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  1. I use Zombicide black plague's Wulfburgs wolves for wolf proxies. Here you can seem them in basic black acrylic "wiped off" paint technique.
  2. Anyone with a 3D printer tried to make one of these free templates? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1126259 I like the idea of "working" doors you can open and close leaving it on the tiles.
  3. What about clear bases? Look at this: http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=73551.0
  4. Not a bug, just an enhancement I'd like to see in the future: at the moment there is no way to tell which side quest you are playing if you save and exit the game. In the "load game" screen you can only see the main campaign name. It would be good to have the side quest name written somewhere in the "load game" section, as well as in the gameplay screen, maybe under some option/info panel. It could be usefull when you have multiple game saves and also for bug reporting.
  5. Just two little finds here: Page 41: in Krutzbeck section his name is misspelled two times: "Kruzbeck's Hero ability [...] If Krutzback has [...]" Page 44, Apothecary section: "Brew Elixir"card image is displayed instead of "Potent Remedies" one. Thank you for your work Sadgit.
  6. I bought these: http://www.ebay.it/itm/MTL-Card-Sleeves-THICK-OSDE-Size-102X128-50PCS-PREFECT-FIT-for-Descent-2-/252496907411?hash=item3ac9fd0c93:g:nIYAAOSw-itXrNAh perfect size, with no exceeding border.
  7. Medusae activation windows, Special Effect part, says " Each hero must immediately either exhaust a Shield or test [awareness]. Each hero who fails is Immobilized". This should be "Each hero IN LINE OF SIGHT OF THIS MONSTER etc..." or something like that. You can have other heroes placed on different map tiles and there is no point to involve them in my opinion.
  8. There's a bug for Tamaril' shop: relic card Staff of light appeared between my party other objects and can be selled for 0 gold. I tried to sell it, than I was able to re-acquired it for 0 gold. After that, it is not listed anymore in the upper part (party inventory), anyway scrolling to the right there is a blank page with no items in it, and I think it has something to do with the other relics card I own. Object and relics are always listed correctly in the party inventory window that can be opened by clicking on the inventory icon in the lower part of the screen. RTL version: 1.1.5 Platform: ipad
  9. I would really like the possibility to close a door (as an action) once it is opened, as in the classic game. Or better doors indicators on the map that could remember you its locations when already opened.
  10. Platform: ipad O.S.: iOS 9.3.2 Rtl ver: 1.1.1 In the side quest where you have to save spider's eggs (don't remember the name), coming to the last turn the game ask you if all the eggs were put down in the pit (you win) or not (you loose): whichever you click "yes" or "no" the app crash. Also if you surrender/give up the app crashes. Loading the game will resume at the last saved point but the bug still stays on, so you can only delete the game...
  11. Hi to everyone, following errata from FFG the amount of cards that would need a re-print now is the following: OVERLORD CARDS Unholy Ritual Bloodlust Reinforce Diverse Means MONSTER CARDS Elemental, Act I and II Giant, Sweep description Troll, Sweep description HERO SHEETS Grisban the Thirsty Thaiden Mistpeak CLASS CARDS Runemaster, "Break the Rune" Knight, "Guard" Necromancer, "Raise the Dead" Necromancer, "Dying Command" Spirit Speaker, "Ancestor Spirits" Wildlander, "Running Shot" Geomancer, "Quaking Word" Apothecary, "Potent Remedies" Conjurer, "Mirror Image" REFERENCE (activation) CARDS Overlord Turn Summary SECRET ROOM CARDS Hidden Stash AGENT CARDS Tristayne Olliven, Act II Because we are talking about Errata Corrige from the developer itself, I think it would be great if FFG will provide printable pdf download for these cards. I wonder if there's any way to have this happening.
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