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  1. The PC just likes the appearance of the pantoran more than they like the clawdite, but he also wants the ability to shape shift in a pinch. I was thinking more along the lines of is this even possible for a clawdite to do, and how would I represent this mechanically.
  2. I have a PC who wants to play a pantoran smuggler, but also wants to play a clawdite for the increased flexibility and so that he doesn't have to stick out like a sore blue thumb all the time. He's suggested playing as a clawdite who has donned the appearance of a pantoran for the majority of the time. I honestly don't know if I should allow this or not, and how to implement long term shape shifting if I do. The only idea I can think of would be having him commit some of his strain threshold like you would force die (8 strain threshold instead of 11 for example). I'm going to turn to the experience of the forums for assistance.
  3. In a campaign I'm currently playing, my group and I came across a Shi'ido scientist named Mammon Hoole, and I thought that the species was really cool (if a bit overpowered). I was wondering how you guys would stat a Shi'ido for a starting PC.
  4. Thanks for all of the comments, I think I'm going to go with a gambler, albeit one that doesn't gamble too much. I think that the gambler really fits what I imagine the character to be.
  5. I'm thinking of having my character being a manipulator and very clever socially, but also being somewhat skilled as a pilot and decent with a pistol.
  6. Unfortunately, I don't have the Age of Rebellion core rule book. I don't think that this character is very focused towards being a leader. I think that the assassin does fit, but I'd rather not be an assassin because I played one in my last campaign, and I want to try something different. The assassin might be a specialization I go into later though.
  7. Hi all! I'm going to be starting a new campaign with some friends next week, and I'm stuck trying to figure out which specialization best fits my character. My character is a former ISB agent named Drexl Janus (sort of like James Bond), who was fired due to being incriminated with false evidence by a (thought to be) close friend. Janus then acquired a ship and did many jobs for the criminal underworld. I'm thinking of making Janus either a fringer, or a scoundrel. What specialization do you guys think that Janus should have? Also, please give explanations for why you chose a specific specialization. Thanks!
  8. One of my players wanted to play a Human with Gank stats. He stated that he raised by a group of scavengers on Raxus Prime, and gave himself cybernetics with scavenged materials. I've never been put into a situation like this before, so I was wondering what you guys had to say. Should I allow him too or not?
  9. Looking forward to a novel about Ahsoka, always wondered what happened to her in between TCW and Star Wars Rebels.
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