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  1. Ronu

    TIE/Sa vs TIE/Ca

    Okay Imperials, wildly important question. Where does the TIE C/a “Punisher” actually fit in list? I’m having a tough time justifying it outside of a personal presence to play with Redline. The TIE S/a “Bomber” is cheaper, their abilities are about as crazy. They basically have the same payload. The C/a does get boost, a system slot, an extra torpedo slot and a bit HP but loses an Evade in return. It’s a Medium base for the C/a so it can get around faster. Dial goes to the bomber though.... so again what’s separating the two and why reach for the big boy vs one or 2 bombers for the cost?
  2. Ronu

    Scum First Impressions

    Okay Scum players lets hear from you. Not a lot of Scum players in my area. Only heard about a Firespray, Sculcon, and Fang vs some B-wings and an X-Wing. Scum player apparently got eaten alive, though admittedly first time out with 2.0 rules and list was a bit spur of the moment for them. Fangs: on paper look scary, does that hold true? Firesprays: Medium bases improved dials and abilities......does it mean a much better ship? K Fighters: doesn’t look bad but not amazing either M-3A: basically the current Scum cheap Fighters. Naked or armed? Jumpmasters: lots of fear over being overly nerfed... truth or over reactions. other Ships: the cross overs HWK’s Y-Wings Z-95’s?
  3. Ronu

    Rebels First Impressions

    Similar to the Imperial Thread what’s your initial opinion on Rebel ships and the like? X-Wing: haven’t flown them myself but the X-Wings seem to be solid all around ships. B-Wings: so buddy of mine is happy to have his flying twigs again. Aces seem solid with Stress management for mods. Still suspect to Ioning and higher maneuverability ships. E-Wings: solid alpha potential even with Generics. Curious about the Aces and how they compare. A-Wings: I saw one briefly. Not quite as dodgy as a TIE Interceptor. Larger numbers may be a challenge to go up against.
  4. Ronu

    Imperial First Impressions

    So what is everyone’s initial impressi9ns about some of the ships now that you have had a weekend to play with them? Phantoms: Intercepters : Aggressors: Punishers: Other Ships: For me the Phantoms are still in that grey area, instead of VI stapled to the. It’s Juke till something better comes along. I do like the I4’s though it provides pretty good flexibility. They are also not as prone to crumbling because someone gave them a dirty look. Strikers I am not surprised by as they are basically a direct port over. Certainly does seem as though you can be as aggressive without the LWF but that is also just a matter of getting used to them in this new life. Intercepters, on the ther hand, have been rock stars in early matches for me. They don’t really need to be outfitted with anything at all to be effective and have been to this point able to survive fairly well in matches so far. Only lost 1 in 4 Flights. The Agressors this poor ship is still being slept on even with the gunners. They are basically your double tap Defenders or an S/F TIE with VTG. Not sure The Aces are anything to be overly excited about but then again still early. Punishers, I love er no I hate, er well it’s not bad having the Medium base. It Certainly looks better on the field with a bigger base under it. Redline is bonkers end of story thanks for reading. The Medium bases actually seem like super blockers at the low end while leaving bombs behind in their wake. All I’ve had time for so far. Wanting to check out some crew options so perhaps others who have. Can talk about their experiences.
  5. So 3 matchups today against different players. My list was called Quads: Echo: Juke Agent Kallus Lt. Kestal: ICT, VTG and Debris Gambit Turr Phenner: Marksmanship Saber Squadron Ace: Marksmanship First list was Wedge, Bralen and Ten Numb. I had the bid and passed initiative. The B-wings were forced to separate to avoid Ion and over a rock on the second round. Which caused a bus stop with Wedge in the top of the third. Turr and the Saber finished Wedge and the B-wings were either Ioned and left to float or we’re out of position to handle the squirrelly Phantom and interceptors. Second list was against, Whisper, Duchess, and Rexlar. Lots and lots of positioning. Lost Echo due to a dumb flying error. Got Duchess and then dice on both sides went cold. Lost eventually but was a really sad affair. Third match was 2 E-Wings and Jake Farrell. Initial engagement saw Echo lose shields to a Proton Torp. Jake was in arc of all 4 Ships and went pop. One E-Wing went down two shields. 2 Rounds later, one E-wing down traded for Echo. Couple of rounds later, was able to finally get the final E-Wing. Echo needs lots of practice again. The Interceptors were just beast that did work like old times. The Aggressor was not bad but not shining either.
  6. Ronu

