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  1. What do you mean? Most of the card games I play at my house, you do not reshuffle the discard pile: Magic the Gathering, Guillotine, Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity... list goes on and on. Only "standard" card games, i.e. Poker, Gin Rummy, etc., do you automatically shuffle.
  2. Wow, incredible alteration to the useless Wanted Poster situation. A very nice improvement! I'd love to see more, maybe a complete deck of 60 different wanted poster quests, and maybe even some monetary quests, such as "Give 'This' Emerald Key To The Cryptkeeper at the Graveyard", or, "Ride this Land of Mab The Mad," or even timer-based ones, such as, "Save Timmy From Drowsing in the River in Five Turns or Less."
  3. Not a terrible idea if, 1. Requirement is to fight Mab before receiving a destiny, 2. Mab assumes you already have one destiny, since you don't have a path, so she's at her +3 bonus, so 13/13 Str/Craft respectively on first engagement.
  4. I like some of the posts I'm seeing on the Homebrew section, perhaps sparked somewhat by this thread? I hope someone at FFG sees all these ideas and, instead of stopping Talisman, release a 5e. And thank you everyone for your comments.
  5. To be perfectly fair, yes, I have done that for the past 20-games, however it has been due to learning the game and discovering what has worked best, an evolution of insightful consciousness. I'd say only recently did I make a concentrated effort to "exploit" this setup, I'd say the last five games or so, to test if my hypothesis was correct, and it is.
  6. Does anyone else feel this game in its current edition (4th) is completely antiquated? Owning all expansions except Cataclysm, I can say with all honesty that not only is the main board mostly useless in terms of amassing power, but the corner expansion boards, Woodlands and Dungeon, are almost never used and a majority of the content, i.e. Wanted Posters and Warlock Quests, left completely untouched by end-game. Being a major strategist, I immediately noted that the cards from the Highland are vastly superior to the main board because the majority of the cards are beneficial (trinkets that award gold and don't bog down your inventory, or non-negative effects on most cards), the main villain at the end of the board is an easy push-over by the time you've completed the expansion board, and the monsters on the cards do not scale appropriately to make them more challenging than the main board. Ironically, this last point is untrue with the Woodlands and Dungeon, whose monsters are dangerous and deadly; whenever a member of our gaming group tries starting off headed into the Woodlands or the Dungeon before amassing any real power, they almost always get wiped out! From the last 20+ games we've played as a group, I've won 75% of the time. My strategy is so simple; go directly to the Highlands, get my Talisman from the Lost City by using Fate Tokens to reroll one (or both) die per token (1-in-6 chance once you roll a 6) and return to the waterfall to replenish Fate to try again, amass enough power to kill the boss at the end and claim Arknel artifact as the prize and teleport directly to the city upon killing the main boss, load up on godly gear sans followers (**** you Arknel), casually stroll over to the portal of power since at this point, everyone else is still super weak, then teleport directly to the crown of command and win the game. It's pretty cut and dry, and to be perfectly honest, a little boring now. We never get a chance to even attempt additional Warlock Quests, and now no one bothers with the Dungeon at all, and only sometimes the Woodlands. In all, I've come to realize that this game was designed very poorly, essentially a remake of 2nd edition without any real thought put into the power imbalance the expansions might cause! The center of the board needs to be much more challenging than it is to account for the expansions, and the corner boards difficulty should scale accordingly so that you really wouldn't want to even attempt any expansion until having amassed some real power on the main board first! It is clear to me that the Inner Region was designed for the main board, but when you add the corner expansions, it becomes weak in comparison to the power you can get! What should happen is there should be a *NEW* Inner Region for each expansion that scales in difficulty, so if you play with the Dungeon (being the hardest area) for example, the Inner Region should be 3x more difficult than it currently is, forcing you to at least tackle the Highlands, then another expansion or multiple Warlock Quests before heading inward. Arguable, I can see how some people just like exploring the board and might not play the way I do, however for strategists like myself, the way the game is currently designed, it is sorely clear it needs to be revamped. Having said all this, I believe FFG should develop a 5th edition with all this in mind, scaling the expansion boards reward and monsters, and including new Inner Regions with each expansion. Thoughts?
  7. @Wandering Wiz; thank you for those links! That's exactly what I was envisioning, and I think what op was looking for!
  8. I was envisioning a rating system such as a 1-10 point scale for each trait, i.e. starting Strength/Craft is a trait, Fate, Special Abilities, Starting Space. OVERALL: (combined average of below traits) STATS: (I'd rate high strength builds to be better suited for this game and high Craft builds to be the weaker with neutral builds to be average, UNLESS the character says 'Can Use Craft Instead of Strength'; also 7-stats instead of 6, etc.) FATE: (lowest I think I've seen is 2, highest I've seen is 5, but I could be wrong on both) SPECIAL ABILITY ONE: (how useful is it) SPECIAL ABILITY TWO:(how useful is it) (more than two special abilities would increase the OVERALL per, and less than two would decrease it by one) STARTING SPACE: (generally speaking, this shouldn't be much of an issue unless you start off in the Inner Region, which could set you at a distinct disadvantage) IMO, this could give some ideas toward which characters are clearly op and which ones are weaker. Combined with your COMBO idea, it would make for some interesting meta-data.
  9. How in the world can you go through the entire adventure deck when you have all expansions? I don't think we've even come close, like not even 20% of the cards are used... ever! Only in an expansion does this come close, and yes, we reshuffle, but I don't know the official rules on this tbh.
  10. A little op IMO. 7 combined stats with the ability to attack with Craft instead of Strength right out of the gate? And 5 fate on an already op character? I'd say if you kept it at 7 stat points, to lower the starting Fate to 2. Being able to steal a Craft from another player is pretty strong (equal to 7-trophy points at least), so I'd elaborate that the character CANNOT steal items from other players, only Craft, or the potential power of this character is off the charts! And I also agree with everyone else who posted about the female/male ideology and change it to Good aligned; also, ALL THE GOLD is ridiculously op and should be like half the players current gold rounded down, or even 1-gold, and you should add take a Fate in there!
  11. Is this something you would consider uploading to a dropbox or similar file sharing site? It seems there is some interest in this, and I'd also like a copy if possible.
  12. I've been told that Talisman online also has a lot of new characters not anywhere else.
  13. Exactly why I posted my idea of the "7th player". If you disregard the term "7th" and instead picture it as a Game Keeper, it makes much more sense.
  14. From what I can gather, 4e is pretty much 2e with more expansions. I can see 5e really thinking outside the box and adding all types of new features, terrains, perhaps 4-tiers/layers of difficulty (outer, middle, inner) instead of 3 since the 4e board is 2x larger than the 2e board allowing for more spaces, and as the poster above me said (expanded), a secret passages deck, etc. I'd also like to see more dynamics on the character sheet that allow for dexterity for thieving and missile based attacks, locked/blocked doors requiring strength to open rules for playing in teams and sharing items, rules for trading goods, etc., etc. The game is already long, but this could make it almost rpg'ish, and very exciting without extending the length of the game... or could potentially extend it for days if you like! 5e is the future and it's wide open imo!
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