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  1. Cool, I am surprised he didn't add in a medic at the cost of a DLT, their value is huge with death troopers when you bring back expensive models.
  2. How have people found using Veers over Krennic, miss out on handing out army wide suppression, a very hand 2 standby tokens and free death troop order but Veers can give out 2 aims a turn and has the handy bombardment.
  3. Who are the rebels going to bounty hunt...themselves...
  4. But the T47 is one of the most points efficient units, defaults maths show it.
  5. As a player of both factions overall they are balanced. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. However I have a feeling with Bossks imminent release, the tank and people now taking medic supported death troopers we may see the scales tilit to favour Imperials. Luke can only do so much in the face of so much range 4 suppression.
  6. Surprised we didn't see more tanks to be honest. It's a shame there's not more bikes, royal guard, FD, pathfinders, well any variety
  7. Luke is a single model who can easily hide and can be safe in combat. Can you please just go away with the T47 is great rubbish.
  8. Aaaand that guys chimed in, end of thread the T47 is absolutely amazing everyone.
  9. Drop it's cost by 20-30 and it's all apples and peaches
  10. Surely with 2 speeders double cover 2 pilots is the way to go?
  11. Keep in mind Obi doesn't have relentless only charge, so saber throw may not be the best upgrade.
  12. Would make them unplayable, one shot to completly nullify a unit would be a waste of 44 points.
  13. Don't think you need to go out hard and buy 6 corps straight off the bat considering like rebels and imperial there will most likely be different troops down the line.
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