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  1. Correct yes It was the easiest way in the end I'll try and put some more in depth details up soon
  2. First of all thank you all for entering and apologies for the delay in this post (life got in the way) I'll try and post up a little more in depth and we discuss it in our latest episode but the winners are @Glucose98 and @FranquesEnbiens If you guys want to DM me we can sort out some prizes
  3. So me and @Datskor just had over game, was tons of fun, he was a great opponent! Score was 122 to 75 to me
  4. Yeah but that's due to it being tied into the UK game expo - which will be our nationals this year So it could be anytime
  5. There was some interest in the twitch chat in the world's final yesterday including a guy that commited to buying a core set It's a great entry point and the right stuff for then to discount
  6. Now that Swiss is five can we get as many (all?) If the lists recorded Anyone there get posting
  7. Right, it was basically an issue with how the audio was saved. All is now sorted and it should work, apologies for the delay! @Bhelliom @QuickWhit
  8. I really like the concept Have you only gotten the one test game so far?
  9. World's is almost upon us! I have collated the answers from across all formats which can be found on the below post https://themistlandswatchtower.wordpress.com/2018/10/31/worlds-quiz-answers/ Good luck to all those taking part
  10. Yeah we have some issues Apologies all! @Wannabe PhD is on it, we think something has gone wrong when the software exported the audio file Will let you know once sorted Sorry!
  11. Could we add the unit sizes in? You can figure it out from the cost and upgrades but it'd be great if at a glance you can see it Thanks for putting this together!
  12. I'll second long canyon, it completely changes how you think about deployments when you compare it to the current set Objectives wise, I really want something that is impactful. I want that, yes you can kill more of my stuff but you ignored the objective so I've won anyway
  13. Sorry that's my bad! It'd feel weird changing it now, next time I'll sort it
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