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  1. I moved the save file from an Android tablet to Steam on PC and everything worked fine.
  2. It's very easy to copy save files manually between Android and PC (Steam). Apple doesn't let you access these files so you'll need to either always have the same device or purchase a cheap Android device or PC to move save files. I would blame iOS a lot more than FFG for this. I personally refuse to use any iOS devices as I can't stand the overbearing control they impose.
  3. He meant that preparing the success cards usually gives you a benefit that is equal to, or perhaps better than, drawing that card for its success symbol during a test. I've played through the first 7 adventures solo controlling Aragorn and Legolas and have won all 7 pretty easily. I've only had to make one Last Stand and I usually interact with almost every token. The most important thing is to try to keep a stack of inspiration as much as possible. I prioritize getting inspiration in the first few turns (by preparing or exploring as necessary), which makes everything else easier. It's also sometimes a good idea to not spend inspiration, especially for negate tests, unless there's a good reason to do so. I'd rather use a guard card (which gives Aragorn inspiration) or a trinket item to prevent/heal than use precious inspiration. If you keep enemies clear, which is not hard to do with 2 heroes, then most turns will only require 1 test. That means you have a lot of control using the start of round scouting. It's rare that I fail the first test of a round. I have also played a 4 player game. That was much much harder (granted the other 3 players were new) as the threat gain is much higher AND you get more enemies (it seems like it should be one or the other). I think the game may be poorly balanced based on number of heroes; I'd rather the threat gain be 2 plus 1 per hero (instead of 2 per hero). This would change nothing for a 2 hero game, but would give a little more time with more heroes.
  4. If you can quest well enough and handle the enemies with 2 heroes and playing 1 ally per turn, then you can avoid most of the worst treacheries if under 35 threat. You actually welcome them as it usually is like a free round when you're only drawing 1 card per turn. Aragorn and Eowyn can handle the questing, you just need to slowly build out a board of allies before pushing to stage 2 where the Nazgul will be an issue. Having that extra hero rescued really only gains you 1 more resource which isn't worth the threat of the Nazgul right away.
  5. Favorite or most powerful? Those answers can differ quite a bit. Note: I'm playing progression style and just finished Darrowdelf, so my answers only include allies to that point. Most generally powerful/useful: Spirit: Arwen (Northern Tracker is amazing but Arwen's cost and utility wins out) Leadership: Faramir (does Sneak Attack Gandalf count as a Leadership ally? ) Tactics: Trollshaw Scout (I love the cheap eagles, but unless you're running an eagles deck, I think this guy is better for killing quickly) Lore: Warden of Healing (just soooo good, see ya never again Daughter of the Nimrodel) Neutral: Gandalf (obligatory) Most fun/favorite (for me of course): Spirit: Arwen (she really opens up some fun combos that can't be used otherwise) Leadership: Snowborn Scout (the dude is always willing to die for the greater good) Tactics: Eagles of the Misty Mountains (so much fun to use with the cheap eagles and Support of the Eagles on a hero) Lore: Miner of the Iron Hills (he's not fun on his own, but removing those nasty attachments lets you have fun with your heroes so I'm giving him the nod) Neutral: Radagast (Eagles, eagles everywhere!)
  6. I played Shadow and Flame for the first time today. I've been playing progression style two-handed solo with an Aragorn/Theodred/Eowyn questing deck and a Legolas/Gimli/Beravor combat deck. Once the cards became available, I've stuffed a lot of Eagles into the combat deck along with Radagast. I got really lucky, holding 2 Galadrim's Greetings and Steward of Gondor in my opening hand. That combined with Theodred's resource going to Eowyn, I was able reduce both hand's threat to 0 before combat to avoid the attacks in rounds 2 and 3. I just left all enemies in the staging area as the questing deck could still over-power the threat, meaning I could draw lots of cards with Beravor for the questing deck and Peace and Thought for the combat deck as I didn't need the combat deck at all early. This allowed me to draw the 3rd Galadrim's Greetings, Celebrian's Stone, and Dwarven Tomb. After using those tricks, I advanced to stage 3 during round 6 and Durin's Bane hadn't even attacked yet (the staging area had 4 or 5 low threat goblins, but I could quest for 15+ using only the questing deck so I just left them there). In stage 3, Durin's Bane obliterated a few allies including some eagles (which got tucked under The Eagles of the Misty Mountain to bump their attack to 5). The Misty Mountain Eagles (attacking for 5), Beravor (with Support of the Eagles attacking for 7), a couple Trollshaw Scouts, Gimli, Legolas, and Radagast chipping in made quick work of the Big Guy in only 2 rounds. I can't imagine ever getting so lucky as to completely avoid all attacks for the first 5 rounds again, but it was a glorious conclusion to the Darrowdelf cycle. I love dem birbs...
