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  1. And this is why I haven't been around in a VERY long time. It used to be fun to log in and chat and such. Now? Too many trolls and whiners.
  2. Not sure about a surface to play on, (we use my dining room table), but, you can use one of the box lids to stop dice flying all over. For other games, (xwing and Armada), I built a 3'x3' surface out of plywood and some fabric. Quite inexpensive to make.
  3. I think once you are familiar with the two book style, and FFGs style in general, it is MUCH easier. I love FFG and own a LOT of their games. And now, the rules seem incredibly clear and coherent. But, yeah, if you aren't used to it, it can be confusing. So, my suggestion to people who have issues with the FFG rulebooks is BUY ALL THE FFG, THEN and ONLY then, will things become clear Grasshopper
  4. I have to agree with you Subtrendy. Being a gamer who plays thematically if at all possible, it would be VERY cool if we had something to build the heroes stories with. Something to start from. This would add huge to the rpg side of things.
  5. You're right. To add to it, there is also mention of this in the errata: "If the Rebel player wishes to optionally reveal his base, he can only do so at the start of one of his turns of the Command Phase, before using one of his leaders." Nice catch Lemmiwinks. I was soley looking at the RR, which states something a LITTLE different.
  6. During the command phase, the Rebel player may voluntarily reveal the Rebel base, on his turn. RR page 11. When you reveal, your forces would now be in the same system as the death start. Combat would ensue automatically, (each of you would still be able to bring a leader to the fight tho).
  7. I think the mechanic I am thinking of is from Flames of War and how they do aircraft, (fixed wing). It is the ONLY way I can see it working with the speed they move at. I don't remember teh numbers, but, I think it was around 200+ kph. That would be VERY difficult to simulate on the small IA maps. Turrets? I don't know. I think a true turret would be hard to balance. Bigger guns than an AT-ST and heavier armour/structure. Unless they made it a less a unit and more a terrain piece/objective?
  8. I seem to think this one was actually mentioned by the designers a while back. I have been using it t good affect for a while now.
  9. Speeder Bikes? I think I agree with Subtrendy in that they are too fast. One workaround would be that they don't move. Every turn you place a speeder bike, (as it is moving so fast it leaves and enters the board EACH turn), PLUS they CANNOT enter interior terrain. Just my 1.75 cents
  10. And many of those are second editions or later.
  11. That, good sir, is a thing of beauty and OH SO accurate edit: cuz I'm an idiot who can't quote proper like
  12. One thought i have heard in previous posts is you just modify the threat, (following the threat progression from the core campaign, in that every second or third mission, threat goes up by one, so, your first mission in the mini campaign would be threat 7, etc...).
  13. Fair enough. This thread has occurred MANY times and I have explained it many times. However, because you asked nicely.... The product code I keep talking about is actually quite simple. IF it has planned expansions, the code has three letters. If not, it has two. The exception being Twillight Imperium, (which is on third edition which was one of my earlier points). When you factor in the length of time that an expansion takes to put out, (from concept to design to fabrication to shipping to release, etc), I think you can very confidently say Rebellion, first edition, will not get an expansion. Which is what I have been saying al along, (just not always as eruditely as I would like). And the apology would be for how vehemently I have denied an expansion would happen.
  14. I actually really enjoyed that mission as the Imperial player. Made for an interesting win condition while still making it more strategic than simply "attack X hero". So, any tips? Other than wound the Heroes? :-P That last stretch gets pretty narrow- it's a good area to really split the heroes up. Drop a tank or big thing in there, too, and they'll slow down a lot. Did someone say narrow section? Hey kids, what does that mean? That's right! It's Rancor time! Where is that **** boat? I WANT MY RANCOR!!!!!!!! Side query. Does anyone no, FOR SURE, how big that beast is going to be? We can all guess from teh photos, but, wondering if anyone has confirmed it's size. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/23/savage/ Looks from the gameplay diagram to be Massive and 3x2. So not very good for blocking indoor corridors... Sorry, yeah, I saw that. Was just wondering if anyone had something specific, (and maybe even official), as those photos can be misleading sometimes, or even incorrect.
  15. You don't have to believe it. You don't have to believe my guarantee. And if they do release an expansion before a second edition I will happily apologise and admit I was wrong. Until then....
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