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  1. So tempted to suggest he get a daemon weapon... but that would be wrong.
  2. If I'm remembering my Codex: Dark Eldar correctly DE weapons are made by slaves toiling away in the undercity. 99.9% of their products are considered unworthy of wielding by the True Kin themselves. In my game, that means that any DE supported by any organization at all (Wych cult, Coven, Cabal) is going to have best quality weapons. The dregs of DE society may have to stoop to mere Good quality gear. Standard quality stuff is available to mercenaries and aliens (better stuff is too, it's just harder to find), and a bit of the poor quality stuff is being shipped to these gangs. It means that DE weaponry, ironically, has a reputation for being powerful but unreliable, and convinces the humans they're getting one over on the stupid xenos. It's still rare, and is held as more or less a status symbol for the wielder.
  3. There's a chance that one of the PCs is going to be possessed by a Slaaneshi daemon, which is currently bound to an object for the purposes of corrupting the local nobility and helping the world fall to chaos. Since possessing an Acolyte of the Inquisition could be extremely convenient for this purpose, can such a Daemon avoid altering its host and mimic their normal behavior for infiltration purposes? Or more specifically, are there any rules that specifically contradict this (as a GM I can say this will work, but I'm not going to go against canon for the purposes of this). On a similar vein, are there any examples of such a daemon altering the host body for the purposes of disguise and/or infiltration? Do possessing daemons have this level of control, and if so how long does the process take?
  4. My group are going to be running up against some Logicians very soon. I want to capture that emotionless tech-priest vibe by using a Text-to-speech program, and possibly applying some filters to the result. Does anyone know any good, tech-priesty sounding voice sets and/or filters?
  5. From my session notes for the upcoming game: "Art Collection A set of strange and disturbing landscapes, depicting a view of a black city of blade-sharp buildings that jut from all directions. Alien ships drift among them. These landscapes were painted by a kabalite warrior, depicting the view from his bedroom window. Its vaguely disturbing vistas cause the viewer to take a willpower test at +30 or gain a point of insanity. Jaded Characters are immune. "
  6. These are some great ideas. I love the idea of a Dark Eldar artist, it makes sense that in an eternity of searching for sensations some DE would take up something creative, and it makes just as much sense that they'd hide this from their comrades who'd destroy them for kicks.
  7. Based on what? Aliens are aliens. They do not have the same brains, the same needs, the same cultures, the same fear, the same problem. Bot are as equally alien. We must not mixt up simple and "less alien" Cannot find the references at the moment, but as I remember it orks have a brain structure somewhat similar to that of humans, but with a more pronounced "old brain", leaving them more prone to violence and poor impulse control. Eldar brains are structurally very different from humans, with multiple independent sections of the brain that act together. Beyond that, there's a simple difference: Orks live for a short time due to their suicidal lifestyle. Dark Eldar have likely lived thousands of years, died and been reinvigorated several times, and are sense freaks on par with Slaanesh worshipers. Some even voluntarily give themselves over to Haemonculi to be mutilated into wracks, just because they were bored with their old lives. Even if their brains were identical to humans to begin with, after a few centuries they'll be utterly alien in ways that we can't even comprehend. Orks on the other hand have simple desires and are comparatively easy to understand.
  8. Okay, here's the situation: The group are trying to track a cult through the lower hive of (custom hive). To do this, they need to befriend a gang involved in the Cold Trade, who've traded with this cult. In an effort to make friends and influence people, they're planning a heist on the gang's rival in the Cold Trade to steal their shipment and gift it to the guys who have the information they need. The supply chain for the target is as follows: Eldar Corsairs raid ships. Trade what they don't want to the Dark Eldar (Kabal of the Crimson Doom). Crimson Doom trade anything they have no need for (both from this and their raids) to gangs via webway portal in the underhive, in exchange for slaves, drugs ect. From the DE point of view it's like garbage disposal but with perks. From the Gang POV they get valuable, sometimes alien technology which they can leverage for money and power. Complication: the target gang has recently gotten unknowingly involved with a Slaanesh cult, who're adding/tainting items of value to corrupt the nobles who buy the exotic imports (via intermediaries). I'm putting in some stuff like a Daemon Weapon (to attempt to corrupt one of the PCs), a book containing some slaaneshi summoning rituals (to try and corrupt the Adept), and a couple of cool toys for the characters (EG a good quality Neural Whip, a broken necron weapon to tempt the tech priest, that sort of thing). I'm looking for suggestions to help round out the haul with exotic and interesting items that may have found their way into the mix. Does not have to be practical, and can come from anywhere in the galaxy.
