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  1. So I finally landed a game of Rogue Trader- PBP, but I'm getting into the idea. We're set to start soon and I've rolled out my Voidborn Void-master (Ah, redundancy) who'd previously lost his ship due to enemy action (So even the other voidborn think he's odd, but he credits his survival with his faith.) A man who's spent so little time on actual, natural ground that he's secretly a little terrified of the idea. Thing is, I've usually played Dark Heresy, and usually either Mechanicus or Imperial Guard characters- so when the GM recommended we think about our characters' faiths and superstitions as part of chargen, I hit a bit of a wall. I wanted to play up the 'voidborn' angle, and so I figured him seeing the Emperor as a protector and guide for those who travel between the stars would be a nice, fun angle. And... I have no idea what to do with this. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to treat this? Anything you've done that turned out to be particularly fun? I don't want to skimp out, but I also don't know how to expand it and the GM isn't able to access a computer for the next few days.
  2. Okay, I got asked by a newer player interested in playing a priestly type what imperial services- like, actual religious services- would be like. Structure, how often, et cetera. And... I was embarrassed to admit that, as a fan of this stuff for almost fifteen years, I was drawing a complete and utter blank. I have no idea what actually happens in Imperial religious services. I haven't run into any depiction in any of the books, and I know it's supposed to vary wildly by world and tradition and whatnot, but... Has there ever actually been a description of what -happens- in Imperial services?
  3. Okay, I know this is probably random but I was wondering. In one of the expansions or possibly the original Dark Heresy core book there were rules for using a Hellgun without a backpack. (I know because I did it; it did something like only getting 12 shots or 10 or some number along those lines.) A char of mine recently acquired a Hot-Shot Laspistol which, in 2E, seems to have taken over that thing's sidearm's equivalent role. Catch is, I don't want to lug around a giganto-backpack for my -backup- weapon. (My char already sports a plasma gun!) Is there a rule about this anywhere? I mean I love the armor pen, and the damage is nice, but I really don't want to have to lug that pack around for a freakin' pistol.
  4. So I've been offered, by the Gm, a chance to have a Plasma Gun as -starting- equipment... as it would perfectly fit my character's background (Ryza Skitarii) but only if I take a "Witch Mark" as a malignancy. But all I can find is "Witch-Mark." The character develops some minor physical deformity or easily concealable mutation. It is small, but perhaps enough to consign him to death if found out by a fanatical witch hunter." There's no... examples! I have no idea what it should look like! Where it should be! How 'concealable' is concealable?' Can they be removed? And googling has proven fruitless, so... help?
  5. Okay, so hear me out. My group recently rolled up characters, and I decided to make a Skitarii Ranger as an Inquisitorial Initiate. I think it'd be **** fun if I could, somehow, throw something on skype or discord to add a metallic, modulated tone to my voice when I'm speaking "In Character." Thing is, the skype stuff I keep finding is majorly fishy. Anyone got anything like that, perhaps?
  6. Sadly I can't swing a saturday game, as I work then. Okay, technically I work saturday night and therefore need to sleep then, but still.
  7. All right, that sounds pretty interesting, honestly. I'd like to give it a shot- what do I need to do?
  8. There's something about PBP I've tried to find an answer to but keep getting silence. Combat in a regular tabletop game is roll-heavy. How do you handle combat in PBP, where the average encounter (it seems to me) would end up taking longer than it took for me to be born, grow up, find 40k, and ask about a game?
  9. So I've tried Roll20, I've tried Reddit, and I've tried a few other things. I've been striking out left, right and sideways. The only game I found was in French, which doesn't really help me. Any recommendations on where I should be going to try and find a game?
  10. The funniest thing I've run into was in a DH campaign. We needed to get info out of a guy we'd abducted and dragged back to a slum for questioning. Persuade and intimidation had failed, so our interrogator switched to the 'messier' tactics. But there were Arbites crawling all over the place, and we were worried they'd be just interested enough in a bunch of screams to come bother us. So when the interrogator went to work on him, our assassin faked an orgasm in very loud shrieks to make his screams more plausible. The GM let it work.
  11. So after about ten years of off-and-on tabletop play in text, I think it's about time to give that up. Text games seem to be about as dead as a guardsman who tries to pants his commissar on parade. I'd like to break into the 'online voice' games, but Roll20 is empty except for one in French (which I don't speak) and the reddit didn't turn out much better, as they don't want someone who's new to Voice. So... I figured I'd try here. Anyone have (or want) a game on either wed, thurs or fri (Hours flexible, I work nights but don't go in those days. I can play to either European or American time zones.) that could use a guy who tends to play former Guard?
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