  7. It's only dual sphere, but can put Lore and Tactic allies from the discard pile into play using Stand and Fight. You discard Daughter of the Nimrodel, Henamarth, Miner of the Iron Hills, and Beorn to Eowyn's ability, then play them using Spirit Resources with Stand and Fight. In my first solo one-handed victory, I played at least 60 rounds (Galadrim's Greetings 5-6 times using Dwarven Tomb with 4-5 Gandalf appearances using Sneak Attack and regular plays to reduce threat by a massive amount). Knowing that you have so much threat reduction allows you to really take it slow in stage 1, only advancing (grabbing the first objective) once you can easily power through the Nazgul and the quest quickly.
  8. I had good success solo with Aragorn/Theodred/Eowyn using 3 core sets in normal mode. Win rate of roughly 20%. Winning is almost entirely dictated by the opening cards drawn for guarding the objectives. If a couple of them are treacheries that wiff then I generally expect to win. This deck also really wants Theodred as captive, but can handle either of the other two as long as Celebrian's Stone comes out for Aragorn in the opening hand if Eowyn is the captive (it's much harder though). Basically, if you can survive the first few rounds while slowly building the board, stage 2 and 3 aren't too bad. My deck included 3 copies of all the key Leadership/Spirit cards along with a few utility and healing Lore allies and Beorn (Stand and Fight usage after discarding to Eowyn), although I don't think I ever had Beorn in play. If you get Celebrian's Stone and Steward of Gondor in your opening hand, Theodred is captive, and you get a good opening draw of guards, then this scenario is not that much tougher than any other hard scenario. The problem is you will effectively lose during set-up around half the time or more. Two-handed solo, however, is massively easier with a win rate of over 50% using 3 core sets. I keep the Aragorn/Theodred/Eowyn deck and run a Legolas/Gimli/Berevor deck as the other. The first deck does all the questing with the second handling almost all the combat. It's rare that a character from deck 2 quests and only Aragorn occasionally defends/attacks for the first. Aragorn (with Celebrian's Stone) and Eowyn by themselves (with the discards if necessary) can beat staging area threat most of the time. Once some Northern Trackers and Farmir show up, questing is not a concern.
  9. FYI, I sent a question about this to Caleb and his initial response stuck with the old ruling of "can choose any option as long as you can complete it in full" (i.e. all=0 attacks allowed as a choice). He wanted to know why I was doubting that ruling and I referenced the online rules sections regarding Abilities and Effects that led to this discussion. I'm waiting for a follow-up response and will post here once received.
  10. I also got the "on hold" response today. I imagine they had entire run of the misprinted decks so their stock is depleted. Strange that it still shows as in-stock on their webstore though. It's likely those are bad too.
  11. I had the exact same problem with Massing at Osgiliath a couple of weeks ago. I sent a replacement request immediately but haven't gotten a response yet. FFG is usually much quicker than this to respond and send out replacements.
  12. I was worried about missing out and just ordered it all from FFG instead. It costs more but I was tired of constantly checking (not trusting the in-stock notifications). As far as I can tell, Coolstuffinc hasn't hasn't gotten the restock yet (assuming they're getting it and I didn't miss it), so I would watch them if you missed Miniature Market.
  13. Once you play LA (which needs the seed usually) a couple of times (and have phase shift in your deck), then a single Keycharge is all that's needed. You will continually draw your discarded cards back to your hand by playing any Logos card or a Phase Shifted off card. The full loop combo wins in 1 turn with LA plus a couple other Logos cards in hand, Seed on the board readied (or some other usable return from discard effect), and any instant forging card and phase shift anywhere in your deck or discard. They don't need to be in your hand as you will draw your deck fully and redraw it once cards are discarded. It's a beyond broken combo and will absolutely dominate any sort of Archon format major tournament. I fully expect a rules errata at some point that changes it (like cards aren't discarded until end of turn or something similar). Edit: Yes, these decks are rare but they absolutely exist and can be bought. If you don't bring one, or bring a deck that can remove artifacts reliably (and hold them until seeds are played), then don't even bother playing an Archon format major tournament.
  14. I would love to see an official "out of the box" recommended chain number for decks. Nobody would require you to use them, but it would make it much simpler to play blind decks without having to play 3 in a row with adaptive. I have 24 extra unopened decks with plans to host my own blind tourneys with friends, but adaptive seems like it might take too long. Things would be so much easier if there was a rough suggestion for starting chains. It doesn't need to be perfect, just some way to normalize decks a little before playing.
  15. You could always stop Neutron Shark by choosing him as your creature to destroy. If it's not in play, then its effect ends. Dextre gets discarded almost every time for me as I don't want that garbage clogging up my hand (he will possibly get played only if capturing 1 will stop a key forging next turn). Things could be different if my Dextre deck had lots of creatures, but it only has 2 so I only call Logos to dump action cards (they are really good action cards though).
  16. I finally found a general post about missing keyhole icons. Apparently, any location with a subtitle does not have the keyhole. It seems this is an intentional design choice as the two occupy the same place on the card. I think it's a poor decision (the icon could just be shifted over a bit) but revealed vs unrevealed side should still be clear as that's determined by the presence of shroud and clue values.
