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  1. I found it quite easy with the suggested hobbit deck playing solo on normal difficulty in campaign mode. I love the hobbit deck suggested from the Black Riders box. It can quest like crazy with the heroes and with Sam to defend and Merry to kill you can take out most enemies as well. Frodo's Intuition is an amazing card. You start with such a low threat that I didn't care about the faster than usual threat increase. I took a few rounds to build up only questing enough to reliably clear the active location (having never played before) then quested to stage 3 as normal. I finished the mandatory Great Barrow in one quest phase the turn after hitting stage 3, then won the game on the next turn by questing for around 25 (helped by sending the team with Frodo's Intuition and Faramir buffs). Other than Beorn (yay for Elfstone with a 6 cost ally) , I didn't have any allies out to start that round (discarded 3 or so to the Stage 4 effect) but had plenty of resources saved (thanks to Steward of Gondor on Sam), so a free to play Bill the Pony, a couple of other Tactic or Lore allies brought me up to 5 or so allies with 1 willpower buffed to 2 using Faramir. I even had a Grim Resolve I could have used to activate Faramir again to quest in the mid 30s willpower.
  2. With Asmodee no longer providing product support directly to consumers (you must return entire games to the retailer if cards/pieces are missing rather than requesting replacements from Asmodee), you should now always open and inventory everything immediately as you're out of luck if you open them later to find missing components.
  3. The FFG pre-order for Blob shows a pre-order promo in the thumbnail image when ordering, but I can't find any mention of what the promo is in the article. Anyone know?
  4. I very seriously doubt TC knew this was happening. In their last podcast, they talked about the FFG firings and Zack mentioned many times how that means they can focus more on their big producers like the Co-op LCGs, Keyforge, X-wing, Legion, and Destiny. There's no way they knew this was coming from the discussions had in that podcast.
  5. FYI, Hawkeye's effect is a response, so you don't have to trigger it if you'd rather keep a minion around for some reason.
  6. As noted above, it looks like they fit, but the tapered bottom will mangle the corners of the sleeves. I tossed it immediately in favor two very simple foamcore rows with some laminated dividers from BGG. The homemade solution is much more space efficient as you get two full rows with enough space left over to hold dials and tokens. I'd guess the first year or so of expansions will fit (possible big campaign expansion excluded) this way.
  7. Yes, they ship a number of days before release depending on location to pretty reliably get it on release day.
  8. I like to include Charlie Kane when playing solo. He's easy to add to get to a 4th character requiring very little attention once he's in a good city (I like Tokyo). I will also use him when playing with odd numbers of newer players to hit an even number, then we control him as a group. Other than him, I usually deal out a few to each player to pick from.
  9. I moved the save file from an Android tablet to Steam on PC and everything worked fine.
  10. It's very easy to copy save files manually between Android and PC (Steam). Apple doesn't let you access these files so you'll need to either always have the same device or purchase a cheap Android device or PC to move save files. I would blame iOS a lot more than FFG for this. I personally refuse to use any iOS devices as I can't stand the overbearing control they impose.
  11. He meant that preparing the success cards usually gives you a benefit that is equal to, or perhaps better than, drawing that card for its success symbol during a test. I've played through the first 7 adventures solo controlling Aragorn and Legolas and have won all 7 pretty easily. I've only had to make one Last Stand and I usually interact with almost every token. The most important thing is to try to keep a stack of inspiration as much as possible. I prioritize getting inspiration in the first few turns (by preparing or exploring as necessary), which makes everything else easier. It's also sometimes a good idea to not spend inspiration, especially for negate tests, unless there's a good reason to do so. I'd rather use a guard card (which gives Aragorn inspiration) or a trinket item to prevent/heal than use precious inspiration. If you keep enemies clear, which is not hard to do with 2 heroes, then most turns will only require 1 test. That means you have a lot of control using the start of round scouting. It's rare that I fail the first test of a round. I have also played a 4 player game. That was much much harder (granted the other 3 players were new) as the threat gain is much higher AND you get more enemies (it seems like it should be one or the other). I think the game may be poorly balanced based on number of heroes; I'd rather the threat gain be 2 plus 1 per hero (instead of 2 per hero). This would change nothing for a 2 hero game, but would give a little more time with more heroes.
  12. If you can quest well enough and handle the enemies with 2 heroes and playing 1 ally per turn, then you can avoid most of the worst treacheries if under 35 threat. You actually welcome them as it usually is like a free round when you're only drawing 1 card per turn. Aragorn and Eowyn can handle the questing, you just need to slowly build out a board of allies before pushing to stage 2 where the Nazgul will be an issue. Having that extra hero rescued really only gains you 1 more resource which isn't worth the threat of the Nazgul right away.
  13. Favorite or most powerful? Those answers can differ quite a bit. Note: I'm playing progression style and just finished Darrowdelf, so my answers only include allies to that point. Most generally powerful/useful: Spirit: Arwen (Northern Tracker is amazing but Arwen's cost and utility wins out) Leadership: Faramir (does Sneak Attack Gandalf count as a Leadership ally? ) Tactics: Trollshaw Scout (I love the cheap eagles, but unless you're running an eagles deck, I think this guy is better for killing quickly) Lore: Warden of Healing (just soooo good, see ya never again Daughter of the Nimrodel) Neutral: Gandalf (obligatory) Most fun/favorite (for me of course): Spirit: Arwen (she really opens up some fun combos that can't be used otherwise) Leadership: Snowborn Scout (the dude is always willing to die for the greater good) Tactics: Eagles of the Misty Mountains (so much fun to use with the cheap eagles and Support of the Eagles on a hero) Lore: Miner of the Iron Hills (he's not fun on his own, but removing those nasty attachments lets you have fun with your heroes so I'm giving him the nod) Neutral: Radagast (Eagles, eagles everywhere!)
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