difference of opinion on it’s effectiveness. You feel it helps and forces more choices. a number of us see it as being further restrictive because players are more likely to take or use the few known good elements. Instead of experimenting with an unusual combo because you just don’t have the ways the put those combos together.
  4. @Boom Owl has come out and said the issue is basically a few select ships and their full combinations of upgrades being issues. He suggested this as an idea to try and force those ships to have to pick and choose a direction instead of getting all their goodies. Vader and Boba being a couple of his highlighted examples. About the only thing he failed to really get into was how this improves The fun of those using ships that need or use large numbers of upgrades to perform their basic functions: Starwings Punishers and other similar ships.
  5. As a one off format it’s not bad honestly. I’ve done tournaments and such where there is only one upgrade allowed. It was interesting but not terribly different from any other format. The real issue is it doesn’t do much other than shift where someone puts emphasis on the list building. Honestly, if you want to really make things interesting Force people to use their points. There is very little reason any list cannot get to 198-200 with pricing on upgrades being what they are. So you must use all available points. It removes the bid and now forces a more all comers list as people will have to adjust builds to ensure points are used and if they run out of slots to backfill points they have to start tearing away to bring in another ship which then changes a list quite a bit.
  6. Boom I have read some of the thread but not all. I guess I just don’t understand what your suggestion is actually trying to accomplish. Maybe it’s a local meta thing or something I don’t know. I just don’t see large numbers of upgrades as a problem. Not in the way we might have seen in 1.0 certainly. Upgrades have always been there to cover weak points or amplify strengths. The natural limits ships are currently assigned seems a decent check and balance. The limit seems a bit overkill? So back to my original question what’s the problem that is supposed to be fixed by this suggestion?
  7. Ronu

    N-1 Exclusive

    Could have been a delay in the server sorting and acquisition. Grats
  8. Thanks for the replies. Sill curious about others opinions. My biggest concern was getting what I consider fun/cool units and always having to fight uphill both ways in nothing but a losing effort.
  9. So considering getting in. Likely going to be Empire as a huge fan of Scout Troopers in general from the movies. Seen a few battle reports ect. Kinda curious are the 74z’s still able to hold their own? Also outside of 2 man strike teams not seeing anyone really using scouts overall. Even my friend helping me get in keeps trying to shove Shoretroopers in my face. I plan to play and have fun not run super competitive. Mostly curious about trends I see and why more than anything.
  10. Not sure if this qualifies but I had salt thrown at me. Phasma Reinforced R3 takes an Incoming proton Torp. H/H/H/C. Rolls natties,1 for the Reinforce passed last damage to a partner. No damage..... Scarif base pilot carrying Sloane with a shield upgrade . During a 2v2 400 pt match. All 400 points of opponents ships shoot at The Reaper. Rolls enough evades to last with 1 hull. Everyone was in shock it survived allowing the opponents to start being chewed up before anything else took damage.
  11. Interesting write up. One thing I didn’t see and perhaps I just missed it. The SF Gunner and it’s abilities improving or hurting its overall ship efficiency. Certainly a curious thought.
  12. If he was behind aGas Cloud he should have only taken 1 total damage? Did he forget his free evade?
  13. Ronu

    Special Forces Aces

    Phasma has a pretty consistent overall game from my experience with her. As she nears the endgame she can go from defensive to offensive fairly easily if she still has wingmates to pawn damage to. So she starts taking locks and then if she doesn’t need that she has double mods and wears you down. So from a certain perspective yes she can be scary enough. Not in a Fel or Jedi type of way but still scary because she’s so difficult to actually get off the board without a lot of help.
  14. Ronu

    First Orders tool box

    I don’t think anyone is saying you’re wrong. Certainly a different opinion regarding on the use of Optics. i am personally not a fan of optics at least not without ordnance. I have a hard time seeing the Value. The S/F’s are durable enough to take a punch helping survivability with a Focus is a better overall option especially in my list. Where I am wanting as much health sustained to spread and use with Phasma
  15. So how exactly does the ability work? If his Force doesn’t recharge and starts red it never flips up to use. Just give him 2 charges that don’t recharge instead as a 1 time per game schtik
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