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    Cassian and Yoda are both too low. I would be happy to see a 2 point increase in either of them. But we also all need to embrace the fact that mill is a thing. UK nationals saw many decks that were able to win vs it but it was still competitive.
  2. There is a lag at the moment mostly due to FFG not being able to specify and stick to a release schedule. We have seen it after every set - 6/8 weeks of peak interest and then without OP you see a drop off until the next release. Store championship season should get everyone excited again if we get enough local stores doing them. 218 at the European champs this weekend is not too shabby for a game that is 18 months old.
  3. It was a great tournament and a worthy winner.
  4. 1) Did not qualify to get it paid for 2) Did not know sign-ups were open 3) Did not want to travel that far for a so called world championship. 4) Don't know how the sign up went so can't comment on the disappointment some might feel. 99% of the Destiny community I would guess.
  5. Played against a Yoda and eSabine deck on the weekend. Yoda had a force speed - rolled out specials on both dice (this seemed to happen every round ). Opponent announced he was resolving specials. He would then resolve the force speed for 2 actions. Then he played an ambush weapon on Sabine (still 2 actions). Then Activated Sabine with an ambush weapon (still 2 actions). Then discard a card to re-roll any dice he did not like (1 action left). Then he would announce he was doing his second special with yoda's dice to change another dice to something nice a shiny. Then resolve everything he could with his left over action!! Is this how it works?? (If it is then i need to start playing some of this completely broke-assed ****!!).
  6. "yoda's mind control" Special - "pay 2 resources to float a vehicle in the air and throw it for damage at an opponent worth the resource cost"
  7. CIHYS?!?! Play sealed, play draft, play trilogy, play standard or play Infinite. It is your scene, your op kits, your store. Buy one for each type of game format. Please everyone! Anyone can play all the styles for the next year. After that only people who bought awakenings (year 1) will be restricted when wave 3 hits winter 2018. If you don't want to invest anymore in the game after today I guess it will be a problem. This will not break the game. It will keep things fresh and as mentioned allow clubs to get new players in easily without having to go back 2 years to find expensive dice/cards.
  8. I would assume reprints would have to be the version from the reprinted set. So if playing Trilogy the doubt from the 2p set is legal but the awakenings one is not. Obviously when playing with friends it matters very little but if you went to a OP event it probably needs the right symbol on it?!?!?!? The whole thing looks good, will spice up the weekly meet ups as we can vary the tournaments we do. And with draft and sealed the fun continues.
  9. So I went to my local board game cafes Q2 kit tournament yesterday. Nice and casual with 5 rebel, 4 imperial and 2 scum list. 1) Decimator + Aggressor 2) Decimator + Tie D Vessory 3)Dengar + Shadowcaster 4) Firespray + 2 y-wings 5)Arc 170 (thane) + Wulf Gunship + 2 x A-wings 6) Shuttle + Defender + Tie SF 7) Falcon (Chewie) + yt-2400 8) Miranda + Dash 9) Dash + Horton 10) Ghost + Dash I decided to run something I have never flown before - RAC + Quickdraw. After a little advice I settle on the HSCP, Gunner, Kylo, EU setup on RAC. After I arrived I realised the guy running the tournament had to leave so I jumped in to TO and run the event but still wanted to play. I lucked the bye in the first round. Round 2 I was up against Marc with the Arc, Wookie and 2 A-wings. Not the best list to play a defenseless Decimator against but Engine Upgrade worked a treat and a mistake at setup by Marc as he seperated his fleet and came through the rocks on approach. I managed to boost out of the 2 a-wings arcs and wipe one off the board taking little back taking the second A-wing out the round later. I managed to keep RAC at a good distance (only getting shot by one while getting some damage through while quickdraw put damage into the core of the list. In the end I managed a 68-0 win as it went to time. Round 3 saw me playing a local player Matt with his Decimator + Tie D Vessery. Vessery was my first target as with either of my ships left with a lower ps decimator gave me a good chance. Once again the EU cam to the fore. Boosted past the advancing Vessery for a range 1 shot and range 2 with QD. Stripped the focus token with hot shot and all his shields, Quickdraw then stripped 1 damage. Matt then decided to shoot QD with the ion cannon??!?!??! I lost my shield and then turned him to dust!!! After that no real problem. Managed to kylo a blinded pilot - 100-0 win. By default (bye) I got into the last 2 and played Andrew with Dash + Horton. I hate Dash he is slippery but the opening salvos went really well and i had lost a couple of shields on RAC when he lew a nearly fully health horton off the board?? Then Dash went to work. I still felt it was mine to lose but a stray crit landed RAC and PS 0. The mistake I made was flying him a little too far away from the fight to give Dash a little too much room with QD before I could get enough damage through. Dash mopped up the decimator with 2 hps left for a well deserved win (his green dice were really good - not bitter!!). Got myself some shiny stuff and Andrew kindly donated his prizes to the 3rd and 4th place players as he has won them previously. Really good day and nice to see lots of Imp lists.
