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  1. Imperial Dilemma

    Honestly the best way to get comfortable and understand your list is to fly them. Take List one and really fly it into the ground. You’ll learn from your reps if Kylo flies the way you want and to your play style. I found the AS isn’t suiting me but I am still playing in the pool to see if I can adjust and do start to like it.
  2. TIE/D

    So with all the talk of control either via stress or ions and the semi tankiness of Defenders can we start to see the TIE/D title shine? Since it dropped in Veterans it’s been mostly overshadowed (especially in the Meta) by the far more appealing X-7 even after it was changed. The Cost reduction on an expensive Chassis and free tokens are hard to pass up for a double shot that is only a 1 extra damage at most and possibly a secondary effect. The high cost even for one makes it a bit undesirable and an obvious target, and with the Star Wing cannon variations it might still not see play. Though it may be worth looking at I know missle boats for super cheap with Harpoons has been the recent rage but as things adjust I see cannons potentially being the more potent option if for no reason than not having to reload. Community thoughts?
  3. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    Just adding proper emphasis. And her Regen cost you nothing extra to get unlike the other ships requiring 3/4 points and uses up a slot. She is the epitome of efficiency without the need of an EPT to enhance her capabilities. Nym as a wingman with similar capabilities was poor on the developers. Nym is essentially what Miranda would be with a few slots changed out without the Regen. And perhaps a better dial.
  4. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    I’ve seen this suggestion before. The issue is then it becomes Vader Fell QD Kylo (Silencer) for the Empire. Dengar, Talonbane, and Rau for Scum and Poe, Rau, and Wedge,as almost a guarantee to start a list for factions in many cases just due to wanting that PS Advantage. It might not change anything at that point from Nym/Miranda since they are already at 8. They survive the initial joust and control from there.
  5. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    I think what is being seen was the Meta typical see this and swing with it. Now FFG is waiting to see if now that there is data and practice and the competitive players have seen it as an actual list and not a theory the might be poepular, what if any counter is developed. They did the same with the Jumpmaster, the problem was the count was simple another variation of the same, so they had to adjust, it didn’t do enough so they did a bit more, then finally the axe hit,, as they saw no other options. So they are seeing if it works itself out before doing something as a knee jerk reaction. Is this as as bad as Torp scouts or other similar JMK5 list. surface says it has that potential, now it’s time to see if any counter can be made and from where.
  6. Nym + Genius + Trajectory Bombs

    It’s a very strong list and different tournaments are showing its potential. The next step may be another change to Genius, it becomes an Action/Free Action where Stress can be used to help mitigate some potential it would also prevent the double mods for harpoons which helps but nor eliminates the issues overall.
  7. Tie Avenger, please...

    Honestly, this one may not get done. It just doesn’t have a roll game wise that another this is currently doing. At least without making a ship obsolete. The Defender is likely to be a superior Jouster, if it’s a suped up Intercepter than it’s cost is going to be close the the Silencer which will have a superior dial. If it’s supposed to have Missles it’s going to be outgunned by bombers or the Star Wing. Pretty ship that at the moment doesn’t have the niche to fin in properly.
  8. Pure Sabacc

    Sabocc says “When attacking, if you have 1 or fewer Damage cards, roll 1 additional attack die.” So yes he adds a die, so long as his conditions are in fact met.
  9. Pure Sabacc

    Any of the strikers are super effective. If you are not seeing them then it’s either a preference thing or a matter of people not flying the. For a lack of knowledge. The dial is also very deceiving it looks incredibly slow, until you add the ailerons to them. Which also means a good bit of skill and practice is needed to really get them to shine. Sabacc in particular is an aggro magnet. He needs wingmen who will draw fire way from him or block making it easier for him to survive.
  10. Cannon of choice.

    So for those of you who have put in the time with the Star Wing. Looking at Cannon ships as a personal preference. Yes I know how well the missle carries are looking and cheap ect ect. My preference is cannons please. Question is, better options? Really bouncing between manglers and HLC. Manglers a bit more consistent at all ranges, HLC overall more damage potential. Also for the secondary cannons, Flechette or TB? How scary is the stress? Is it enough to to make a significant impact? I know low or no damage outputs but some different control options as well.
  11. Kylo REN of Omega Squadron

    Palp Shuttle really isn’t that bad but does take a bit more planning and though on when and where you use him.
  12. So trying this out going to have to be patient really patient but I think it might work..... Kylo Ren: PTL, AO, FCS, Title, AT Omega Leader, Juke Comms, Stealth Device Omega Ace, AO, VI 98 Points feedback thoughts?
  13. So confused on the timing rules here. Nym has Genius equipped with Trajectory Sim. Nym does a Talon Roll, end of the Manuver should be assigned a stress. Yet he uses trajectory Simulator from Genius ability? I thought the Stress from the Talon Roll would prevent the free action from Genius ergo no bomb use?
  14. [Video] 2018 Toronto Regionals

    How did Genius, do his action with the Trajectory Simulator when Nym was stressed?
  15. The mountain you die on

    Intercepters, some days I do not care how bad they end up doing I just want to fly my Intercepters. 1 or 5 does not matter I will drop them down and go. Some days, I pwn with them, other days I look at them then at my dice and go “Seriously?”