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  1. Yeah, Kylo isn't for everyone. FN will fit right in there, though.
  2. It may not be tier 1, but ePadme/Padawan/Padawan already works in AWK. Padawan are great recipients for Thermal Dets, have focus sides and can bring down a weaker foe in a tight comp. Good match-up against eJabba/eDooku and can handle moderate offense. Even better, SoR brings some specific tools to make this deck better, like Lone Operative. Excited to see the future of this deck.
  3. Try Dooku / Raider / Kylo (FN-2199). Played that for a good portion of AWK and it's very fun. FN allows some extra techs, including Personal Escort on Dooku to mitigate hard., and maintains the same 29 HP Kylo provides. Other than that, yeah... eKren/eBala is the deck of the format for now.
  4. I've been testing a copy to find Holocrons when the inicial handout lets me down. Been OK so far, can recommend if you have room for it.
  5. Out of the decks you've listed, ePoe/eRey is the meta call. Very strong, very fast and capable of huge bursts of damage with zero mitigation possibilities. Mandatory cards in it: Holdout Blaster Hit and Run Mind Probe eFinn/Poe follows the same principle, but it is widely inferior. You do get a pseudo-Hyperloop archetype if you wish, though, so there's that. Then, you would need: Thermal Detonator Millennium Falcon Hit and Run Mill decks are a fun alternative, but not at the top of the game right now. Ackbar's a little on the low regarding HP and his effect is negligible for Mill strats. I recommend 2 Padawan for a solid squad. They have focus to help Padme and can even aggro the weakest opposing character for end game relief. Cards to consider: Thermal Detonator Second Chance Force Protection Close Quarters Assault Bala and Kylo don't really go with each other. Kylo's die is not very good, aggro's not a reliable choice for him. Maybe try a different direction?
  6. Anything Vader or Jabba. Knowing you're playing with, at least, one less card every turn is depressing. I can counter Jango with Ambush and smart decisions, which feel like real advanced play. Same with Hyperloop and working around MF's die. While Jabba works on a similar premise, Vader's just there, looking pretty and burning you out. Poe/Rey also gets me "ehh..." with Holdout/H&R rushdowns but, hey...still have fun nonetheless.
  7. Solid investment. And not just for J&V.
  8. Flamethrowers shouldn't be there at all, IMHO. Your resource curve is 2, you're playing fast here. IQA and Flamethrower occupy the same high-cost, late-game upgrade space this deck needs. But IQA goes with the deck's theme (pumping ranged damage fast), while Flamethrower doesn't. Prety much same reasoning why you dropped Thermal Dets. Considering the list above, from my experience, I'd lose the following for a smoother rushdown: - 2 Infamous - 1 Tactical Mastery - 1 Armed To The Teeth - 2 Flamethrower While adding the following: + 1 Fight Dirty + 2 Probe + 2 Logistics + 1 Jetpack I saw that you had Logistics in older versions, don't know exactly why you dropped them. Amazing tech to ramp up guns and profit from slower turns that are bound to happen. Probe is offense when your opponent decides to slow things down and get Jango stuck. Must have, IMO. Jetpack, because guns. You probably don't have a second copy of it, as it seems. But, if you do, put it in. Finally, Fight Dirty is such a great card here. Any bad mid-game roll turns into 4-5 damage with unparalleled speed and can be used to good effect even if Jango is dead (assuming you gear Veers with yellow stuff). It should be your immediate alteration, above anything else.
  9. From what it seems, yeah...Poe/Hired Gun/Rebel Trooper is where it's at. Drop Millennium ASAP and go crazy. If you have Thermals, go boom as well.
  10. You're right, Maz can be the face of a support card, indeed. But, unless FFG's willing to prioritize Rogue One above all else, Kanata is really the only choice left to capitalize on recent SW material. My guess is on her, with Baze left for the next expansion. And I list Dengar in villain Yellow because of the number issue with Krennic and Trooper. Or does it have to be Red? I'm not sure on that...
  11. Blue: Mace Windu Kanan Jarrus Chirrut Imwe (confirmed) Obi-Wan Kenobi (confirmed) Darth Maul The Grand Inquisitor Asajj Ventress Emperor Palpatine (confirmed) Red: Bail Organa Hera Syndulla Cassian Andor Wedge Antilles Director Krennic (confirmed) Death Trooper (confirmed) Grand Moff Tarkin General Hux Yellow: Sabine Wren Jyn Erso (confirmed) Chewbacca Maz Kanata (confirmed) Fenn Rau Dengar IG-88 (confirmed) Unkar Plutt "Rebels" characters are a gamble at this point. So, any of those from the show listed above might as well be a generic character, in case it is not contemplated. The other choices follow a "Prequels" - "Rogue One" - "Originals" - "Contemporary" sequence, one of each when applicable, as Awakenings did. Perhaps, the most wtf choices above are the two ace pilots: Wedge Antilles and Fenn Rau. But Poe Dameron showed that pilots are applicable as characters for the game, so...; And, if Wedge isn't an option, my bet is on Nien Numb (Contemporary).
  12. If we're taking social networking as an aspect here, then yes...HSJ might not be your best choice. If we're considering extra competitive tools for the deck, this might buy him a critical turn against a damage-heavy roll. And Hired Gun might change the whole structure of the deck. Then, Hyperloop might be the natural course.
  13. - 2 DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol + 2 IQA-13 Assault Rifle You want Rearm fodder and it can only return red upgrades from your discard pile. - 2 Scramble + 1 Negotiate + 1 Shoot First Scramble is too slow. Go for heavy removal. The numbers are to your taste but I'd include one of them. - 2 First Order Tie Fighter - 1 Black One + 1 Launch Bay + 1 Millennium Falcon / AT-ST + 1 Logistics The deck is resource intensive, so Logistics fits the bill for slower turns. TIE/fo are more of a eRey/eQui-Gon Jinn tech counter, I guess you could keep one if you really like it. But I'd prefer to up the count of actual dangerous vehicles. Personal taste: I don't like Black One. Launch Bay would be my immediate substitute and a much more lethal choice. - 2 Something + 1 Scavenge + 1 Hyperspace Jump Scavenge accelerates Poe's effectiveness and Rearm fodder. Hyperspace Jump because, really...why not? I just don't know what you would remove at this point.
  14. Something to fill in those leftovers points from squad building. Whether it's an extra sum to the initiative roll or supports that can be put on the opening round by a small squad point cost, I don't care. Just...something.
  15. Not really and not sure where you got that from. What I understood so far is "great all-purpose, late-game, focus-swinging tool". Which I'm fine with, but WonderW isn't totally wrong.
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