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  1. Reporting a great trade with chief4ryan.
  2. My 5 month old son is having it kind of forced on him as his nursery is nothing but Star Wars. My 3 year old daughter on the other hand recognizes all the main characters, loves her Star Wars look and find books, and watches Rebels with me from time to time. My nephews, both 5 now, have seen all the current movies and are obsessed with it. My nephew that just turned 3 (brother to one of the 5 year olds) is slowly growing into it, but is obsessed with Dinosaurs now. I think the imaginex toys are really good for younger kids and the Rebels show, as it's got the cartoon feel. By age 5, I think most kids would be able to handle the movies. You really don't have much blood in any of the movies except a scene or two here and there, and no foul language, at least not in English.
  3. I know it's not all fun upgrades and such, but I am looking to unload my entire Armada set (core set and all expansions to wave 3). I'm really looking to trade all of that for a Rebel Corvette and Rebel Transport expansion and rebel ships. I know I might be losing on the deal, but I don't play Armada at all anymore and really want to expand my rebel collection of x-wing. PM if interested
  4. I'm trying to just run a cpu vs cpu and get stuck on Activation #1, and can't figure out how to go further.
  5. Tickets go on sale today. Who's going?
  6. That's a good suggestion, so then that gives me three points to spend.
  7. Someone posted a nice Chopper battering ram style build a while ago with Dash as the 2nd ship. I was thinking, what about with Miranda? So here's what I got. Chopper: AC, Autoblaster, Hera, Zeb, Anti-pursuit Miranda: TLT, Extra Munitions, Plasma Torp, Cluster Missles, Luke Skywalker, Hull Upgrade My thought is Miranda has her regen and ability to use one weapon or another at every range with decent chance for damage and Luke for rerolls. Chopper will simply work as a battering ram, being a lower PS skill, I'll aim him directly into the paths of any oncoming ships, keeping them pinned down for fire from both ships. Both have good shield values and hull, so should be able to take a good bit of damage. Suggestions?
  8. Unfortunately we ran out of time (and coherent people) to play. But I'm still keeping the idea as a mission type game.
  9. So here is what we have finally decided on, and thank you all so much for the input. I did find out we have a few others that have played before, just not consistently. Wedding Escort (thanks Niinivaara for the idea) The Admiral is getting married. Imperial spy networks have intercepted transmissions of rebel activity in the area. The Admiral has chosen his Instigator Corvette to ensure his safe arrival to the ceremony. Escorted by his most trusted pilots and a small contingent of Tie fighters, he makes his run through rebel occupied space.The Admiral has also called in favors with some of the galaxies bounty hunters to help ensure his safe arrival. A small rebel fleet has moved to intercept The Admiral and keep him from his "engagement". Set Up: 6' x 3' table, Shuttle and escort are starting at one end with the goal to reach the other side. There are start points for rebel ships at half way point and opposite end of the table. Small base rebel ships will get one regen, and Tie Fighters with get one regen as well. Rebels will initially deploy at the half way point, rebel reinforcements will be deployed at far end. Tie fighter reinforcements will deploy from Imperial starting point. Groom is running the Imperial Raider filled to the max with 150 points. Best Man and Groomsmen are piloting escorts (Slave I, Tie fighters, Tie Advanced, StarViper, HWK, Aggressor, Z-95s, Scum Y-wings). This team will have by brother (experienced) and two other players that have played before. Rebels will have three large base ships (YT-1300, YT-2400, Ghost), and a slew of small base X-wings, A-wings, B-wings, Y-wings. This team has myself and one other casual player. No upgrade cards are being used on any ships except the Raider, and only the large base ships are allowed named pilots, all others are generics. The idea will be, except for the raider, just simple move, attack, defend. We will have a log set up so we know what order each ship is moving and attacking. The hope is that the raider will just continue to move straight across to the objective the entire time, trying to keep itself alive and hammering the incoming rebels. I figure this should help keep the game time limited. Also having the regen ships starting at a farther distance from the main battle means that the "reinforcements" will only be moving for a few turns when they get onto the board before they can get in range to attack. If I did the math right with all the ships we have, this scenario heavily favors the Raider, but that's the whole point.
  10. The only problem with this is the HUGE world and how many storylines there are. Making this into a TV show or movie series would either mean you have to have 1 hour episodes every week for ever, or you would have to release 3 hour epic movies once a year. The biggest problem is how big the books are and they really don't take place over a long period of time, so without quick filming and releases, your actors would constantly be getting too old for the character. Harry Potter books at least were spread a year apart, so the actors aged with the series. Wheel of Time doesn't have that ability.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am thinking doing squads and a defend mission. Have my brother be the leader of the Scum and Imps and have them defend a "space station" using the Raider as a mobile command. Then I'll lead the rebel assault. Figure do two turrets with stats of 2 attack, 0 agility and 4 hull. Basically divide all the ships, small base rebels get one regen, tie fighters with 2 regens. Regen ships enter from edge of the playing field for rebels and from a "docking bay" for Imp. Don't do any other upgrades and do just basic ships. The YT 1300, YT 2400 and Ghost, Slave 1 would all be one and done. I think doing it that way, like EvilEd said, just move, shoot, defend. That way it's simple for people who haven't played, but gets everyone involved.
  12. My brother has a good chunk of Scum expansions with Most Wanted, StarViper, Slave 1, and he has the original core set. The turret idea I think would be really cool.
  13. We (PENS fans), hope to see you in the cup finals. Good luck.
  14. So this weekend, my brother and I are heading to a bachelor party weekend. There are going to be about 16 guys there, and even though no one else in the group plays x-wing besides my brother and I, we are thinking of having one huge game using all of the ships we have available and get everyone involved. Has anyone ever done this before, and how did you coordinate the game? I was thinking between the ships I have, and my brother has mostly scum ships, we can probably field everyone with 100 point squads. The issue is, we have way more rebel ships than any other faction. I was thinking, with the Imp Raider, use that and all the scum and Imp and just do a head to head rebel vs scum and imp. But I'm open to any other suggestions. Obviously we are going to play on a much larger space as well. We have a ping pong table available that I think will work for size.
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