    TIE/SF ability + Gunner + Everything

    CK, my question is how is the Gunner slot with a converted SF Title any different than the ship was in 1.0 with said Title? Stat line is the same. The Ability is still the same. How often did you use your rear arc in a double tap? Not enough to cry foul I’m sure. So the ship traded a Title which is now reserved only for actual named ships for a gunner slot. In 1.0 the zeta was 23 points so if let’s say they come in at 40 in 2.0 and the gunner is 4 points your actually doing better. I would expect the gunner to be cheaper given they are specialized to a Faction. The SF didn’t need LWF but it clearly benefited as did strikers and Agressors. One thing to also consider. Swarms are returning, we already know this from other threads. This makes the SF quite a powerful ship. The ability to take an initial flank, cut into the middle and the double tap is going to be hard on swarms. Honestly to me this sounds like the same arguments we got in 1.0 about the ship being insufficient. You want a defender level ship the SF is more of an advanced/Agressor in the F/O the Silencer is the Defender equivalent. Like The Advanced you’re concerned it’s not the elite super ship you expect but that doesn’t make it a bad ship.
  7. Ronu

    First Order Initial thoughts.

    Actually if you look at the TIE hunter it was more like an X-Wing. This one is more a cross between the hunter and the Advanced X-1 of Vader’s
  8. Ronu

    First Order Initial thoughts.

    That and Episode IX... otherwise the F/O could end up behind a power Curve especially with the Clone War era stuff coming out.
  9. Ronu

    First Order Initial thoughts.

    The design resembles the TIE Hunter.
  10. Ronu

    First Order Initial thoughts.

    Have you not seen these?
  11. Ronu

    Is it really possible to collectjust one faction...

    Short Answer: Yes (anything is possible after all) Probable no too many options and wanting to do or be different will cause you to want to move around and get other ships and factions.
  12. Ronu

    First Order Initial thoughts.

    So just looking and thinking about the Orders ships. TIE F/O - Basic Fighter TIE S/F - Enhanced basic fighter can carry missles has limited direction Turret. TIE S/V (Silencer) - Super advanced fighter. (May get missles was not part of the 1.0 Variant) Upsilon Class Shuttle - standard crew transport. Currently the F/O will be lacking both a dedicated ordnance carrier. As well as any type of bomber. Also a true Interceptor class craft. So what’s coming to fill those rolls? Hopefully those slick Hunters there are images of show up. As well as the F/O bomber.
  13. The Phantom now is far better than in 1.0. Yes they got toned down from some of the old jank they could do. That’s okay though, for 2 reasons. 1. They lacked the ability to be worth thier points quite often.They either pulled thier weight and then some. Or they were dead weight. 2. Nothing is auto included to make them work. Your perception based on 1.0 needs recalibration. How often in 1.0 did you have multiple Phantoms outside a casual game? Probably rarely certainly far less after TLT surfaced. It’s also no longer public Enemy #1 that has every ship in your opponents list turning to blast it before it fires. Cloaked movement aside Phantoms were pretty predictable. You knew the load out going in just seeing the model sitting there. Competitive wise you knew kill the phantom the list will crumble and you have a massive point advantage. Now it’s in line with other ships which changes threats and shakes up points to a level that makes them far better than they used to be. A few minor tweaks does not mean the ship is dead or bad by any means.
  14. Ronu

    Astromech Themes

    The biggest issues the unique astomechs faced in 1.0 was cost/ usefulness in many cases. If it was useful it was limited to a specific chassis or type of pilot. R3-A2 great if you didn’t care about stress. Otherwise a no go. R7-T1 great but his cost was a deterrent as for a point more you got Regen with R2-D2. R5-X8 was cool but also a one time use so very limited. So not sure they can do a lot with uniqueness of the astromechs within the current system and make the more appealing than a generic equivalent.
  15. Ronu

    First Order Initial thoughts.

    So First order looks intriguing from the conversion kit stand point. Hopefully the F/O TIEs are priced well enough for a solid swarm. Could not get a read on the S/F or Silencers. I get the feeling QD is done but cool to see they have their own gunner which should be cheaper given the specialized role. Also anxious to see Hux, and Phasma as crew. Also does Snoke spend force to mess with opponents dice instead of passing force tokens or is he a mirror of the Emperor just for the F/O? I would expect at some point the F/O Bomber to show itself. Also back to looking at the ships. Will they price the S/F like they did the Agressors? That could make them shine. I expect Defenders level of pricing and Action bars crossed with the Interceptors ability, for the Silencers. What are you looking forward to?