  10. Going to a local tourney tomorrow. Want to fly something different and decided Imperial would be the silliest thing to take I have not flown the decimator alot and as i have 2 i have decided it will hit the table. I love the Sf and quickdraw's ability is very scary. RAC (61) - adaptability, EU, Gunner, Darth, Kylo. Quickdraw (39) - Expertise, FCS, Special Ops training, lightweight frame, sensor clustor. The idea is RAC hopefully gets to shoot twice and Vader any squishy ships and hopefully squeeze through a crit for the kylo affect. Quickdraw hopefully gets to revenge hit without losing too many shields using the focus to evade if needed. Any ideas? any major problems apart from i am playing imps and rebels and scum are both better ?
  11. I was watching Team covenant on youtube and this was mentioned and it makes a lot of sense. The idea from them was that ambush was changed to... Ambush - After your action you may resolve a dice. I would like to see it expanded to.... Ambush - After your action you may resolve a die and a modifier if able. This would mean that characters like Sabine and Cad Bane cannot just resolve everything on the table but things like It's a trap still have a place in the game - 2 resources for 4,5 or 6 damage is still pretty good. It obviously impacts FN slightly as he can't just roll in ambush after ambush after ambush weapon. It obviously may break a few things but I think it would be the best way to fix parts of the game and leave the characters it affects still viable.
  12. I feed them into the local community. Lots of people will not be investing as hard as others and I find plowing the extra commons and uncommons and the rare dice to an extent can keep people playing and level the playing field to the have everythings.
  13. Bossk (11) General Veers (11) FO Storm Trooper (7) ------------ 1x First Order TIE Fighter 2x F-11D Rifle 1x IQA-11 Blaster Rifle 2x Holdout Blaster Ruthless Tactics No Survivors Covering Fire Pinned down Persuade Threaten Truce Plastoid armor Endless ranks Probe x 2 Sweep the area x 2 The best defense Go for the kill x 2 He doesnt like you Backup muscle logistics Flank x 2 Unpredictable Hunker down We have them now Doubt You really need to find some more cards to make your selection easier 2 x doubt, 2 x the best defense, 2x he doesnt like you. also a few more weapons to choose from..5 is ok but 7/8 would be better also try to find one of the new vehicles or 2 ... Hounds tooth for resources/shields and L1RK for using those resources to kill stuff...with General veers ability vehicles are really fun!! I am sure the list I have given you is not optimal but should be playable unless I have made a mistake. You can choose a battlefield to go with it. Have fun, experiment!!
  14. Even though you can play against a friend with the starter deck they are not full decks and therefore do not give you the whole Destiny experience. Buying two of the starters gives you access to 4 character elites that are mostly strong (Kylo/Phasma more than Rey/Poe). You also get 2 copies of all the event/support cards in the deck which is the only place you can find most of them (some reprints from earlier sets in it to). Bang for your buck they give you great value and if you want to just play Villain go halves with a friend who wants Heroes or sell the other half of the set.
  15. I would expect Maz to be the target of the errata. Changed to her own dice or yellow dice. Poe/Maz is still a strong deck and with a few of the cards I have seen spoiled I can only think it will get stronger without some change.
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