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    PickleTheHutt reacted to FearLord in Aspect Power Levels   
    The vast majority of my plays are solo, which I think does effect things, but I think the order is probably :
    Leadership - flexible, strong - allies are definitely very strong in the core box scenarios and Leadership has a great range of them, plus recurring the beat ones.
    Justice - best way to manage threat long enough to stabilise the game and build to doing ally your damage swiftly.
    Protection - capable of dragging the game out via cancelling effects, but struggles to advance the win condition. Games run long and close to using in threat.
    Aggression - really dicey solo. Needs to race the villain in damage. 
    I think multiplayer is currently the only way to make Protection and aggression really viable, and I still think they’re currently lagging behind the other 2...
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to SpiderMana in Aspect Power Levels   
    So, do you find that any one aspect outshines the others in play? Is there one that seems like it’s getting left in the dust?
    Obviously it’s still a fairly small card pool and there’s room for things to change; that said, in my opinion Leadership currently has a leg up. Particularly thanks to one card, which is Make the Call. Keeping allies up just seems to be the best use of resources, since they’re generally flexible in use, and stick around for multiple rounds. The ability to pick a hero from your whole discard essentially ups your hand size—not to mention when you add other players’ discards.
    All that said, I think Tac Team and Med Team might be my favorite non-character-specific cards in the game so far. And Interrogation room with Daredevil can be bonkers good with some teammates getting Minions down to one health. So it’s not that I find the other aspects to be bad so much as I didn’t lose a game until I played without Leadership
    (I also found Black Panther more difficult to setup/payoff than Iron Man, so maybe I’ll start a thread to see if one of them is over- or under- powered 😂)
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    PickleTheHutt got a reaction from AradonTemplar in Defeating Villain Stage 1   
    It's in the rules, everything stays.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to c08 in Will included insert accommodate FFG sleeves?   
    I noticed the same problem. Insert is too narrow on the bottom so it squeeze FFG sleeves there. It is big disappointment and another piece of garbage to The Earth. 😕
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to AshgarPN in Will included insert accommodate FFG sleeves?   
    Ok, I got the game yesterday. They actually don't fit the way you would expect, as the two long slots are tapered at the bottom, squeezing the sleeves on that side if you push them in there.
    What can work is putting them "sideways" (so the front/back of the cards face the side of the box, not the top and bottom) with two stacks next to each other in each slot. This requires some divider solutions not included in the box, however.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to phillos in Kinda Blah   
    I was initially poo-poo-ing paying for Nick Fury, but I've found depending on your hero/deck he's real valuable.  For example I played Black Panther/Leadership yesterday and playing Nick Fury to dig for more cards just to get more Wakanda Forever!s and upgrades out was pretty key.  You gotta keep Black Panther cycling and he needs all the card draw and economy he can get to keep that engine turning.  Also keeping Hawkeye out throughout the game was a huge boon against Ultron.  Without him pinging all the drone's I'd be in huge trouble.
    As for the difficulty did you adjust the difficulty up?  As an LCG veteran I found playing on the default setting was a bit easy.  I think this is meant to be a more approachable LCG.  AH:TCG is often criticized for being too hard for new players.  So I think they shifted the difficulty so normal is easy and hard is normal here IMO.  I'd say try playing with version 2 and 3 of the villain by default and maybe throw in that Expert modular set if it's still too easy.
    Though I am surprised you won easily with Aggression/Iron Man against Ultron.  Feels like that would be a real weak combo for Ultron who barrages you with drones very quickly or threats you out fast.  I would make sure you didn't misplay something.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to Derrault in hum.. hype?   
    I’ve always regarded the phrase “superhero fatigue” as a tired dog whistle for: “I don’t actually like superhero stories, and want the people who make movies to make the [insert other genre here] type of movies that I really like”.
    ie I perceive romance movie fatigue...and I solve that by not consuming romance story media. Those with this supposed fatigue would be best served to consume the media that actually suits their tastes instead of whining at the people who like the genre. 
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to gokubb in Kinda off-topic but..   
    I think Star Wars is at an all-time low in interest. That could all change with Episode IX and more importantly The Mandalorian. But, The Last Jedi killed the interest for so many people. And, the Resistance cartoon killed it for a lot of kids. I have many friends that were once Star Wars die-hards that are all but done with the franchise now.
