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    While this makes me a sad panda, I do get it. The big surprise was the continued no sensor slot in the T-70. In fact I don’t think any resistance ships have one currently. That being said this one makes up for that, even if it is limited. Seeing as Resistance lineups are supposedly going to be fewer ships with bigger load outs. As much as people will talk about POE with BB-8 and Black one. I can see Black One working really well with R5-X3. Slamming and then boost through rocks or even slamm through rocks into a Talon roll ... just lists of options. I just wonder if he’ll see play. His one time due was a deterrent in 1.0. Now with a couple of uses he might be worth it. Though will people be willing to try him over BB’s or M9-G8?
  2. Ronu


    So I see this little droid is in the Resistance Kit. Really curious as I haven’t seen the spoiled card. From what I saw in YASB 2.0. It’s still doing what it did but now has charges, making it an alternative to Collision Detector, for the same 5 points. Biggest question is; is the droid limited to just Resistance? If so it’s really significant as a tool though it maybe underutilized for the T-70’s. If it isn’t limited the Rebels may actually have the best ships to make use of it with the Cavern Angels or even the E-wings. Pairing the droid with the CA’s and a cloaking device could make them comparable for a few rounds to Phantoms in maneuverability. E-wings could then also make better use of the dial, and use a different system upgrade instead of Collision Detector should the desire.
  3. Ronu

    TIE Silencer vs Defender

    So the new big bad of super ships is coming soon in the form of the TIE Silencer. Big question though really has to be is it going to be worth it’s cost? It does come with auto Thrusters but a very average dial. In fact the only difference between it’s dial and that of the FO TIE is trading sloops for Talon Rolls, and only uses Talon Rolls and has a green 5 when compared to the Intercepter. Yes it’s going to be an arc dodger similar to the Intercepter, but will it truly matter? More hull but less shields than a Defender, a less mobile dial. Yes it’s base is a good bit cheaper as a result only 56 instead of 72. Don’t get me wrong Intercepters have been amazing in 2.0 again. Yet since these will not be swarming, will they be effective enough to survive and lift the weight their points are currently showing?
  4. Ronu

    What happened to the Rebel Monster?

    But at least on the medium base it’s not so awkward to manage.
  5. Well everyone basically knows what happened to the Ghost. Yet, surprisingly Miranda hasn’t been discussed like at all period. Yeah she lost her TLT, and her ability was brought more in line with what it realistically should have been. Her medium base is both an improvement and a challenge. So is everyone really just enjoying the X-wing resurgence so much and put her on a shelf? Is it just burnout, or just unexplored because she isn’t 100 the broken item she was in 1.0?
  6. Ronu

    Dash Is Back

    So I went up against a Leebo/Roark with C3PO on Leebo as well as Han. My list was a U-wing with 3 Xwings. Got a block on Leebo which also blocked Roark, and the list all but melted. Very much a feast or Famine list. I think the player went 1-3 on the day? While interesting I don’t know if it’s really the best use of the combo.
  7. Ronu

    X-wings, U-Wings, and Illicits oh my?

    Why would Iwant inertial Dampeners on a ship that can already do a zero Maneuver?
  8. Ronu

    X-wings, U-Wings, and Illicits oh my?

    How do the cybernetics work in conjunction with a U-wing which might care less about it’s overall stress? I can see that getting interesting with stop, stop again and still coordinating while doing so. Also has anyone tried multiple ships with illicit or with points being what they are limited test to just one or two ships?
  9. Ronu

    X-wings, U-Wings, and Illicits oh my?

    Hence you’re making my point for the thread. I could just upgrade the Zealots to Blue’s and use ordinance and essentially be the same predictable squad. Versus say using an X-wing to block force a Damage even without a shot. Another that is cloaking and making you guess where it’s going. So I want to use and leverage those illicit slots to be different from the regular X-wings currently being used.
  10. So I’ve been messing around with the Cavern Angels. Right now I have a list that looks like so. T-65 X-wing - Cavern Angels Zealot - 43 Cavern Angels Zealot - (41) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) T-65 X-wing - Cavern Angels Zealot - 43 Cavern Angels Zealot - (41) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) T-65 X-wing - •Leevan Tenza - 50 •Leevan Tenza - Rebel Alliance Defector (46) Debris Gambit (2) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) T-65 X-wing - •Kullbee Sperado - 51 •Kullbee Sperado - Enigmatic Gunslinger (48) Crack Shot (1) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) Total: 187/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder So, a fair number of points left as you can see. Question is what to put on them that continues to allow them to be effective. I’m curious about contraband cybernetics on Kulbee. Inertial dampeners on any of them could also spring up a nasty surprise. Also thought about feedback Array on the zealots. Basically I’m just trying to give opponents that little bit extra to think about. So what illicit upgrades have you used? How effective? Anything been worthwhile?
  11. Ronu

    First quarter Reviews

    SOTL, while I cannot say the response surprises me. It does seem very narrow and short sighted. Perhaps your local stuff is seeing lots of Redline, but certainly not the definition or the Empire at large. Also I wouldn’t say Rebels are gutted in any way. They are certainly taking the most time to readjust to that I would agree.
  12. Ronu

