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  1. It's a relatively informal, after work type situation, but I tend to get there for 6ish or shortly after. Technically Armada nights are fortnightly, as the store owner (and fellow Armada player) runs a D&D group on the alternating Monday. Given that he's there and the tables are empty, however, he's happy for us to play on his D&D Mondays: it just means that some Mondays have more players come down than others. Basically, we get between 2-6 players down a week, and you can usually get a game; if you're pushed for time, however, there's two nights a month when we get a really decent turnout! Hope you can join us!
  2. We have a regular Armada night on a Monday evenings at Wargames Emporium in Sheffield. Varies in number, but there's usually someone down for a game. Would be happy for you to join us!
  3. Whereabouts are you based my friend? As @Ginkapo says, I might be able to point you in the right direction.
  4. I think we also like this in the context of the FFG models: if we hadn't had the larger versions first, then the scale models probably would have seemed disappointing. If you got that Arquittens on that base in your off-the-shelf pack, you'd be asking why on earth such a small ship needed such a large footprint, and question the whole size logic of the game. It's only because we have the original Arquittens that we look at that and think "that's awesome, and makes sense to me". Add to that how fiddly it would be if each time you bought a squadron pack you were dealing with seventy-two tiny models, plus the extra plastic needed to put them on bases... I'm glad this is an option for the community, and I'd sure love some myself, but I think that for the casual gamer, the standard models are just easier to use and more appealing.
  5. Like everyone else, I'm pretty excited about trying out the new ships. I'm sure that everyone else in my local meta will be itching to get that fancy new ISD on the board (THRAWN!), however, so I thought I'd give the MC-75 a whirl tonight. I've taken Rieeken (who, as @Ginkapo points out, is a bit more forgiving if you make mistakes whilst you're working things out), and then some ships that I think will combine well whilst also being fun (with a cheeky Rogue One theme as well). Very much a casual list rather than a tourney one, but I'm still interested to get people's thoughts! Assault: Advanced Gunnery Defense: Contested Outpost Navigation: Dangerous Territory MC75 Armored Cruiser (104) • General Rieekan (30) • Strategic Adviser (4) • Caitken and Shollan (6) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • External Racks (3) • Heavy Ion Emplacements (9) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) • Profundity (7) = 175 Points MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63) • Major Derlin (7) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Dual Turbolaser Turrets (5) • Foresight (8) = 92 Points Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) • External Racks (3) • Garel's Honor (4) = 43 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) • Jaina's Light (2) • Leia Organa (3) = 53 Points Squadrons: • Shara Bey (17) • Tycho Celchu (16) = 33 Points Total Points: 399
  6. Thanks for this: I instinctively liked the card, and it's nice to know maths is on my side! I have a list that I fancy giving a go with this: Hammerheads with External Racks and Leia are nasty at close range, but with Intensify Firepower, that's five auto-damage per turn as the close as well. And as we know with bombers, single hits may not seem like a big worry in themselves, but they soon add up. Points: 395/400 Commander: Leia Organa Assault Objective: Opening Salvo Defense Objective: Fleet Ambush Navigation Objective: Solar Corona [ flagship ] Modified Pelta-class Assault Ship (56 points) - Leia Organa ( 38 points) - Raymus Antilles ( 7 points) - Engine Techs ( 8 points) - Intensify Firepower! ( 6 points) = 115 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - Task Force Antilles ( 3 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 42 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - Task Force Antilles ( 3 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 42 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - Task Force Antilles ( 3 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 42 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - Task Force Antilles ( 3 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 42 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - Task Force Antilles ( 3 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 42 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 20 total ship cost 1 Shara Bey ( 17 points) 3 A-Wing Squadrons ( 33 points)
  7. Cheers for this mate - can sometimes be tricky to keep up with all the things going on!
  8. I think we can resolve this even more simply by concluding that Leia was acting. Her ship's been boarded, her crew have been attacked, and she herself is now a prisoner. She's playing the diplomatic card, but she clearly knows it's futile, or she wouldn't have given R2 the plans. She's up the creek, but she might as well keep up appearances. I don't think it's farfetched, especially for the Star Wars universe.
  9. I'd like to see Commodore Agate from the Star Wars: Aftermath novels, but we're only likely to see those if/when we get Nadiri Starhawks, since she commanded one in the Battle of Jakku.
