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  1. @Dark Raver vs @Roquax First player: Dark Raver Objective: Hyperspace assault Roquax: 6 (MOV 0) Dark Raver: 5
  2. W: Tie Bombers H: lots of stuff including alt arts, dice, acrylic tokens
  3. W: Full set of recreator studios (or any other similar acrylic) range rulers in WHITE H: lots of stuff
  4. Ahem. I won the World Cup. I finished all my games first.
  5. comatose vs Roquax Roquax: 445 comatose: 224 Objective: Sensor Net Initiative: Roquax
  6. PartyPotato vs Roquax Roquax: 320 PartyPotato: 281 Objective: Superior Positions Initiative: PartyPotato
  7. GiledPallaeon vs Roquax Roquax: 400 GiledPallaeon: 285 Objective: Superior Positions Initiative: Roquax
  8. @PT106 and @Roquax scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) at 8PM EST
  9. We get reserve ticket - still have to pay for them.
  10. I have a definitive answer. No travel for the Canadian National Champion.
  11. Nationals winners only receive reserve tickets, no transport or hotel. That's what they have told me anyways.
  12. @Viktor Tanek vs @Roquax Roquax 6, Viktor 5 Nothing died, both fleets didn't engage at all (except for some minor pot shots from Dutch) Objective: Precision Strike Initiative: Viktor
  13. So @Karneck doesn't get the bounty because he actually beat me! Also, not playing two-ship anymore, it's trash. But I will be trying out some zany new concepts.
  14. Two-Ship is HAWT GARBAGE
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