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  1. When your opponents dice hate you

    When Leebo is determined to be critically hit apparently he is determined to be critically hit in your case. Yeesh.
  2. Ordinance Tubes

    Appreciate the tip. Also to your quote auto-correct is a thing too.
  3. Ordinance Tubes

    Might be more of a rules question. So with this on a raider does it just affect the section they are on or both sections? Simply trying to figure out what points I have and where.
  4. Dear me where are my Assault Missles and Ruthlessness TIE D’s!
  5. When your opponents dice hate you

    Wow was this before AutoThrusters? I mean blanks galore there has to be more to this story how did that happen?
  6. Play X-wing long enough and you have probably experienced this. No matter what you do or how well you fly your opponents dice decide to completely go out of their way to trounce you. Case in point without mods my buddy a couple of weeks ago rolled 24 out of 28 hits/crits natural and was 28/28 with mods to attack dice. He then rolled 10/16 on defense dice, before mods. It was just silly. All I could do was shake my head and laugh cause he never rolls like that. Next game his dice looked a bit more normal and I was able to soundly defeat him. That first game though geez. Kinda funny because it makes a B/C level list look like S tier for a brief shining moment. Anyone have similar tales?
  7. Imp vets of individual expansion

    For the defender absolutely. You’d be amazed what the PS1’s can do with an X-7 Title to act as blockers and unhappy targets for your opponents to bring down. You also get Colonel Vessery, one of the most popular pilots to use for the defenders. Bombers again get your basic scimitar squad pilot at PS2 which can act as a cheap shuttle. The Aces are not game breaking but do have some interesting abilities for casual games.
  8. TIE/D’s in Epic

    So don’t do epic but have a game coming up. Love the TIE/D curious about variants and armament choices. I would think Ion Cannons are **** on epic ships or other ships in getting out of positions. I know the stress on Flechettes are waisted. What about jamming beam?
  9. New Upgrade Cards You Would Like to See

    The issue with your upgrades are your intentions vs what they would actually be used for or on. So first example: Your intention is Lambda Punishers ect... but It goes well on Nym as well. Which goes back to dropping bombs on himself with some impunity for Rebel Nym and still likely doesn’t fix the issues of why the other ships do not see much play. The second is a bigger no. Since only one ship needs that upgrade you see Scum Nym pairing with Atanni Mindlinked ships. Nym takes a focus, he passes to AM ship 1 passes to AM ship 2. One of the biggest issues in the game is the free action cheat has gotten so wide and every ship can do it easily. Also multiple Scurrgs with double modded TLT shots are a thing with this upgrade. No thank you. Still also doesn’t solve the issues for the ship your wanting to target, while making other ships even better options than previously. The VIP.... again, sounds fun till you look at where it ends up. Are you wanting to have Corran, Quickdraw, and perhaps Dengar really taking 3 attack’s per turn? What about TIE/D’s I’ll take 4 attacks against you if you attack that ship. Or find another way to deal with that ship until last as to not worry about it. Also VIP, Palp Decimator? Just too much cause for really nasty combinations.
  10. Targeting Help

    Don’t read too much into that statement. It was making me roll to not take damage but it was not being an effective damage dealer. He really needed something for some board control.
  11. X-wing Joke Thread

    What does Jan do when her HWK runs out of fuel? Jan Ors What happened when Dace met the Pink Panther? Bonearm bonearm... bonearm bonearm boneaaaaaarm.
  12. Synced Turret

    Another option could be another ship with Targeting Syncronizer. Allows a ship to act as a primer for the Turret. Might be something to look into.
  13. TIE Hunter Fix

    Is Maarek supposed to be in the primary set? Or are we stuck waiting for an aces Pack? Does anyone know how to properly mod and paint to look like the FO variant that looks super sweet?
  14. Synced Turret

    So curious on community thoughts. Is it me or does this one seem to contradict itself a bit? Attack Target lock. The issue I have is that. It rerolls by itself in arc up to your primary weapon value. And worse it dictates your actual actions for the turn without something feeding target locks to the ship with the Turret. How much better off would it be if that firing restriction was omitted? Would it see more use?
  15. How would you craft a casual x-wing event?

    One format we did here which saw a huge turnout for was called Dueces Wild. simple rules. 1. No ship with a native pilot skill above 2. 2. TLT is limited to 1 per list. the sheer amount of variety we saw was great. It forces out some of the biggest abusers, while still having a lot of options. And you can always cap something else if you expect abuse like Harpoons.