  9. True. Given the limited nature of the link, maybe some temporary minor psychosis or something similar related to the particular xeno in question. Link to an ork, become bloodthirsty for the duration? Dark Eldar, feel sadistic while the link is up? (Heck, if you want to be really sadistic have linking to a Dark Eldar result in you feeling a bit of the hunger of Slaanesh while you're still connected. That should discourage him, particularly if you hint that it might draw the attention of she-who-thirsts if the link is maintained for too long...)
  10. If you attempt psychic mental control or worse yet mind reading on a Dark Eldar... yeah, you're racking up a whole bunch of insanity. Eldar minds are alien at the best of times, but the True Kin combine this with thousands of years of unrestrained hedonism in the biggest BDSM dungeon ever conceived. I'd personally be on the side of giving someone trying this a willpower test. Success gives 1 point of insanity. Failure gives 10 insanity and the Paranoid trait, at least the first time. After that I'd say willpower or gain 1 insanity. But that's just me. As for orks... I'd say make a willpower test or take a point of insanity and some lingering bloodthirst. Ork minds are far less alien than those of the Eldar, particularly the true kin.
  11. Kill Ordo Hereticus. Get surgery to look like her. Impersonate. Requisition void ship. Profit.
  12. You know, I ask that very question every time I sit down to play and look at my group To be fair, the Xenos unsanctioned psyker has been picked up at the start of this mission as a mercenary to help them blend in on a deep cover mission. After all, anyone accusing a group visibly consorting with alien witches of being part of the Inquisition is clearly insane! It should be interesting when they find out that the Inquisitor who said that they should complete their mission "by any means necessary" has been killed and his replacement is a fresh-faced burn-the-heretics type puritan. Shenanigans will undoubtedly ensue.
  13. Okay, so here's the general situation: The party has started out with a veteran, fairly radical inquisitor by the name of Kirkman. He's been very hands off with the PCs so far, as in just giving them missions and expecting them to get on with it. To be fair, their missions so far: 1) Investigate a minor food riot (turned out to be a cult of a Daemon Prince who was killed centuries ago and is apparently returning). 2) Head over to the Inquisitorial archive in a hive city, ask for records on said Demon Prince, then meet up with the Inquisitor (the records were being transferred off-world for another inquisitor and the transport was shot down. Cue 3-day trek through Ork-infested jungle to the crash site and discovery of a Heritech and a Tyranid Vanguard organism). This then gives the PCs the chance to choose between 3 assignments: Investigate the Heritech, Keep working on the Daemon Prince case or deal with the 'nids. They decided on the Heritech, the Inquisitor set a different group to deal with the Daemon Prince, while Kirkman himself is leading the charge against the 'nids. Now the mission here is infiltration, which is good because the group leader is a Tech Priest and the cult is the Logicians. I plan on using this to shake his faith and hopefully get some good RP out of him. The reason they had an agent hanging around the crash site was to pilfer some data on a group called the Immaculate Hand, a Slaanesh cult that's taken root in the lower hive and who's influence the Logicians are combating. Meanwhile, the Tech Priest's old gang (their first lead) has been taken over by the Dark Eldar who're basically using them as middle men for trading and slave acquisition (Minor Kabal, trying to get a reliable source of resources between raids), and there are also Enslavers in the area, which is sure to be very healthy for the group's (Xenos, because who'd expect that the group with a Xenos is working for the inquisition?) Unsanctioned Psyker. Oh, and the scum is looking like they might be amenable to some good old fashioned corruption by the ruinous powers (the Player gained Korne's favor by firing a flamer-type weapon indiscriminately into melee, being rewarded with 10 corruption points and the Frenzy talent for free. The Immaculate hand would prefer to recruit her for Slaanesh, which the player has no problem with as the character is supposed to be a seductress-type anyway.) Kirkman specified in the mission briefing that if they have to perform heresy in the name of maintaining their cover then it is regrettable, but necessary for the mission. They'll have to justify everything to him afterwards and possibly perform penance, but it's better than having the cult scatter and rebuild after being dealt with. So, the plan is that when the group is on the verge of success, they get recalled. Kirkman has been killed in battle, and as a result there's a new Inquisitor in town who's recalling all acolyte cells to consolidate and review Kirkman's operations. While Kirkman was a veteran radical, this new Inquisitor is brand new and a very strict Puritan. So, what I'm asking advice on is what background would best suit this new Inquisitor. I'm toying with the idea of a Sister of Battle or someone of that fanatical ilk. Whoever it is they have to be an immediately obvious and serious problem for the group beyond merely messing up their operation (though not irrecoverably, provided they ignore their new boss and head back to work after finding out the new situation). Thoughts and suggestions?
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