    As for the LCG. The feedback where everyone, including myself, was disappointed was based solely on the need for there to be a quality SW competitive game. That doesn't mean don't make a cooperative one. But the competitive had to come first, in my opinion. As a player back in the Decipher SW days, there's nothing like collecting a well-designed competitive SW card game. Unfortunately, the LCG they made missed the mark so much that I wish they'd just continued with the co-op plan. Now that Destiny kills the hope of a 'well-designed' competitive game (don't get me wrong, Destiny can be fun but it is hardly a balanced, well-designed game), a co-op is likely the best that FFG could give us for the franchise.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to TechnoGolem in Kinda off-topic but..   
    I prefer the co-op LCGs over the competitive ones. There are several themes I'd get excited for. Star Wars would have me intrigued but don't know if I'd buy it.
    My interest in Star Wars has been on life support after watching The Last Jedi in theaters. Got rid of most of my Star Wars stuff in the following months.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to Grimwalker in Unwilling to buy 2 core sets. Should I pass on this game?   
    I defend positions that I feel to be true. It’s beneath you to actually try and apply an ad hominem argument. It’s one thing to attack a person’s arguments—which is what I do to you—it’s quite another to pretend you know anything about hidden motivations. The latter is just another attempt to poison the well, not actually prove a point. I invite anyone to search my post history for when I’ve brought up playtesting and they will see you’re a liar.
    I detest bad arguments made in an attempt to shore up a presupposed position. You’ve decided long ago, and have proclaimed repeatedly, that FFG are money grubbing scum and you’re willing to make false arguments and ignore counterpoints in order to walk back to that conclusion.
    1) As pointed out in the posts prior to mine, adding cards to fill out a playset of cards puts you well past the $40 or even (the rarely seen for economic reasons) $45 price. That puts you in the $50 range.
    2) you refuse to educate yourself about the economic reality of Price Points. (Hint: it’s on Wikipedia even.) There’s a world of difference between $40 and $50, and there’s a reason you rarely see anything in between. 
    3) yes, shipping is by container. But raising the overall weight of the contents raises the overall weight of your freight, plus the added expense when it comes to actually loading it on trucks and sending it to distributors, who then have to load it onto further trucks. Ignoring the additional costs added all along the production and distribution chain so you can continue to bleat about how little paper and ink costs is simply dishonest. But then, poisonous and dishonest arguments are all I expect from you at this point. 
    4) everything about the Core Set indicates it’s a low-margin product, and you simply don’t make much more money with repeat sales of a low margin product. Twenty percent profit times two is still 20%. Much better to get people onto the repeatable high margin sales of Deluxes and monthly packs.
    At the end of the day, it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Stoking discontentment for bad reasons gets my goat when it’s about games I love, and that’s all you do. It’s much better to explain that there are valid, sound reasons for the core sets to be designed and priced as they are, and advise consumers to make rational decisions for themselves within these circumstances.
    One thing is for sure: getting people to complain about the design and to not buy the core sets is not going to result in positive change. If anything, poor sales are just going to result in game cancellation. At the end of the day you’re trying to hurt sales, that hurts the game, and so you’re doing more harm than good. 
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to Grimwalker in Unwilling to buy 2 core sets. Should I pass on this game?   
    I'm addressing this to other readers, as Mep is completely unreachable and unreasonable. He's poisoned the well of FFG games for years and no one should respect his opinions.
    It doesn't turn a huge profit for FFG to make people buy multiple core sets, because Core Sets bear all the hallmarks of not being a high-margin item. What you get for a $40 core set is a LOT MORE "stuff" than what you get in a deluxe set for $30 or in a Mythos Pack for $15--those latter two is where the money is, and if a core set doesn't make the buyer say "****, I really want more cards," then it really isn't doing its job.
    As I've explained to him more than once, he is simply wrong that the cost of adding cards to the core is only a penny per card. It impacts weight and shipping costs if *nothing* else and he is completely talking out of his *** to claim that they could add a third again as many cards (it's 70 cards, by the way) without either impacting production or hitting some arbitrarily imagined price point. If he were right, Mythos packs would cost only $5 or $10. Also, $45 is past a significant threshold in terms of Price Point. I've tried to get Mep to understand this reality of economics but he insists on embarrassing himself.
