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  1. Is there a way to return to a previous phase - i.e. we are in the management phase, but need to edit results from the battle phase?
  2. I’d be willing to print out a couple for people - just PM me and we can work something out.
  3. If the trays are of the same length, then they do.
  4. You can split it into two smaller 3ft trays - that's the benefit of being modular!
  5. Hey all, As a tournament player, one of the little inconveniences we deal with is having to move all your stuff (ships, cards, tokens, etc) from table to table. Either it takes several trips or you have to pack and unpack every round. So I've been tinkering around with my 3D printer and I think I've come up with a solution to solve all that - the Modular Command Tray system. Each separate component of the system is designed to hold a portion of your list - one tray for ships (tokens, dials, cards), one for upgrade cards, one for squadrons, one for accessories, and other similar trays. The trays all link together using a slide system with handles. So the individual trays combine together to transform into a super-tray ala Devastator. I've included a link below to illustrate. Just wanted to get community feedback on the design. Thanks (and be kind)! -Roquax
  6. Pod G Roquax defeats TigerKommandant439 vs 168Roquax was First Player and selected Volatile Deposits
  7. Pod G? Roquax defeats OutboundFlight400 vs 242Roquax was First Player and selected Hyperspace Migration
  8. @TigerKommandantvs @Roquax Roquax was 1st player Most Wanted Roquax: 321 TigerKommandant: 32 MOV: 289, 9-2
  9. @Karneckwe played earlier today, we got to round 4 and Green Squadron 3 conceded (after the outcome was very evident).
  10. @Green Squadron 3 vs @Roquax Roquax was 1st player Contested Outpost Green Squadron 3 conceded MOV: ???, 8-0
  11. @SkyCake vs @Roquax Roquax was 1st player Intel Sweep Roquax: 400 Skycake: 171 MOV 229, 8-3
  12. @itzSteve vs @Roquax Roquax was 1st player Most Wanted was played Roquax: 356 itzSteve: 70 MOV: 286 Tournament points: 9-2
  13. @LTD vs @Roquax Roquax was 1st player Sensor Net was played Winners 325 Losers 200 Winners total MOV: 125 and tournament points: 7-4
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