  10. In Rogue One: Catalyst, the Separatist remnant are more the peoples that supported the Separatists than the battle droid armies themselves. Just as, in Clone Wars, the clones fight the Umbarans, it's implied that they're fighting similar local forces on other worlds. Yes, in Rebels we see the heroes fight a unit of battle droids that ignored the shut down order, there's no suggestion that it was widespread. I'm not saying it's impossible, I just think it would open a can of worms: if there are large enough remnants of Separatist armies to justify a faction, surely it'd completely change the narrative of the Original Trilogy? As I've said previously, I think one or two ships making it into the Rebel rosta (as retrofitted ships that weren't scrapped by the Empire) would be really cool and certainly plausible, I don't think a remnant faction would work thematically, and an exclusively Clone War faction would be awkward to include at best. Equally, however, I might be wrong. It's not like we get too upset at Empire vs Empire games at tournaments; no-one's going to protest even a Separatist vs First Order game, were they to be incorporated. I just think it'd be a tricky one for FFG to manoeuvre when there's plenty of scope left within the existing game and era.
  11. I think the problem is that this only really works for the Republic. Even if you only take existing models, you've got a decent range of Republic era ships with the Pelta, Arquitens and Victory; throw in the Venator, and you could easily put together a Republic fleet. It doesn't work, however, for the Separatists; there isn't a single ship in the current lineup, or even in the current lore, that could easily be released as a Civil War-era ship with two faction cards. I can easily see a retrofitted Separatist ship for the Rebels at some point, but not multiple; the idea is cool for a single ship, but would start to feel very out of keeping with three or four. In which case you'd have to release a collection of Separatist ships exclusively as Separatists for a Clone Wars style campaign to work. I think we are seeing synthesis in both Disney and FFG's work: Peltas and Arquitens in Armada, AT-RTs in Legion, ARC-170s in X-wing. But it's always going to be limited by the fact that, whilst the Original Trilogy and sequels fit with one another very neatly (Rebellion becomes Resistance, Empire becomes First Order), the conflict that defines the Prequel Trilogy is completely separate and different. I just can't see a neat way to synthesise it in the way you suggest, and I think that a release of Separatist ships and Republic alternative cards would be messy, and the kind of messy that would prove unpopular.
  12. Don't know if you've read 'Rogue One: Catalyst', but it deals with this to an extent: Separatist holdouts still exist in the new Empire, they're used as an excuse by the Empire to seize assets and planets, and some sow the seeds of Rebellion. But not to the extent, I think, that Separatist fleets would form the backbone of the new Rebel Alliance. Bear in mind that the CIS was a puppet of Palpatine; many were driven by greed rather than the dream of freedom, and their values might not fit so neatly with those of the nascent Rebellion. I'd like to see a Providence or Munificent as a retro-fitted addition to the Rebel fleet: one that wouldn't look too out of place amongst existing designs, that would add to existing factions rather than create new ones, and one that reflected the fact that it's old tech adapted to new purposes. Perhaps lots of hull but relatively lower shields (due to older shield technology), which would make it a new angle for the Rebel roster?
  13. I stand by my original point - yes, there are those of us in our twenties/thirties who are nostalgic for the best of the PT, and who might shell out for Clone Wars merch. But there are one **** of a lot more people who love the OT, and who see the Galactic Civil War as the Star Wars. From a purely business point of view, why go invest time and money producing CW stuff for a small section of your target market, when the larger market is in the OT, and the CW fans will still buy those products? it's not even an especially cynical move from Disney - it's just realistic. I find this idea that Disney have rejected the PT perplexing: 'Battlefront II' is the most obvious example, but it's far from exclusive. Rebels is a well crafted bridge between the PT and OT, with lots of old tech (a Clone Walker, and even a freaking Separatist battledroid army in one fantastic episode), old characters and themes being brought into the Civil War era. There have been multiple Marvel Comics, some set exclusively in the Clone Wars ('Obi-wan and Anakin', 'Mace Windu', 'Darth Maul'), some spanning the two ('Kanan' and the main series), and some drawing on elements of the prequels ('Darth Vader'). There have been novels, there are ships in X-wing (and Armada if we count the Pelta etc.), there are characters and units in FFG's other games: how cool does that AT-RT unit look for Legion?! What we're seeing is synthesis: Disney and FFG have realised that the OT remains the most popular era of the franchise, and so are focusing on it alongside their new films, yet in doing so they are still bringing in lots of the best from the prequels, and even from the EU. I think a lot of people are seeing what they want to see: the Big Bad Mouse, coming in and ruining Star Wars with their corporate greed. But if it hadn't been for Disney, how likely is it that Star Wars would have seen the kind of revival it's had? New movies, new games, new stories: some elements, yes, driven by profit, but others labours of love. The Rebels series wouldn't have had the success it's had, been so well written and brilliantly voiced, if Disney hadn't fronted the money and then given the reins to people who love Star Wars. TL;DR - Let's stop hating on the company that has made games like Armada not just possible, but successful and exciting.
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