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  1. So this is really a valued point to be made. The Han Interaction could be and should be subjective to the Fortressing Rules, yet it's a legal move the ship can do so it's very gray here. If you want to claim that Tournament Performance is an indication of how strong/weak a ship/list is then, you also have to take into account Player Skill level. I saw plenty of Meta-List be beaten down and not make cuts because it wasn't flown well. Another item is as noted what seems to be missed is the overall interaction that creates the NPE for a Majority of players may not apply to everyone. The availability of the information, prior to recent post about the capabilities ,may be why you are not yet seeing "Event Results" just yet. Players need time to test it out, see the interactions for themselves, learn the finer points and then get proficient enough to be comfortable using it prior to taking it to a Major event. This as well, FFG is trying to get ahead of problems before they become the sad situations that befell 1.0. Sure Han/Jake isn't an issue this second, but that doesn't mean it's both not an issue as well as not NPE. What will be interesting to see is how they chose to solve this particularly singular situation. More than likely they will do something with Kanan as he is truly at the core of the issue. Inertial Dampeners would likely see the second Adjustment if needed as it's honestly the other half of the problem. No one is saying Han or even the YT-1300 itself is a problem, merely the combination of all the elements in one package.
  2. Ronu

    Arc Dodge 101

    So be an Ace as a lower Initiative ship. First you have to judge their ship and how the can move. Sometimes you can just pull the old hit the brakes and they fly right by route. Other things is dragging them through Asteroids and limit their ability to arc dodge. Be unexpected with moves an obvious left turn situation where you can go right can create a reversal for you. The end up out of position and possibly spend several rounds trying to get back on things .
  3. I don’t think generics are in nearly as much danger as they were in 1.0. CIS alone is going to thrive on swarms just based in the nature of droids being mostly generic in nature and dirt cheap. Also with the compressed initiative scale it’s more difficult to to really abuse the swinging difference of initiative against a swarm. Also points, they seem to have a decent baseline for most of the ships certainly a few tweaks here and there would help but nothing glaring. With such a decent starting point generic ships seem to have a solid place in the game.
  4. Actually with the R2’s they are just fine. Super flexible and somewhat tanky. You can season to taste with an EPT of choice
  5. Ronu

    Regen in 2.0

    Believe it or not there is some truth here. I was able to deny points at a hyperspace event because I did get both shields back after taking 2 regular damage to the ships hull. The R2 regen also gets around the crit which says no actions other than repairing crits. Another plus is at 4 points it’s cheaper than taking a Shield upgrade especially on ships with at least 2 Agility. And on ships with one agility the cost is the same as a shield upgrade meaning if you can use both charges your getting more for the same cost.
  6. Likely because they have now been released to other factions. So now this will be a way for dedicated Imperial players, to get those cards outside of buying out of faction.
  7. Ronu

    Regen in 2.0

    Regenerating shields is no longer limited to just Rebels. With R2 Astromechs being universal a number of factions can now go this route. Rebels, Resistance, Republic, and even Scum. A lot of previous discussions about the Regen mech has been centered around the fact the cost comes with a weapons disabled drawback. Having had time to play a list consisting of the R2’s onboard 4x I3 Red Squadron Veteran X-Wings. I think the initial knee jerk reaction to the cost is a bit too much. With the price reduction they got at the points adjustment, it gives them a solid price point for the performance they offer. Tougher ships which can take them have had a hard time not making use of them. In my experience, they are a nice tool. If you know your going to bump or not have a shot, taking the Shield is a solid opportunity and you still get an action opportunity. It also affords flexibility for mid initiative pilots to either be aggressive or blockers. When used in mass you can switch ships that are taking damage effectively. I can see Aethersprites or Arcs enjoying the added benefits in the republic, obviously the T-70 and even Scum with Y-Wings, Kimos and such. Regen is still quite powerful without the oppressively broken feel to it. It’s a solid performance tool, once you get used to it’s mechanics in 2.0.
  8. So had a couple of local games today with this list. First was a Scum List not at all optimized but still enjoyed the flight time. List was a Gunrunner w/ pattern Analyzer, proton bombs. A trandoshian slaver with Lando, Dalen Orebos (Kimoglia) Cluster missals Marksmanship, and N’duru w/ Clusters and Evasive Maneuvers. Managed to get the Slaver early, then worked on Dalen, N’Duru was able to push a little damage through but ended up a kill box and went down quickly. The Gunrunner ran and tried to push damage through but was unable. The mix of pilot skills my opponent used allowed me to test switching from offense to defense better as most ships took some damage but quickly was able to regenerate shields and stay in the fight. Second Battle was 3Arcs Jag, Wolfe and Oddball. My opponent chose not to joust with the arcs for whatever reason hoping to draw me through the mix of Asteroids and Gas Clouds. I was able to easily handle the field and switched on and off from offensive to blocking/defensive. Sadly he had to leave with a round left. He managed to focus one X-wing down after it’s Regens were used from rear arc shots while the others were swarming the ARCs. I managed to get Wolfe, Oddball would have gone down the next round due to Disabled power Regulator forcing an ion maneuver making him a sitting duck. Jag was out of the fight and would have either had no impact or been swallowed by the remaining X-wings. The Arc’s really were brutalized by the crackshots the RSV’s had. Even moving second with Wolfe and Oddball the crackshots were effective because of blocks helping prevent repositioning. Solid list showed up well at medium Initiative is encouraging. Still need more flying against some different list.
  9. Not the strongest but certainly fun and super tanky. 4x Red Squadron Veteran - S-Foils- R2 Astromech flavor with EPT to taste stong against lower initiatives and block and tough against higher Initiative pilots.
  10. Usually 4 to 5 missions and preferably against different list to really understand a list. Certainly talk to your opponents see what did and didn’t work. Things to think about: 1: What was my list attempting to do? 2: How was I trying to make it work? 3: Was I too aggressive with my approach?
  11. True on the conversation point. From a live perspective. One player at the Cedar Rapids hyperspace event was flying 2 with an Arc carrying Palp. Said it wasn’t a good pair as the Arc was too slow to keep up. Also the Jedi wanted to get wide and flank and if they were doing that they left the arc behind to get waisted. If they stayed close the Jedi were taken out quickly as they were there to be shot.
  12. Neither, was never a fan of the prequel/clone wars stuff. So no reason to really dig into that.
  13. I don’t think people are underrating Deltas I think it’s more of getting over that initial perception. Also learning the new faction who they work well with and how they really fit. Much like people writing off S/F’s for the first order and some other ships we have seen over the years. A week really isn’t enough time to fully grasp the entire chassis and associated pilots.
  14. Practice and a healthy dose of patience and perhaps sleep the night before.
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