    The complaints of consumers who are unhappy with the value returned from a second copy of the core set doesn't actually go very far to offset the realities that created the design constraints of the core set.  At the end of the day, to put more copies of cards in the box means starving the overall card variety out of the base set of the game. No deckbuilding whatsoever. If you put more copies into the box and don't reduce the number of cards by title, then cost goes up. And when cost goes up, fewer people buy the game. It's just that simple. 
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to PJimo in Unwilling to buy 2 core sets. Should I pass on this game?   
    The product is only incomplete because in their heads people make it to be. It's the same thing where people say they have an, "incomplete" game because they don't have all the promo materials. Which, in any other context, would be absurd. It would be like saying you don't have a, "complete car" because you don't have the leather seats or the supercharged V8 engine that were offered as the premium additions. And so you won't be happy with the car at all. It's stupid.
    A single core is marketed for 1-2 players. That is completely fair. You can play 2 players with 1 core. And the more fair way to think about it is that the entry point for the game is to buy 2 cores. So the, "base game" will cost you $65. Is that acceptable? Yes? Buy it. No? It's not. Then don't buy it.
    You're getting extras because you're buying 2 copies of a game marketed to be for 1-2 players. So you want a 3-4 player version produced? Ok. It's not being made. Is this going to ruin your life? Is this worth months of deliberations? If you could buy the 3-4 player version for $50 would that make you infinitely happier? Is saving $10-$15 a monstrous wave of cash so you can afford an extra 1-month installment of the game?
    People have made a big stink out of this. So other people feel entitled and justified to make a  big stick out of this. Even though the issue is silly, and the proffered arguments (waste of paper! deceptive marketing! only 1 leg of the pants!) are all specious talking points.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to MMOfan in Lord of the Rings Card Game 2?   
    Actually, since both LotR and AH LCG’s can be played in solo mode, these LCG’s will NEVER die in your collection as you will always be able to play them in a non competitive manner.
    The above is the HUGE advantage of these kind of coop LCG’s.
    THAT is also the reason why I no longer buy competitive CCG’s or LCG’s as they are driven by competitive play and so their activity quickly ends after publishing the final print run.
    The only exception for me was the Star Wars LCG that has a unique and superb SOLO variant of 22 pages on Board Game Geek. I even like playing it solo more than against a friend.
    The SW LCG is a SUPERB game and I still hate these haters at launch that prevented me from buying it. Only YEARS later I stumbled over it and since then I will never believe anything posted before I myself can play it.
    But luckily thanks to its great solo mode, the SW LCG was saved ! 
    So I am very happy FFG went for the solo/coop variant again with the Marvel Campions LCG . A life long fun awaits with these solo card games. 
    And quite frankly: you can play endlessly. I played hundreds of games in LotR with just opening the first 2 complete cycles in ... 8 years... I have all Saga expansions and up to the Dream cycle... that are waiting ...
    It would also be VERY silly to sell these solo games for some stupid cash. 
    I hope Marvel Champions will be good, but in no way I am selling these other solo LCG.’s
    Simply too good.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to Amanal in I like this game but ....   
    When I was 20 I was happy to play BattleTech all weekend, sleep was for the weak! Now I am 54, I have a lot more on my plate, 6 hours a week is pushing my limits for face to face gaming.
    As such I am often quite happy to see games that can take hours to play with great depth and complexity as much as games that are quick and easy and fill in a small amount of time. I think, the variety of choice, is a very good thing.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to rsdockery in I like this game but ....   
    I'm thinking the LotR Sagas are the blueprint here. You bring the same team of heroes to each scenario (there probably won't be hero death, this being the comics and all), and you occasionally add a new card to your deck or have effects from earlier scenarios impact later ones, but you don't have major Arkham-style upgrades.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to JonofPDX in Canceling treacheries?   
    Then you're a better-than-average player. That's awesome--there's nothing wrong with that, I just don't think the game's default state should be balanced based on a minority of superior players. That's what  a harder mode should be balanced for. A harder mode that, in my example, would not be something you would have to purchase seperatly ala current Nightmare decks and would still be harder than the current baseline. 
    The simple fact is that--I think, there's really no empirical way to prove this--the majority of players find this games normal mode very challenging with all but a select number of decks/combos. Some people are naturally better at the game/have more time to develop those skills than others but I would say the average finds it challenging-to-hard. 
