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  1. Hersh

    Panicked hero

    Insert any number of Norman Duke quotes here.... :yawn:
  2. Thanks all. Very insightful and helpful. I think I am glad to be returning to the forums. P.s yes, the idea of Wookiee spam a bit intimidating.
  3. Ok, did you catch the part that she often wins other games? I don't think she will need help on this, thank you. Let me have one game I have a chance at....
  4. Actually, not concerned about keeping her interested. She is an adult, still living at home. She just loves Wookiees. In IA she played the two Wookiees, in x-wing her first purchase on her own was 2 of the Wookiee gunships, she has Lego statues of Chewbacca, a Chewie hoodie, her laptop wallpaper is that Wookiee Jedi, etc. Thank you, though, it is appreciated. She is a math wizard, so she is very good at figuring out which units are good and all, so, that is not a concern. And she is quite good at games theory. Before covid, I often hosted a games day and one of our regular games was firefly, which she won more than half the time.
  5. Yes you are correct, it is Wookiees. I'm going to blame auto correct on my phone for this one...
  6. Fun is good. Again, thanks for the response. Da hersh
  7. Kind of what I thought. She'll probably still her them. :le sigh: Thanks for the reply. Da Hersh
  8. I just got into this a week or two ago. I will mainly be playing against my daughter, (important later). I am not a new war gamer but she is, (for ref I played 2nd Ed 40k, she has played... Rebellion?). So far we have split one core sent and she has picked up Chewie. We also plan to split another core and she will prolly also grab Han. The question. My daughter has a love affair with Wookies... please no Gilmore Girls references... are the Warriors at all worthwhile? They don't really look it and no one mentions them in their lists. She won't be attending any tournaments or anything, but, she does like to trounce the old man and all. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. Da Hersh
  9. For all my ffg games, (and their love of tokens), I use tackle boxes from my local Walmart. Most non miniature games, once I pull out the insert, it all fits in the box
  10. On a semi related note, there is another thread that links to a video of this very thing happening.... sort of. It is called "the siege of Greedo's apartment". You should check it out
  11. And this is why I haven't been around in a VERY long time. It used to be fun to log in and chat and such. Now? Too many trolls and whiners.
  12. Not sure about a surface to play on, (we use my dining room table), but, you can use one of the box lids to stop dice flying all over. For other games, (xwing and Armada), I built a 3'x3' surface out of plywood and some fabric. Quite inexpensive to make.
  13. I think once you are familiar with the two book style, and FFGs style in general, it is MUCH easier. I love FFG and own a LOT of their games. And now, the rules seem incredibly clear and coherent. But, yeah, if you aren't used to it, it can be confusing. So, my suggestion to people who have issues with the FFG rulebooks is BUY ALL THE FFG, THEN and ONLY then, will things become clear Grasshopper
  14. I have to agree with you Subtrendy. Being a gamer who plays thematically if at all possible, it would be VERY cool if we had something to build the heroes stories with. Something to start from. This would add huge to the rpg side of things.
  15. You're right. To add to it, there is also mention of this in the errata: "If the Rebel player wishes to optionally reveal his base, he can only do so at the start of one of his turns of the Command Phase, before using one of his leaders." Nice catch Lemmiwinks. I was soley looking at the RR, which states something a LITTLE different.
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