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  1. Keep in mind Obi doesn't have relentless only charge, so saber throw may not be the best upgrade.
  2. Would make them unplayable, one shot to completly nullify a unit would be a waste of 44 points.
  3. Don't think you need to go out hard and buy 6 corps straight off the bat considering like rebels and imperial there will most likely be different troops down the line.
  4. The combo of no sharpshooter and no charge will keep her in check from being able to do everything super well. Instead she will be a great toolkit who is decent in lots of situations.
  5. Sprues > Rubber models in little baggies. /thread
  6. No, typically can only take 1 of each identical upgrade
  7. Base speeder plus rocket girl, play range 4 and cover and work around the table.
  8. Played against her on the weekend, a casual 4 free defence dice and in heavy cover made her very tough to kill. Only Boba Fett thanks to sharpshooter 2 and pierce 1 could really hurt her and veers rolling crits like a boss.
  9. Long and short of it is Scopes are rarely worth it. But a slight increase in damage output versus key targets like presented here has the potential to turn the tide of a game.
  10. I am a very big advocate of AtRts being efficient. Just I would like to see another objective card where vehicles can contribute other than just shooting things.
  11. We have plenty of fix AtSt and T47 threads. Do you think support vehicles like bikes and AtRts need a buff @Orkimedes Personnly I think they just need another objective card which they can claim or have other end game win conditions they can achieve. The prevalent sniper spam seems to be really hurting bikes, doesn't take much to remove 3 wounds and render one bike pretty irrelevant and wonder twin lists seems to limit points for AtRts generally fitting in an replacement instead.
  12. How, maths clearly shows the T47 is neither tough or has high damage Here it is again, why can't you understand the T47 has bugger all damage The T47 for 175 pulling 1.87 storm trooper kills A AtRt with rotary cost 85 points and kills 1.56 storms 2 AtRt for 170 will kill 3.12 storms
  13. AT-RT also has speed 2, no surge to defense, and no cover. So it takes more actions to engage and suffers more incoming damage to impact weapon But no surge defence dice and no cover as very clearly shown makes very little difference to the defence of the cheap AtRt when compared to the T47 as shown perfectly by my math. It takes longer to kill 2 AtRt with no cover than it does to kill 1 T47, the AtRt not only are cheaper but their damage output is significantly more. You are saying how such a big advantage it is to have 1 activation with a big attack pool, but did you actually freaking look at the maths the T47 damage output is only very slightly better than a single AtRt with rotary, A SINGLE ATRT FOR 1/2 The POINTS and 2 AtRt totally eclipse it.
  14. Probably only need 1 droid to repair, most competitive lists would go after the troops and ignore the AtSt. Spend the points getting Veers in instead of the 2 chumps and sqeeze in another units of storms maybe
  15. Oh yes for sure math reduces a fun game to a calculation and shouldn't be looked as the be end all at all. It serves it purposes though, most people's gut feel is the T47 is below average, the maths hard (like really dam hard) backs this up. It's a shame that guys like the above 2 come out with such classics as 'still the T47' and basically make stuff up.
  16. Let us test out the toughness of the T47 compared to AtRts with actual numbers for UnitOmega and Derrault. Test 1 Stormtroopers with DLT Will average 1 damage versus T47, average 5 turns to cripple and 7 to destroy Will average 1.4 damage versus AtRt, average 2.8 turns to cripple and 4.3 to destroy Therefor 2xAtRt average 8.6 turns to destroy which is > T47 and arguably less loss in effectiveness as 1 AtRt is better than a crippled T47 when they both take damage. Test 2 AtSt with 88 Blaster Will average 2.3 damage versus T47, average 2.1 turns to cripple and 3 to destroy Will average 3.5 damage versus AtRt, average 1.1 turns to cripple and 1.7 to destroy Therefor 2xAtRt average 3.4 turns to destroy both As expected the T47 is easier to destroy than 2 AtRt who are cheaper and also more killy. Funny enough it shows how bad the AtSt is at killing things as well when you consider the amount of DLT storms you can get for its price.
  17. Make your own with magnetic flair for upright transportation
  18. 2 AtRt have 12 health with 6+ saves and easier ability to get battlefield cover 1 T47 has 7 health with 5+ saves and permanent cover 1. UnitOmega which one do you think is harder to kill?
  19. The math for apppes T47 3R 3B = 3x6/8 + 3x4/8 = 3.75 hits Storms have red defence = 3.75x3/6 = 1.875 kills. Efficiency = cost/kills = 175/1.875 = 93.3 AtRt with rotary 5Bsurge = 5x5/8 × 3/6 = 1.5625 kills 85/1.5625 = 54.4 For a unit less than half the cost and not much squishier when you bring 2. Now the T47 has some advantages as it can move aim and shoot so it's effeciny can be higher, but no to the point where it can out perform most other units in equivalent points baring in the impact 3 spot. In all these threads Derrault has not provided any actual reason that can be seen black and white to why the T47 isn't garbage.
  20. Ok let's use apples. The T47 for 175 pulling 1.87 kills, with 93 points per kill A AtRt with rotary cost 85 points and kills 1.56 storms 54 points per kill. 2 AtRt for 170 will kill 3.12 storms. I can do math for sooo many scenarios and nearly all the T47 sucks
  21. It's not really good on paper either, it is one of the worst units in the game for kills versus cost. One more time for those folks at home. Stormtroopers with DLT costing 68 points shooting a unit of Stormtroopers will kill 1.62 models, 42 points per kill efficiency. A T47 naked costing 175 points shooting the Stormtroopers will kill 1.87 models, 93 points per kill efficiency. So 2 units of stormies who can also score objectives for 136 points will kill double a T47. I can go on if needed
  22. Didn't we just have all the math about DLT shooting it down easy, or the math of how little it kills for its points and how inefficient it is, or the results from large tournaments where it never does much.
  23. Surely you are a troll, surely no one can be that stubborn to believe a unit is good in the face of overwhelming opinion and evidence .
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