    I think that player is what the normal difficulty should be balanced for rather than the best cards/decks and/or the most skilled players. There should absolutely be content for those players--I was just saying I wished the content would cater to a greater variety of players. The way it attempts to do so now (Easy Mode and additional-purchase Nightmare Decks) isn't particularly satisfying.
    Obviously this is all my opinion. 
    Also, apologies to @Rajam. I feel like I may have accidentally side-tracked this thread. :/
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to Kjeld in Canceling treacheries?   
    I have no personal experience with this game that in any way helps me empathize with the people who worry that scenarios might be too easy. Most times I sit down at the table, I lose, often catastrophically. Granted, this is generally because I don't build decks for power but to play around with theme and try out different styles of play. In general, I find that unless I play with a fairly limited set of go-to cards (A Test of Will among them), I will just lose without a fight, and that is quite frustrating, and I think the source of people wanting a wider pool of viable options to deal with some of the nastiest encounter effects.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to Taear in Traitor insanity cards have got to go.   
    It's pointless to try and discuss this with you because you cannot understand examples that are in any way abstract.
    If you ignore the card, then the point of the thread - that the cards are stupid and bad - is entirely correct. What more do you want here?
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to DerDelphi in Traitor insanity cards have got to go.   
    I also remove the traitor insanity cards from the game, because they can lead to very unsatisfying ending. While I think FFG could have done a much better job with integrating these into the app, I guess what bugs me the most is, that there is no narrative resolution to the story (besides from the text on the card). It can be very frustrating for the group and might leave a very bad impression of an otherwise great game.
    Since it would be a lot of work to change the insanity card system, I think some kind of middle ground would be the option to bring up a choice menu when the "End Game" option is selected, where you then could select the insanity card which led to the premature ending of the game. Then there could be an insanity specific thematic story ending, just like when one of the investigators is killed or goes insane.
    This would at least make provide some kind of closure, and it would even be realistically doable, as only a menu as well as a few narrated stories would have to be added to the app.
    But until this is the case, I think I'll just not use the traitor cards, because they might ruin the ending of an otherwise great game. And I really hate that I have to do this, because I like the idea in principle. It's just a case of very bad implementation
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in core game: too many locations: boring?   
    I haven't played the more recent cycles, but from what I've heard, Dream-chaser offers the least location lock.
    Of course, you'll rarely reveal a location in Heirs of Numenor, but only because the deck is chock-full of game-ending enemies and treacheries!
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    PickleTheHutt got a reaction from Klark in Ability to transfer saves needed.   
    I moved the save file from an Android tablet to Steam on PC and everything worked fine.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to Jobu in New FAQ out   
    That being said, its not to much to ask that a company balances their cards.  I am paying for those cards and while I understand that a company makes mistakes, I do appreciate when they take steps to fix those mistakes in a methodical manner.  I prefer it to changing things on my own or ignoring cards that I feel are to powerful.  Not that I am incapable of doing that, its just that I prefer that the company does it.  Its kind of the same reason that I don't just make my own games to play.
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to Caldias in So a few days in, do people like it?   
    After a few days this is my favorite board game and surely my fave to solo/coop with.  I've played 7 scenarios and am loving the streamlined yet elegant mechanics. There are some real interesting choices in there, and I feel some of the early reviews complaining about simplicity might be overlooking some of the preparation/milling choices.  
    This is also the first FFG game where I am not groaning at the prospect of expansions.  I want to be firehosed with heroes and campaigns!
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to AJankowski in So a few days in, do people like it?   
    It is great fun and I would already consider it one of  my top 5 board games. We are playing it 2 player - beravor and gimli - and it works so much better than Mansions of Madness in comparison. Scales seemingly well with all player counts and even with only 2 players I get the feeling that we can really cooperate and help each other with our heroes cards. I also enjoy the diceless system, because you can really prepare for some tests and sometimes you just know that you shouldn't even try something. The campaign style also helps a lot to negate the frustration we often felt after playing a coop game for a long time and loose. Even if you loose a chapter you'll earn XP/lore and you maybe spend too much time on a side quest but earned a trinket or title instead. The game is also quite easy to teach on the fly and the difficulty seems to be nicely balanced but maybe I'm just relieved to play something a bit more relaxing after Arkham Horror LCG all the time
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    PickleTheHutt reacted to Durins_Father in New Storage Solutions hub, and we need you!   
    Also, this does not count as a valid solution:
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