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  1. Wait the Silencer was not to scale? Someone necro my topic about how garbage that decision was.
  2. It's not an easy industry. Assmode is owned by a private investment company now and they probably want out of board games.
  3. Should be an interesting twist in this game's timeline... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-asmodee-m-a/board-game-company-asmodee-explores-sale-sources-idUSKBN1IA38V Could be posturing to flaunt its growth or a gesture to her suitors. Either way, I'm sure the game will live on. Could even get better if the right buyer is lined up. Anyone know if the Mouse has a say? Legally speaking, could there be a clause in the IP contract?
  4. ...the first campaign box hits. How long can you resist the Battle of Scariff, with exclusive access to First Order pilots and a K2 crew card? Nah, I'm in...
  5. Duncan Howard currently off-loading his X-Wing winnings.. #whatdoesitmean
  6. Every topic has its place. Here's the appropriate place for all of the mentioned threads, including yours: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/422-x-wing-off-topic/
  7. I'd love to see swarms return - RE: everyone calling for a Tie Fighter title. But you're exactly right. Losing even one ship's offensive presence can lose you games quick. I tried to circumvent that by using Oicunn (bump for autodamage) and the title (barrel roll or boost after bumping) to ensure you still get to shoot. Otherwise, disengaging, i.e. not shooting, is very risky. You're exactly right. Fire with fire seems to be the only way combat mechanics like this, which leaves little room for creative list building. My list does not put out enough damage to compensate for these..
  8. *Blows dust off of Plano cases* While I have been on an X-Wing hiatus, I haven't been out of touch and I watched a good bit of Regional streams recently. I'm happy to see so much diversity in the cut, but it seems the meta is still settling and a dominant list still hasn't been found (though the usual suspects still find themselves at top tables). As if it ever lost it's value, I can't help but think that blocking has slipped under the radar as a really important mechanic. Obviously this is not lost on everyone - an Imperial player made the cut with a naked Academy Pilot (citation needed) that simply terrorized his opponents with blocks and pot shots. More so, with munitions, and to a lesser extent, bombs being stronger than ever, so much emphasis is being placed on range control and getting (or shedding) target locks. The natural disruption to both of these things is, of course, blocking (and Countermeasures). Is it worth discussing more? When the Silencer was still unreleased I began musing about his wing-mate and came up with a list I called War Pigs, mainly designed to get lead with Oicunn and clean up with Kylo. I think now, having seen what is in the meta, this list would not be very successful, as Oicunn dies way too fast, but the danger he poses if you isolate an opponent's ship cannot be denied. Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) — TIE Silencer 35 Push the Limit 3 Advanced Sensors 3 Advanced Optics 2 Autothrusters 2 First Order Vanguard 2 Ship Total: 47 Captain Oicunn — VT-49 Decimator 42 Expert Handling 2 Intelligence Agent 1 Courier Droid 0 Inspiring Recruit 1 Engine Upgrade/Countermeasures 4/3 Dauntless 2 Ship Total: 52/51 Total: 99/98 Each faction has it's "Bumpmaster" if you will, but finding one with the constitution and damage output to survive a few rounds with Nym/Miranda will be difficult. Maybe it's more of a strategy with more versatile and defensive ships. Anyway, cheers.
  9. ***IF*** Miranda had an EPT, would she take Deadeye?
  10. I'm getting security warnings or I would use this Interesting - never considered this! ty
  11. Photobucket seems to have gone to heck - how else is everyone uploading images?
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