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  1. Gross. I had a guy ram his ship into one of mine, which it was obviously going to bump, so that my ship was out of the way. He said, "That didn't look like it bumped to me" to which I said, "Judge!" He behaved after that.
  2. Has Duncan been MIA on the cast or am I just losing gray matter..?
  3. Seconded. As an aggressive griper, I'm excited to get my paws on these ships when work lets me stay home for more than a weekend..
  4. SS means Space Superiority, didn't you read the article? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/11/29/space-superiority/
  5. As you guys catch wind of any streams this weekend, post here, please...
  6. You think? I'd think you would want to move as early as possible so you avoid bumping the Aces. I would take adaptability on him so at least have a choice. @Boba Rick what astromech are we thinking? R2? M9-G8? I really don't like the stressbot him because it shuts down his ability.
  7. Have you ever tried Soontir Fel with Lone Wolf?
  8. Thank you for getting us back on track lol
  9. Hoping to post / crowd source all of the live streams that will be occurring for Regionals this season. Please post here if you catch wind of any and I'll do my best to link. Also, results can be found here: Current/Future: Austin Regional (12/8) https://www.twitch.tv/magessanctum Update: Top 16 stream for Day 2 starts at approximately 12:30 PM CST. (that's 11:30a 1:30p EST, for those of you also confused by time zones.. Point proven) Livestream for the Austin Regional Day 1 - 12/9 Day 2 - 12/10 Thanks, @Danath for the above info. Previous: Fresno Regional: https://m.twitch.tv/crazysquirrelgamestore/profile 2017 Spanish Nationals live stream (ended): https://m.twitch.tv/firstearth/profile Athena Games Escalation tournament (@Athena Games): https://www.twitch.tv/athenagamesuk
  10. Any precedence on this one? The title says you may discard to reroll all evade dice, which reminds me of Old Han's pilot ability..
  11. But let's not forget, these cards go under the shields. Which is why, as I've said before, nailing Kylo's wingmate and flying him/her in a way that compliments everything we're discussing itt will separate the good from the bad pilots.
  12. Mensch
  13. #2turntovictory
  14. Despite the red three-hards, I find the Scurrg dial delicious, which only adds to his ability to terrorize any list. I've become quite good at keeping Nym hovering in the same (small) area for many turns. Makes the Wookies mad that they can't full-stop. And if they turn their backs to you - good night. Nym is still one of my favorite ships and I fly him and Miranda often, especially now that it's a passe list. Looking forward to seeing how it matches up against the next gen meta (Kylo and Coordinate Rebels).
  15. And in reality, the bombs he drops (well) ain't **** without Sabine. Which is why you only see Nym with Miranda these days..