  17. The location card "Grand Guignol" in A Phantom of Truth doesn't have the usual keyhole icon on its unrevealed side. Is there a reason for this or is it something that should be listed in card errata in the FAQ? I couldn't find any posts or comments about it but it seems highly unlikely that only my copy is missing that symbol.
  18. I haven't tried it in months but just gave it another chance. Is there really still no way to only show ships/pilots/upgrades owned from your collection or am I missing an option somewhere? I assumed that would be added at some point as I find it utterly worthless otherwise.
  19. I don't think everyone understands the Library Access combo that is the major problem. The specific combo WILL win in ONE turn if it has the 3-4 cards needed in hand. Make sure you understand that does not mean that it earns 18 aember in one turn (lots of decks can do that). The specific combo lets you draw your entire hand and by using Phase Shift (which will be immediately redrawn due to Library Access) can play Key Charge (or some other instant forging card) and then redraw that card back to your hand (by playing any Logos card) then using Phase Shift again to Key Charge another key and repeat a third time. Since there are no interupts, there is no way to respond as the game is OVER once they have Library Access, Phase Shift, and a retrieve from discard card (there are several) to play Library Access a second time. While getting one of these decks from a random pack is extremely unlikely, once you have one (they will be thousands or eBay) you will win immediately once those cards are in your hand. There are already enough such decks registered that unless you have one, you may as well skip national level events until things are changed. Make sure you understand the problem before dismissing it.
  20. There have recently been many discussions regarding broken combos. The most troubling, in my opinion obviously, is the infinite card draw combo and 1 round win (with Library Access and certain other cards once they're in your hand). While I only play casually, so none of this really affects me, I envision the high level tournament scene being nothing but this combo at the top. There are already several such decks registered with obviously more in existence. In general, I'm of the belief (and I stress that this is my opinion only again) that any sort of infinite possibility should see errata (it seems they wanted this with the rule of 6 but didn't go far enough to cover all cases). There are 2 changes to the rules (not card changes) that I think would solve this problem and would not affect 99+% of the player base. 1.) Expand the "Rule of 6" to include ALL effects and cards. For example, Library Access' draw a card could only draw 6 cards regardless of how many times Library Access itself or other cards are played. This very slightly nerfs a few cards but in a vast majority of cases it only affects game breaking infinite combos. In all the games I've played or watched, I don't think we've had an effect go for more than 6 anyway although I do know it can happen with other cards sometimes that aren't as problematic overall. 2.) Add a rule that allows a player to call "no house" (or when forced to call no house) to entirely skip their turn (no forging, no using omni, etc.) in order to discard their entire hand and redraw. While this is less of a tournament winning issue than 1.), it is still an infinite loop stopper (player infinitely forced to do nothing until opponent wins). I think the above two rules takes care of virtually every major issue brought up since the game's release and requires no card errata, just an update to the online rules. There is a third errata that I would like to see, but it is a card errata and much less important than the above. 3.) Change: The Horseman of Death when played returns all Horsemen, except for Death, from discard to hand instead of all Horsemen. This ONLY affects double Horsemen decks and is also an infinite loop stopper. Currently, unless you can purge or get a lucky forced discard of Death (this is why it's not as important as it is possible to stop for some decks, but not all), it's possible to have a battle line of 7 Horsemen every turn. If the above infinite card draw engine is stopped, I see every tournament winner being double Horsemen with other houses that have good control and stealing to bide time until the Horsemen are brought online. Before anyone mentions it, I know double Horsemen aren't unbeatable, but when played well it requires such a specific deck AND luck to even have a chance that I think it breaks the game. Single Horsemen decks are totally fine. I did watch the Team Covenant match where Stephen beat Zack's double Horsemen, but Zach massively misplayed it (not calling Sanctum for multiple turns to avoid "wasting" a turn unstunning) when he could have turned on the reaping machine much earlier before Stephen could have gotten his own stuff rolling. Even then, with Stephen using a deck almost tailor-made to stop/slow down Horsemen decks, the game went down to the very end. I'm not here to argue with anyone as I've stressed this is all in my opinion and since I only play casually the tournament scene doesn't directly affect me, but I thought I'd proffer some suggestions that I see as beneficial to the game as a whole. Peace to all the other Archons out there.
  21. Rules and casual stat tracker are my two main wants for the app.
  22. The non-unique decks also include nice help text for the keywords. I would always try to use those for a first game.
  23. I really like best of 3 where you swap decks after the first game and bid chains for the best deck for game 3, if needed. This format allows for all your decks to be used freely instead of just your "strongest" deck(s). Granted, I pretty much only play at home with friends so I don't need to worry about grubby unknown hands messing up my beautiful decks.
  24. Yes, everyone understands the active player chooses order. That doesn't settle the issues here.
  25. Mostly contradictory destroyed type issues (card goes to hand when destroyed vs. is purged when destroyed). It's not clear if you resolve both with active player choosing the order (meaning which effect will ultimately occur), or if one takes precedence, or if one effect occuring may prevent the second effect as it wouldn't be in play even though destroyed effects should still occur. There are several threads on this and as far as I can tell there's no obvious answer as yet.
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