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  1. Was a great event with a lot of familiar faces from last year and also some new one. Had a lot of very close games. Lost the first one by 1 point, got into day two with the last attack in game 6 killing the enemy R2-D2 on the point with "Positioning Advantage". In Top-16 Alistair made an insane comeback from losing Vader in my first activation at round two and beat me by exactly 1 point. I think I faced 3 IGs during the tournament. Most players were prepared for the droid: 9 activations-lists and a lot of command card control (spys, "shoot the messenger", "stall for time").
  2. It was a great tournament! Thanks to Jeppe and my very nice and skilled opponents! I played a lot of different things from HotE since the release date, but it was more like just try some new stuff, play one or two games with it and then try something else. Therefore I wasn't really confident takeing something of that to a tournament with 4+ games on an early Sunday morning. So I went back to some Merc-Hunter list. Two things I want when building the list: - No IG: I played around 20+ games before German Nationals (no Jabba allowed at this time) with different IG lists. Also all 7 games during the Nationals were against other IGs. So I was just sick of this Killer-Droid. Although up to now I still think he is the best or at least the most versatile Unique-Figure for 10+ points. - My main idea was to include as many activation that can deal serious damage to my opponent. That was one of the main reasons why I didn't include Hera, although I really like her two abilities. You can find the full list (including command cards) over here: http://www.tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/3629373733795064683e05000000008f959e359c921c770a3f1f72a42b9d Weequays, Onar and Vinto as damage dealer, 3PO and Gideon as support and Greedo and the Ugnaught to control objectives and terminals. Pretty simple, but hunters still work. Although this list doesn't need anything from the last two waves, I feel the game is on the right way and is quite balanced at the moment. I had two very close games in the first two swiss rounds against the Imperial runner up and Top-4 Han-Rangers-Drokkata, which could also end as two losses for me. Also 2 games against IG were I was lucky he didn't get his blaze of glory. Unfortunately the final went into my direction very fast, caused by the mission (Raining Freight) and the dice were in my favor. When I placed the second trophy in the living room the look on my girlfriend's face was like "This is getting out of hand! Now, there are two of them!" so maybe not the best idea to do this
  3. Not a regional but still think it fits in here I thought about playing this list at the Dutch Nationals yesterday, too. I actually changed Hera and the Jawa to Greedo and an Ugnaught to have a little bit more options to control objectives. I think Greedo is just amazing on the current maps and missions. We were 13 players and after 4 rounds and a top-8-cut I won the tournament playing against Vader-Palpatine (x2), Han-Ranger-Drokatta/Ahsoka(x2), IG-Hunter (x2) and a Emperor-Hunter list. Top 4 were IG-Hunter, Vader-Palpatine, Han-Ranger-Drokatta and my hunters.
  4. Same in the shop where I was the TO. In the first kit some copys (Unshakable) were missing. Then we got a replacement kit with a new set of cards (Unshakable, Droid and Inquisitor). Therefore we had a few more copys of the Junk Droid cards.
  5. Want to trade some alternate art cards. Located in Germany, will trade international Want - IG - Chewie - Leia Have - Dengar (engl.) - Boba (german) - Smuggler (engl.) - Tusken (engl.) - Unshakable (engl. and german) - Wampa (engl.) - Royal Guard Champion (engl.) - General Weiss (engl.)
  6. I won the German nationals with two rUgnaughts (and a few other units) last weekend. I think 2 are perfect for the use of some board control and to finish some units with 1 hitpoint left without exposing your more important and expensive figures. Also with only 2 Ugnaughts you are not able to abuse the junk droid to win the whole game. One Ugnaught is still good for terminal control but it is quite hard to get some attacks out of the junk droid. More Ugnaughts lead to some kind of very defensive play style and as mentioned before it is not very interesting and funny to play against them. I also have to say that W8 was not legal for the tournament, but W9 was. I dont think I would have played Ugnaughts with all the stuff from Jabba available for my mercenary army.
  7. Located in Germany, will trade international Want - AA IG - AA Chewie - AA Leia - AA Vader Have - AA Nexu (engl.) - AA Dengar (engl.) - AA Boba (german) - AA Smuggler (engl.) - AA Tusken (engl.) - AA Unshakable (engl. and german)
  8. Just a few short answers, but I can tell you a few more details when I have a little bit more time. Is there a specific squad/trooper formation that you use?Depends on the map and the mission, but a nice thing with Kayn and Heavys is: Double move with Heavys = 6, Order from a officer + move from Kayn = 6. So you can get a nice blast from the heavys in the first round or at least create some sort of "deadzone" where your opponet don't want to end his turn. Do you keep Somos with heavy or regular troopers? Or is it situation specific?It depends on the situation, but to focus the Heavys with Kayn is great and therefore I try to stay close to the Heavys. Why elite heavies and not regular? Are they really worth it as I've read on this forum that the elite are not worth the extra cost?I like the blast 2. In Germany trooper + RG lists are very famous (maybe that will change, because now the Bantha is legal for tournaments) and blast 2 is realy nice against them. Ever shot a RG surrounded by troopers with a focused eHeavy, Marksman and Element of surprise? It's fun The great advantage is that you can play Reinforcements on the rHeavys and for the 2 points less you can get a targeting computer and Rule by fear. Why elite and officers rather than another trooper squad?More activations, more movement at the beginning. Good cards like planning or inspiring speech. I don't like the rStormtroopers, your enemy has a Grenadier rolls 3 dmg and it's (most of the times) game over... It takes some practice to use Kayn, it was easyer before the Officer nerf. You need an eye where to send him to use his special abilities as often as you can and that takes some time.
  9. I played Kayn very often, at a few smaller tournaments and went 2nd place with this list at a regional this year. Deployment Cards --------------------------- ▪ Kayn Somos Elite Stormtrooper Elite Stormtrooper Elite Heavy Stormtrooper Imperial Officer Imperial Officer Command Cards ------------------------ Deadeye Element of Surprise Fleet Footed Focus Grenadier Inspiring Speech Marksman Planning Reinforcements Reinforcements Take Initiative Urgency Hard to Hit Rally the Troops Rank and File A good thing about him is, that people don't play against him often and sometimes underestimate the combinations with the other troopers. Also "rally the troops" was a real game changer in a lot of games.
  10. Hey guys! Just found this topic and maybe someone wants to trade with me. Located in Germany Haves: - Scimitar Squadron Pilot (eng/ger) - Soontir Fel (ger) - Recoon Specialist (ger) - Push the limit (ger) - Ten Numb (ger) - Boba Fett Scum (eng) - Cloak token - Evade token (GNK 2015) - IA: Strom Trooper (eng) - IA: Rebel Trooper (eng) - IA: Bantha Rider (ger) Wants: - Darth Vader (Worlds) - Han Solo (Worlds) - IA: Darth Vader - IA: Acrylic Focus Token - IA: IG-88 - IA: Trandoshan Hunter (GNK)
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