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  1. Thank you both for your thoughtful responses. You have convinced me to go for bonds of the wild, and then maybe oath later on down the line. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Thanks for the thoughtful response! Hmm... so you would recommend bonds of the wild over oath of the outcast? Overall bonds looks more intriguing to me, so i appreciate the validation, but the one thing from oaths that really grabs my attention is elder mok since healer is my favorite archetype. Also, although we mostly play rtl I'm thinking about doing a quest using classic play with me as OL(which I haven't done in a long time) I haven't been able to find many reviews on the mists/chains quest. Would mists be worth getting for that quest (plus the awesome monsters), or is the nerekhall quest better? (haven't played that yet)
  3. Dear Wonderful Descent Community, I have a request for advice from you all. Our group mostly enjoys playing with RTL, and I currently own the following expasnions: 1) Lair of the Wyrm 2) Labyrinth of Ruin 3) Trollfens 4) Nerekhall 5) The Chains that Rust 6) Valyndra, Bol'Goreth, and Kyndrithul lieutenant packs I will probably eventually get manor of Ravens as well as I have heard lots of good things about it. My question is: Which would you recommend from the following: Mists of Bilehall or an H&M pack? If the latter, Oath of the Outcast (mostly for the heroes, as my favorite archetype to play is the healer) and Bonds of the Wild (those familiars seem really fun) look interesting to me, but I am eager to hear your opinions. Thank you in advance!
  4. Melgrin

    Custom Class : Druid

    Hi Rugal. So I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to develop a druid class, and I was about to post my preliminary ideas for the skills on this website when I thought I would check to see if anyone else has already done this, and here it is! This class is amazing, I think it's much more balanced than mine. I think it's freaky how similar our ideas were btw. I had the same concept of shapeshifting (I called my shapes druid form and feral form), as well as the same concept of having heal over time which also provided buffs (although mine works a little differently; maybe I will still post it). Anyway, I just wanted to say, really strong work! I just have one question about balance: I think mother nature seems potentially a little too OP. It would currently be the only skill in the game that allows more than one condition to be removed by a healer class in a single round, and the cost of removing seems to be a little too low to me. I was thinking if maybe this card should be exhausted when someone chooses to discard a rejuv token to remove a condition (so that it is limited to one use per round). How has it worked out so far in your run-throughs? Anyway, I can't wait to print these cards and use this class. Oh, and to all those who keep nit-picking the theme and questioning the overall idea of the class (I'm looking at you, Mlai), make your own **** druid class if you have so many problems with Rugal's!! give the man some credit, he did a great job imo. Oh I had one more idea btw that I put in mine and I think would be fun to try in your class. When my druid is in feral form (werewolf form for you), he gets +1 to strength and awareness and -1 to intelligence and willpower. I think this would add utility to the class as a support, and add a little more utility to the werewolf form. Let me know what you think.
  5. Melgrin

    Advice on which expansion to get next

    Thank you all! lots of good advice! I think dungeon to start with now.... and, Solan, you make a good point about the toadify and hydra spells... perhaps eventually I will get frostmarch and sacred pool, we'll see... However, I'm pretty sure I won't be getting firelands, blood moon, and dragon expansions, because from what I have read they each tend to dominate the game a little too much, and I already feel like there is a lot of fun variety added to the game with the harbinger expansion (and I am trying to hit a good balance between having enough balance and variety while trying to buy as few of the expansions as possible). With regards to Osbo25's comment on the nether realm expansion, I just want to point out that, although I love the large expansions, my favorites are probably harbinger and nether realm. All three of the nether realm endings are my personal favorite and when my friends and I play revealed variant, we usually pick one of these endings. Thanks again everyone!
  6. Hi everyone, I just wanted to get people's advice. I currently have the reaper, the highlands, the city, the woodlands, the harbinger, and the neather realm expansions. I have read about the other expansions extensively and know that I want to get the dungeon expansion to complete the four corners, and because I really like the spells and characters, and I feel in our current games we have no place to go in the late game to bulk up. My question is this: do I really need the sacred pools and/or frostmarch? I'm not crazy about the alternate endings, and I don't feel the need to have the characters (although a couple look kinda interesting), and the adventure cards don't seem to add much that isn't already in the other expansions, but the spells seem to be really good (basically the only part of both expansions I think would be really good are the spells). Also, what do people think about the deep realms? It seems really cool to me, but a little too expensive considering all you get is like 20 cards and 6 extra board spaces. Thoughts? Thank you all very much as always; this is a great community.
  7. Whoa you are right! Sorry wrong place. Is it possible to switch categories on a topic?
  8. Thanks! No one has been turned into a toad yet by the warlock (a couple of fate tokens have been used to avoid this from happening) but I think you are right, it seems a little out of character. perhaps we will change to "The warlock thanks you" i.e. no effect. You know we still haven't resorted to using 5-6 trophy points for stats but we probably will... games can be a little too long sometimes.
  9. Hi everyone, I've seen a couple of threads like this one on other sites, but I was wondering if I could share some of my ideas on how to manage having multiple expansions and encourage the characters to explore all they each have to offer, and hear what you guys have come up with. So I am playing with 6 (or rather, 5 and a half) expansions: the highlands, the city, the woodlands, the reaper, the harbinger, and the nether realms (which we have loved way more than we thought possible by the way). How we have houseruled it is as follows: The city and highlands are not set up at the start of the game. The woodlands are. There are two ways for the highlands to become available: 1) an effect requires a character to be placed on a space in the highlands. 2) someone rolls a 5 or a 6 on the crags. Once the highlands is available, it is permanently in the game. The city expansion becomes available when a player lands on or attempts to move through the city space carrying either 5 gold or 7 points worth of trophies. He can continue his movement into a newly opened city expansion. Once the city expansion is made available, it is permanently in the game. Both the highlands and woodlands are subject to restricted movement, meaning that if a character chooses to move counterclockwise in either region, that character cannot reverse and continue to progress clockwise until he or she has first left that region (rules as explained in the woodlands and dungeon expansions for restricted movement). [the above rules were done to slightly discourage everyone from spending the entire early game in the highlands, as would typically occur, and to discourage people from stepping into the city just to avoid the harbinger; basically we decided to make the city more of a later game region, and to discourage people from taking advantage of the waterfall and all the canyons and ravines at the end of the highlands to by just hovering there.] The harbinger expansion house rules: when a character lands on the harbinger, the harbinger can only be moved to a space containing another character not in the inner region (instead of any just any space not in the inner region); if there are no other characters not in the inner region, the harbinger just stays put. Also, if we are feeling particularly masochistic, if the harbinger is on the board, and there are no characters in his region, if a character rolls a 1 on his movement, the harbinger moves to that character's space after he has finished his movement and drawn cards. [this was to encourage more use of the harbinger expansion. Basically we decided we should either play with the harbinger expansion and really get tangled up in it, or just elect to leave it out of the game if we are playing with beginners.] Finally, since I have not yet bought the sacred pools expansion with the warlock quest rewards, we have one more houserule: If there are no more talismans available as a warlock quest reward, when you hand in the warlock quest you roll a die on the following chart: 1) Become a toad for 3 turns 2) Draw a potion card 3) Gain 2 fate 4) Gain 2 lives 5) Gain a craft 6) Gain a strength [This might seem a little overpowered, but we wanted to help move things along a little faster in the late game, and because we are only playing 12 quest reward cards and you can only roll on this chart when there are no talismans to be drawn, we have found it hasn't generally changed the outcome of a game, just sped it up a little] Would love to hear people's thoughts. Also, I've already spent so much money on this stupid game (I love it too **** much though). I don't feel like I'm missing much by not having the other expansions, but am open to suggestions otherwise. Thanks!
  10. Melgrin

