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  1. So basically it looks like I’m going to be cutting and pasting from the wiki onto a word document for the foreseeable future! thanks for response guys! when I get it all done I’ll post a copy for you guys to proof read for me if that’s ok?
  2. Hey all. im on the hunt to find an alphabetical ordered quick reference sheet that basically covers all things like assult, Bomber counter escort Raid, plus it’s effects you know all those extra rules you can only find on the card insert or wiki for fighters ,flotillas, interdictor..... any help much appreciated!
  3. Looking at this for an option + Assault Frigate MkII (91pts) + Assault Frigate Mark IIB (91pts) [Expanded Hangar Bay (5pts), Flight Controllers (6pts), •Gallant Haven (8pts)] + MC30c Frigate (68pts) + MC30c Torpedo Frigate (68pts) [Assault Proton Torpedoes (5pts. + MC80 Cruiser (152pts) + MC80 Assault Cruiser (152pts) [Electronic Countermeasures (7pts), XI7 Turbolasers (6pts), •Defiance (5pts), •General Dodonna (20pts)] 3 Awings 4 Bwings
  4. Having tried a list now and using the 4 bwings to nurse maid the mc80 till an appropriate time I think I'm going to drop comms, add flight controllers and maybe expanded hanger to add nym, As to the yavaris issue Im either going to go with using it as a fighter buff or drop the idea and tool it for firepower in my next game, I still lost the game by the way, but it wasn't the usual drubbing for once! Well on inspection I can't add flight controllers, doh!
  5. Fair point, Still getting a handle on how things work, To much battle fleet gothic in days gone past,
  6. Just trying to find a synergy I like still that's all
  7. You think running Luke and Han with yavaris might be a bit OP
  8. Interesting, Thanks for the clarification guys, I'll have to try it out,
  9. Are so its impossible to geta double or triple tap with Han solo then, Have to try wedge and someone else then,
  10. That's a big commitment on 2 ships, Odd question for you, If I run Han close to yavaris how does the ability to double tap with him stationary work with his rouge activation?
  11. Thanks for the response guys, I've come up with this as a draft list, Dodonna Assault frigate 2b Expanded hanger bay Redundant shields Adar Tallon Gallant Heavan Scout frigate Counter measures Weapons liaisons Assault concussion missiles Foresight Nebulon b escort frigate Raymus Antilles Yavaris Squadrons Keyan Farlander 3 Bwings Han Solo 2 xwings
  12. Ok I've recently got my second box of reb starfighters, I've got a serious want to run 4 wings in a list, Can anyone share any advice for building a fleet around them please?
  13. I agree with pretty much everything you've raised, I hadn't concidered the extra board room addition tho, Good call there, Many thanks,
  14. Hey all, Ok, here's the rub, I going to organise a huge game of armada in the coming months and have a question for you all, Has anybody seen any rules to govern a game with multiple players per faction? Obviously a different mechanic is needed to prevent the game being kluncky and slow, Stipulations on unique admirals and ships is obvious bit it's the turn sequence I'm concerned about, Any light you can shed is much appreciated!
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