    Rebel XYYA List

    As odd as it might sound trade the Proton Torps for Ions. A bit cheaper and gives you a chance to adjust accordingly. Arvel benefits from a slightly higher ship count, or at least another lower Initiative wingman. Just to help make an opponent a bit more predictable, but could benefit from the Ions doing the same function. Wedge is fine being slim. If you also give Norra Ion Torps, you could trade out bombs for another ICT for a bit more control, though it’s a preference at that point. Though ideally you may want to drop the Bombs for R4’s and open up that Y-wing dial.
  13. Ronu

    First quarter Reviews

    So wanted to review the factions at least from my perspective. I know other have thoughts and opinions and results vary. This might be wordy so hang in there. Imperials: As little as people may be surprised here it’s the Empire who has come out of the gate swinging in this new edition. The biggest thing with the Empire is really a true three prong attack: Versatility: There isn’t one play style to the Empire. You can change them to fit your preferred flying style. Strait swarms, assisted swarms with a command shuttle (ala Sloan), Aces, alpha strikes, heavy ordinance. Pick what you like and go. Defined Roles: With each ship having a specialized role, the Empire ships are not only efficient but self sufficient and simply improve with coordinate options. Known play style: This might surprise some or just be something not thought about. With the Exception of the Decimator very little has changed for ships from the Empire. So everything looks and feels similar to what it was in 1.0. A few mechanics here and there but overall those are easy to adjust to and then solve quickly due to that familiarity. Unlike Rebels or Scum who had numbers of turrets or ships that simply had limited options or key tricks which are now absent. Empire ships can still be fragile, and frustrating if not flown decently. Though they do seem to have more and more tools now then previous to mitigate those deficiencies. Scum: Where the Empire changed the least Scum might have changed the most. I haven’t seen Scum on tables much here locally. What I have seen has been interesting. Where they were dominated by their large base ships, it’s the new medium bases that seem to be key ships for Scum. Both the IG’s and Firespray are not only solid but able to be Maneuverable enough to be impactful. Palob is still up to his old tricks and if you get the Moldy Crow Title on him he’s a good bit scarier though he is still a target but the improved HWK, makes him a bit more versatile. The large base ships are suffering from sticker shock (point cost) and crew, and upgrade option withdrawals. Gone are the K4’s, multi dice turrets, the ability to load up in such a way they can almost solo a list themselves let alone add a wingman who is similarly built. Outside of the Jumpmaster which took a huge change, the large scum ships are fine, they just need a change in perception or practices as previously used tactics and action efficiency is gone, and seem to have some of the largest learning curves. Rebels: Overall Rebels go the most improved ships. The problem they currently face is for all the improvements they have very little variance from ship to ship. Take the X-Wing, E-Wing, Arc-170, and Y-Wings. All have similar stats, can take similar upgrades, and effectively want to do the same mission in a similar way. Similar things happen with the Z-95 and A-wings. Even the YT’s are so similar and cost so similarly that neither stands out. This lack of defined roles has the opposite effect of what the Empire currently enjoys. While the Empire can be built to suite, Rebels feel more of a reduced to a common denominator. Costing is not helping as they don’t have enough separation. However, changing cost would simply make something a preferred option rather than separate all the jack-of-all-trades most ships currently show. The biggest thing that may define the ships are the upgrades they are allowed to take, and as more options come available saying a ship can take it but not another will help define the roles a bit better. The other thing Rebels are suffering from is lack of support ships. The U-wing is fantastic but almost desperately needs a Tactical Officer stapled to it, limiting what else to bring with them. The HWK, which is vastly improved, is still not seeing play (locally), as it doesn’t do a ton in a supporting role. The Rebels are not in a Sky is falling mode. They are a product of their own design and have to be flown with a lot of skill. They do a little bit of everything, but are masters of nothing.
  14. For me it depends on what my list is and is trying to do. Also goes to what my opponents list appears to want to do. While I prefer to focus fire, it may come down to the lesser of evils, preferring minimizing incoming fire instead. Usually I get a point where part of my list does focused fire while another element is avoiding or coordinating as needed.
  15. Ronu

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    So I have flown Rebels more in 2.0 than in 4+ years in 1.0. So a few things I am learning. 1. Rebels require patience and planning. 2. Choices matter more and are not as obvious for Rebels. 3. The Skill set for Rebels varies much more than Imperials based on the ship(s) being used. 4. You need a list that that you can change your strategy on the fly or even just based on your matchup comfortably. So an example of a list that I am having success with is this: Heff Tobber: Intimidation, Tactical Officer Wedge Antillies : Marksmanship, Proton Torps, S-foils R4 Astromech 2x Blue Squadron Escort: S-foils, R4 Astromech So at first it looks like Heff is a straight blocker. Against a list that has a lower ship count he is used that way. Against a swarm he wants to slow roll and use his coordination to assist in avoiding blocks or have mods if a ship does get blocked. The Blue Squadrons are mostly there for flanking, and focus fire. They can change rolls though and become blockers or just create a distraction. Wedge is the jouster, though I have used him simply as a decoy . Great example. Against a Leebo/Roark list Wedge was a decoy taking fire. Heff Jammed up Leebo denying him tokens and the Blues just at things up. Against a Soontir/Turr/Saber/Rhymer, Heff was a Turret creating a wider area for the Intercepters to try to avoid while making use of his coordinate ability to help make things difficult for the sabers and Turr, and Soontir. Wedge was simply used to chase Rhymer out of the fight, only to turn back in and flank the Intercepters. So I would ask what does your current list look like. You mentioned liking Han, so let’s see his load out you’re using. Then the community can help with ideas to flesh it out adjust or just give you better strategies.