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  1. Bilbo Baggins has been approached by a wizard and an exiled Dwarf King to take part in a quest of great significance: to recover the lost wealth of Erebor. This is the first Playthrough report of my new Campaign as we begin retelling the events of the Hobbit through a new lens. Hope you all enjoy! https://theroadlotr.wordpress.com/2020/12/21/we-must-away-ere-break-of-day-playthrough/
  2. After finishing The Lord of the Rings Saga, I asked my readers what they would like to see next. Some asked for the stories told by individual scenarios, others asked for isolated ‘What Ifs’, both of which we have now on our blog. But the overwhelming majority wanted to see our take on The Hobbit Campaign. I can confirm that will indeed be our next story, and I look forward to seeing what you think on this take of The Hobbit. May The Road rise to meet your feet! https://theroadlotr.wordpress.com/2020/12/04/the-hobbit/
  3. There are reports of increased Orc activity around Ithilien, and you have been sent to investigate. You enter Osgiliath and cross the river. On the outskirts of the city, you see a horde that surpassses all expectations coming down the Morgul Road. Here is the narrative to accompany my Playthrough of Massing at Osgiliath. Let us know what you think! https://theroadlotr.wordpress.com/massing-at-osgiliath/
  4. Of all the questions asked by the Tolkien community, there is one that still wracks is to this day. We have the answer to ‘Who is Tom Bombadil?’ [“He is.”], ‘Do Balrogs have wings?’ [As physical manifestations of Maiar, they could if they wanted so it makes no difference] and ‘Was the prophecy of the Witch-king’s demise a self-fulfilling one?’ [No.] But the one that yet remains unanswered is ‘What if Grima Wormtongue had joined the Fellowship of the Ring?’ Well fear not, for within I have the answer. Read on, and find that you may once again sleep easy at night, secure in the knowledge you never knew you needed. https://theroadlotr.wordpress.com/2020/11/13/grima-goes-south-playthrough/
  5. Whether you are a well-established trio, or two players introducing a third, three players can sometimes be a difficult balance to strike in this card game. Most of the quests seem balanced around 1 or 2 players, with a smattering of 4 player quests thrown in there as well. Well for those of you lucky enough to have 2 whole friends who want to embark on an epic quest with you, here are a few suggestions. https://visionofthepalantir.com/2020/11/06/three-player-quests/
  6. I was unaware of that ruling for side-quests, thank you for pointing it out for me. I’ll be sure to remember that in the future. As for the shadow cards, in the playing of the game they are indeed dealt out all at once in the correct order. It is purely stylistic how I have presented it. I’m afraid I do not, but there are others far more knowledgable than I in these forums who’d be happy to help
  7. The final quest is at hand. It has all led to this. Aragorn, Amarthiul and Thurindir have pursued Thane Ulchor to his fortress on the Sea of Nurn, and now storm it’s walls with an army of freed slaves. The Dunedain seek vengeance against their Black Numenorean kin. One way or another, this conflict ends here. Here is my Playthrough report of The Fortress of Nurn: https://theroadlotr.wordpress.com/2020/10/21/the-fortress-of-nurn-playthrough/
  8. No major spoilers yet I’m afraid, but I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far! I will say there are a handful of quests that seem specifically designed for 3 players, including one with that number in it’s title Storm on Cobas Haven is an excellent pick, but I’ve found it can work with multiple levels of player numbers. Thing in the Depths though is designed as a much more close-set encounter, being set entirely within one ship. Keep an eye open for Storm in future articles however...
  9. That is an excellent buy, well done sir! I’d definitely recommend two-handed play, and I hope to cover tips for that in a future article
  10. “I also advise this: do not go alone. Take such friends as are trusty and willing.“ The road is long and perilous, and none have the strength to survive by themselves. For in these times, the bonds of friendship forged in the fires of adversity shall prove the strongest. But where should you go, to which quests ought you turn? Here are a few suggestions for quests that are particularly suited for two players. https://visionofthepalantir.com/2020/10/08/two-player-quests/
  11. The Saga has ended, but the Road goes ever on. Before Frodo ever set out from Bag-end, rumours of war drift across the Anduin to the ears of Denethor, Steward of Gondor. Trusting only to the report of his highest councillors, Boromir his eldest, and Prince Imrahil, he dispatches them to Osgiliath to investigate the claims of a force amassing on the eastern banks. Here is my Playthrough report of Massing at Osgiliath. Hope you all enjoy! https://theroadlotr.wordpress.com/2020/09/02/massing-at-osgiliath-playthrough/
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