    Terrain cards rules clarification

    Thanks for all the answers. I agree with your analyses; and regarding the hermit, I think you are right. Looking at the rules, I can't justify rerolling or leaving the hermit on the space it was drawn, so discard seems like the best option. So out of curiosity, what do you guys do for question #5 when you play? like if you were playing hidden variant, meet with destiny was terraformed over, and then you found out the ending was war of seasons, would you just discard and redraw another alternative ending? or would you continue playing and either try and recover the meet with destiny (through the means you mentioned) or duke it out to the death? Thanks again everyone! I love this community
  11. Melgrin

    Terrain cards rules clarification

    Osbo 25, thank you very much for your answers! So, so far we have been houseruling it this way: On 1 and 2, we agree with your opinion (for the hermit we have just rerolled until a space that exists came up). For#3, following the same theme, if a person's starting space now has duplicates or a new location we have allowed the player to teleport to the new region or choose (this was a topic of much discussion as it completely changed the outcome of one game. In the example I listed, we ended up allowing the knight to teleport to the new chapel allowing him to heal up to full life and survive long enough for the person on the crown of command, aka me, to inadverdently kill myself; **** that bastard knight!). For #4 we chose to eliminate the shop decks unless the terrain card was somehow removed, but looking closely at the rules i can see why you chose to say the cards can still be used for other purposes. I think we will change to your suggestion from now on. #5 for this one we had chosen to make those spaces unterraformable if they are crucial to an ALREADY REVEALED ending, with the understanding that if a hidden ending were revealed and is dependant on a space that was already terraformed, we just discarded it and drew a new ending. 3 hours into a game with wanderlust that was gonna be messed up by terraforming we made this decision to not mess with the ending and drag the game out more. In conclusion, i wish ffg would release an updated faq on all the new expansions as their last one was really helpful, and there are many new questions now. I'm curious to see what solutions others have come up with top these problems.
  12. Hi ffg community! A number of Questions regarding terrain cards: 1) if a unique space is terrained over, but a copy of that space appears somewhere else, does the second location then take on all the responsibilities of the first? For example, if the crags become a plains, but then another crags card appears somewhere else on the board, when you get defeated by the eagle king what happens to you? Do you get placed on the new crags? Or do you just not teleport because the old one is gone? What if the new one is in another region like the woodlands? What if there are two or more crags on the board, do you choose? 2) if the hermit is to be teleported to a space that no longer exists, is he discarded or does he stay where he was drawn? Same with the ghost. 3) if you use the hearthstone, but you have a situation like in question 1 where say you are the knight and the original chapel is now a woods but the oasis is now a chapel, where do you teleport? 4) if a shop space in the city expansion is terraformed, is the corresponding deck of cards no longer in the game? Like if you draw a card that lets you "take a card from any shop deck" do you no longer have access to the cards from that shop? 5) what happens to spaces that are crucial to alternative endings? Like if you are playing with the wanderlust ending, but the erie, treasure room, and meet with destiny spaces have been terraformed; or the other alternative ending from the woodlands deck that requires you to reach the meet with destiny space to fight titania/oberon? Thank you all very much for all the great discussions and help!
  13. Melgrin

    Scout rules

    Thanks bludgeon!
  14. Melgrin

    Scout rules

    Hi everyone, I just got the woodlands expansion and am confused about the scout. The way his ability is worded it doesn't place any limitation on the number of cards that can be drawn each turn. So say he lands on a "draw one card space" while he still has all of his tokens with him, and the top 6 cards of the adventure deck are a combination of strangers, places, and enemies, could he potentially draw all 6 cards that turn by placing a hidden path token on each of the first five cards one by one as he drew them ? Also can he encounter a card with a hidden path token on it in the same turn he placed the token on it? If so this seems quite op.