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  1. It has to be internal constraints. It's really bad business not telling your customers where to go to worship your product.
  2. Last articles typically show up by now.. But I'm holding out hope.
  3. Articles 2/3* are not X-Wing for today... * could be 2 Oh.. Android and Destiny are fun
  4. Diggin' the new avatar. I agree. I want to see the Sheathidpede, too.
  5. Would we prefer a FAQ or a preview article? My vote is for a FAQ.
  6. You're exactly right. Furthermore, turrets have nothing to do with FFG resigning the game. I wonder how much longer they will be silent.
  7. But the question is what are your feelings on turrets dominating the game and all but removing primary arcs?
  8. Lot of other good stuff in here I have to respond to.. But at that time, were there "Fat Hans" in each faction? Scum and Rebels both dominated by very forgiving and crazy high PS turrets. Imperials are the only faction where turrets aren't op and, go figure, the deci is one of two viable options for the faction.
  9. While I appreciate the sentiment, Kylo's performance in the meta is still sub par. Builds with him in it lose to just about everything.. I've said it before. If Tyler Tipperooo can't place with it at large premier events, no one can.. Actually, what is Phil Horny playing these days? Anyway, Nym has an EPT because it moves ships.
  10. Oh good..
  11. After a month of no articles, pure trash in terms of communicating competitive events (PAX, regionals, more to come), and the deafening silence on a much needed FAQ ("leak" aside) -- is it too soon to bring back this topic? Could 2.0 be closer than we think or is FFG just having a rough quarter with the reckless-abandon rate of product release..? Edit: Please god, let this necro be the karmatic force required for an article to be published...
  12. Murderous Marauder https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/13/murderous-marauder/
  13. Oh I feel ya.. The only one I'd like to participate isn't showing up in these cloak-and-dagger announcement so I probably won't know in advance either. FFG is culpable.
  14. I realized after posting there may be a rule RE: @RStan... Italy - January 24th Denmark - December 16th Pennsylvania - November 25th Michigan - March 10th
  15. This is true. But it's been a very long time since we've heard anything official. Aaaand if I may nitpick, their "resources" as you call them are derived in no small part from this game.